Jinjer(/ dʒ ɪ Ñ dʒ ə / “姜”)是一个乌克兰重金属从频带顿涅兹克,乌克兰。Jinjer最初由Maksym Fatullaiev(主唱),Dmitriy Oksen(节奏吉他)和Vyacheslav Okhrimenko(鼓)于2009年成立。然而,当Tatiana Shmailyuk取代人声方面的Fatullaiev并被Roman Ibramkhalilov选为首席吉他手时,乐队将其视为正式的成立年份。自成立以来,乐队发行了三张全长专辑和三张EP。



直到贝斯手Eugene Abdukhanov于2011年夏天加入乐队之前,乐队仍在努力发展和培养自己的声音。 2012年,Jinjer发行了他们的EP:吸气,不要呼吸;乐队与新歌手Tatiana Shmailyuk和首席吉他手Roman Ibramkhalilov的第一张唱片。EP在金属音乐界赢得了关注,Jinjer一年四季都开始用自己的资金不懈地巡回演出。他们最终在2012年底被“ The Leaders Records”所吸引,而Jinjer的首张全长专辑Inhale,Do n’t Breathe,于2013年正式重新发布;包括三个实时版本。乐队在2013年获得了基辅InshaMuzyka品牌颁发的“最佳乌克兰金属法案”奖,这在一定程度上也引起了人们的关注。他们将在2016年再次获得该奖项。


Jinjer在发行专辑《Inhale,Do n’t Breathe》后获得越来越多的认可。乐队很快写了另一张专辑,并在2014年以Cloud Cloud为标题发行了自己的专辑。稍后将由其当前的唱片公司Napalm Records拾取并发布。 Jinjer开始用这张专辑进行国际巡演。随着他们亲自预定演出的巡演,他们开始发展更大的粉丝群。乐队在专辑和巡回演出中的热情和奉献精神引起了他们目前的唱片公司Napalm Records的注意。很快,Jinjer便与他们签约的唱片公司签约,准备发行新专辑和第三张专辑。


在世界各地巡回演出后,Jinjer 于2016年与Napalm Records一起发行了他们的第三张全长专辑《万物之王》,以及他们的单曲(和视频)《双鱼座》。专辑和单曲是Jinjer音乐生涯中的关键点。该单曲的音乐视频迅速获得了数百万的观看次数,Jinjer的受欢迎程度猛增。


微型 EP(2019)

由于Jinjer对工艺的执着奉献和浓厚的职业道德,当他们于2019年1月11日发行其新的5轨EP Micro时,他们的声望持续下滑,直到2019 年,仍与Napalm Records一起发行。EP非常成功,乐迷很快走上了“ Ape”和“ Perennial”的曲目。这张EP展现了Tatiana Shmailyuk令人印象深刻且独特的人声范围,以及乐队在专辑之间快速发展和调音的能力。在2019年初,他们与Amorphis,Soilwork和Nailed to Obscurity 一起巡回演出。


在2019年晚些时候,Jinjer跟着他们的EP Micro发行了他们的第四张全长专辑Macro,于2019年10月25日发行,仍在Napalm Records那里。这张专辑结合了金属音乐的几种不同元素,到目前为止,它已经非常成功。Jinjer继续在他们的音乐中加入一些不同的元素,例如雷鬼音乐(Judgement(&Punishment))曲目,以及在其他曲目中坚持其编曲状的根源。


乐队提到了他们的许多音乐影响力,包括鸟粪猿,杀手,死亡,潘泰拉,阿纳瑟玛,上帝的羔羊,戈吉拉和十二脚忍者。尽管解释他们的影响,频带已经注意到其他金属的作用就像OPETH,Karnivool和纹理,除了组跨越的频谱R&B,灵魂,放克,爵士,雷鬼,还有嘻哈音乐,例如Cypress Hill和House of Pain。

Jinjer (/ˈdʒɪndʒə/ “ginger”) is a Ukrainian heavy metal band from Donetsk, Ukraine. Jinjer was originally formed in 2009 by Maksym Fatullaiev (vocals), Dmitriy Oksen (rhythm guitar), and Vyacheslav Okhrimenko (drums). However, the band considers 2010 as its official year of formation when Tatiana Shmailyuk replaced Fatullaiev on vocals and Roman Ibramkhalilov was picked up for the lead guitar. Since their inception, the band has released three full-length albums and three EPs.


