IGNEA于2013年以Parallax的名称开始运营,首张EP名为Sputnik,致力于太空,火星上的生命和第一颗人造卫星的主题。2014年,乐队准备了后续单曲《Petrichor》,其中一位前孤儿吉他手Yossi Sassi录制了他的独特乐器bouzoukitara和吉他独奏。


2017年,乐队发行了第一张全长专辑《The Sign of Faith》,声音更沉重,既干净利索又极富人声,并具有真实的中东旋律。它的第一首歌曲ŞeytanuAkbar伴随着超现实主义风格的动画反恐视频。尽管这首歌具有挑衅性的标题,但乐队的意图是传达和平的想法。


在2018年4月,乐队为其类似OST的歌曲How I Hate the Night发布了一个动画视频,该歌词属于The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy中偏执狂的机器人Marvin 的作品。该视频包含对原始电影的大量引用。

对于IGNEA,2018年和2019年致力于游览和编写新材料。2018年5月,IGNEA 与北欧死亡金属传奇人物Illdisposed 一起在德国,奥地利和荷兰进行了巡回演出,并在斯洛伐克和捷克共和国进行了精选表演,并在法国,立陶宛和乌克兰举行了音乐节。

2018年9月,IGNEA发布了带有艺术视频的新单曲 “ Queen Dies”,并在由Butcher Babies,Kobra和Lotus主持的 2018年女性金属之声巡回演唱会中,在9个国家/地区进行了为期3周的巡回演唱。 在2019年夏季,IGNEA在西班牙进行了一小段头条新闻报道,并在葡萄牙的Vagos Metal Festival的主要舞台上进行了表演。

IGNEA的第二张全长专辑《火与死的王国》 于2020年4月17日发行。该乐队的赞助人全力资助了该专辑。这是一张概念专辑,带有丰富的故事讲述,隐喻和符号,并附有一本短篇小说集,其中包含每首歌的歌词。它分为三个主要部分,每部分包括3首歌曲,以及一个加成曲目-乌克兰语ЧорнеПолум’я(Chorne Polumia)的英语版本。每个部分的歌曲都概述了一个单独的故事,从不同角度带来了火与死的主题。

乐队还为新专辑中的歌曲“ Disenchantment” 发布了官方音乐录影带。

IGNEA is a Ukrainian melodic metal band with a modern sound, mixing heavy riffs with symphonic, electronic, and folk elements that create a powerful OST-like experience. Staying true to the melodic essence of their music, IGNEA also adds touches of brutality by occasionally incorporating extreme vocals, breakdowns, and blast beats.

IGNEA was started under the name Parallax in 2013, with the debut EP titled Sputnik dedicated to the themes of space, life on Mars, and the first artificial satellite. In 2014, the band prepared a follow-up single titled Petrichor, featuring an ex-Orphaned Land guitarist Yossi Sassi who recorded his unique instrument bouzoukitara and a guitar solo.

In 2015, the band opened a new chapter and rebranded to IGNEA, releasing a new work called Alga, named after a war call of Crimean Tatar people who are defending their land. Alga is the first-ever original song from a Ukrainian band, recorded with a full symphonic orchestra. Over the year, the video gathered over a million views on YouTube.

In 2017, the band released its first full-length album called The Sign of Faith, having a heavier sound, both clean and extreme vocals, and authentic middle-eastern melodies. Its first song, Şeytanu Akbar, was accompanied by an animated anti-terrorism video in a surrealistic style. Despite the provocative title of the song, the band’s intention is to carry the idea of peace.

Over 2017, IGNEA has been promoting the new album through solo shows and festivals in Ukraine within ‘The Tour of Faith’. Early 2018, IGNEA has released an official live experience video for Şeytanu Akbar recorded at national The Best Ukrainian Metal Act awards, where the band has entered the top 3 best metal bands in the country.

In April 2018, the band has released an animated video for its OST-like song How I Hate the Night, the lyrics to which belong to the paranoid android Marvin from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. The video contains lots of references to the original movie.

For IGNEA, the years 2018 and 2019 were dedicated to touring and writing the new material. In May 2018, IGNEA has toured in Germany, Austria, and the Netherlands, together with the Nordic death metal legends Illdisposed, as well as performed selected shows in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, and festivals in France, Lithuania, and Ukraine.

September 2018, IGNEA released a new single “Queen Dies” with an art video and hopped on a 3-week tour across 9 countries within the Female Metal Voices Tour 2018 headlined by Butcher Babies and Kobra and the Lotus. In summer 2019, IGNEA had a small leg of headline shows in Spain and performed at the main stage of the Vagos Metal Festival in Portugal.

IGNEA’s second full-length album The Realms of Fire and Death was released on April 17, 2020. It was fully funded by the band’s patrons. It is a concept album with strong story-telling, metaphors, symbols, and is accompanied by a book of short tales incorporating the lyrics of each song. It is divided into three major parts, each consisting of 3 songs, plus a bonus track — an English version of the Ukrainian Чорне Полум’я (Chorne Polumia). Songs of each part are outlining a certain separate story, bringing the themes of fire and death from various perspectives.

The band also released an official music video for the song “Disenchantment” from the new album.

2013 – Ignea – Sputnik [EP]
2017 – Ignea – The Sign Of Faith
2020 – Ignea – The Realms of Fire and Death



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