Inhale, Don’t Breathe (2012-2013)

The band was still trying to develop and cultivate their sound until bassist Eugene Abdukhanov joined in the summer of 2011. In 2012, Jinjer released their EP: Inhale, Do Not Breathe; the band’s first recording with new singer Tatiana Shmailyuk and lead guitarists Roman Ibramkhalilov. The EP gained traction within the metal music community, and Jinjer began relentlessly touring throughout the year on their own funds. They were finally noticed by “The Leaders Records” at the end of 2012, and Jinjer’s first full-length album, Inhale, Don’t Breathe, was officially re-released in 2013; including three live versions. The band also gained prominence in part from winning the “Best Ukrainian Metal Act” award held by Kiev’s InshaMuzyka label in 2013; they would go on to win the award again in 2016.

Cloud Factory (2014)

Jinjer was gaining more and more recognition after the release of their album Inhale, Don’t Breathe. The band quickly wrote another album, self-releasing it in 2014 under the title Cloud Factory. This would later be picked up and released by their current record label, Napalm Records. Jinjer began touring internationally with the album. With the tour, for which they personally booked their own shows, they started to develop a larger fan base. The band’s intensity and dedication from the album and tour caught the attention of their current label, Napalm Records. and Jinjer was quickly signed with the label with which they were set to release a new and third album.

King of Everything (2016)

After several tours around the world, Jinjer released their third full-length album, King of Everything, with Napalm Records in 2016 along with their single (and video) “Pisces”. The album and single were pivotal points in Jinjer’s musical career. The music video for the single quickly gained millions of views, and Jinjer’s popularity skyrocketed.

Along with winning the award for best music video for the song “I Speak Astronomy”, the attention on the band paved the way for the release of King of Everything and the new single “Pisces” on 29 July 2016. In 2017, the band committed to two tours across Europe in support of Arch Enemy, followed by their first tour of North America alongside Cradle of Filth in 2018. The band also reissued their 2014 album Cloud Factory on Napalm Records in February 2018.

Micro EP (2019)

Due to Jinjer’s dedication to their craft and strong work ethic, their popularity continued to snowball into 2019 as they released their new 5-track EP Micro on 11 January 2019, still with Napalm Records. The EP was successful, and fans quickly took to the tracks “Ape” and “Perennial”. This EP showcased Tatiana Shmailyuk’s impressive and unique vocal range as well as the band’s ability to quickly evolve and tune their sound between albums. In early 2019 they toured with Amorphis, Soilwork, and Nailed to Obscurity.

Macro (2019)

Later in 2019, Jinjer followed up their EP Micro with their fourth full-length album, Macro, on 25 October 2019, still with Napalm Records. This album has several different elements of metal music incorporated into it, and it has been very successful thus far. Jinjer has continued to include several different elements in their music, such as reggae, in the track “Judgement(&Punishment)”, as well as sticking to their prog-like roots in other tracks.

Musical influences

The band has mentioned many of their influences for their music, including Guano Apes, Slayer, Death, Pantera, Anathema, Lamb of God, Gojira, and Twelve Foot Ninja. While explaining their influences, the band have noted other metal acts like Opeth, Karnivool and Textures, in addition to groups across the spectrum of R&B, soul, funk, jazz, reggae, and hip-hop acts such as Cypress Hill and House of Pain.

2013 – Inhale, don’t breathe [EP]
2014 – Cloud factory
2016 – King of everything
2019 – Macro
2019 – Micro [EP]
2020 – Alive in Melbourne (Live)




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