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Bird York《2CD》2005-2006/FLAC/BD - 无损音乐分享

Bird York《2CD》2005-2006/FLAC/BD

凯瑟琳·玛丽· 伯德· 约克(Kathleen Marie Bird York)是美国女演员,编剧,也是奥斯卡提名的歌手,词曲作者,唱片艺术家。她被提名为奥斯卡最佳原创歌曲奖的“ 深 ”,从2004年的电影《Crash》。


约克(York)自十几岁起就表现出色,她最出名的作品是NBC的《西翼》(Dominick Dunne迷你剧《炼狱季》)中的安德里亚·怀亚特(Andrea Wyatt),她在NBC的迷你剧《娜奥米与怀娜娜》中饰演内奥米·贾德(Naomi Judd):爱可以架起一座桥梁。她的电影作品包括《夜行者》,《崩溃》,《沉默的呼喊》,《大日子》,《我爱你至死》,《闪回》和《冷脚》。

系列常规角色包括《黑暗中》,《复仇无限》,《亚伦的方式》和《客户名单》,以及在《谋杀一号》, 《超人》,《 绝望主妇》和《流浪者》中的经常性角色。客串明星出现包括HBO的《真爱如血,遏制你的热情》,《豪斯》和《复仇》




在音乐上,约克凭借自己的歌曲《In the Deep》获得了全球认可,她与迈克尔·贝克尔合作创作和创作了这首歌。它出现在她的专辑《Wicked Little High》中,是为2005年的电影Crash写的。“深”被提名为奥斯卡最佳原创歌曲奖,与纽约在现场表演的歌曲第78届奥斯卡颁奖典礼于2006年[ 来源请求 ]

她的其他音乐学分包括“索尼七磅图片”的主题曲,以及美国偶像,,/塔克,CSI:NY,In Justice,Warehouse 13,House,Army Wives和So You Think You Can中的精选歌曲位置。跳舞。她的早期发行作品包括同名的Bird York。她的EP 没有恐惧是在2008年独立发行。

As an actress
Acting since her teens, York is most known for her work recurring as Andrea Wyatt in NBC’s The West Wing, the Dominick Dunne miniseries A Season in Purgatory, and received critical acclaim for her starring role as Naomi Judd in the NBC miniseries, Naomi & Wynonna: Love Can Build a Bridge. Her film credits include Nightcrawler, Crash, Cries of Silence, The Big Day, I Love You To Death, Flashback, and Cold Feet.

Series regular roles include In the Dark, Vengeance Unlimited, Aaron’s Way and The Client List and recurring roles in Murder One, The O.C, Desperate Housewives and Outcast. Guest star appearances include HBO’s True Blood and Curb Your Enthusiasm, House, and Revenge

As a screenwriter
As a screenwriter, York has developed television projects for Sony, Warner Brothers, Fox Television Studios and Fox Broadcasting Network and is an alumnus of The Showrunners Training Program.

As a singer and a songwriter
Musically, York achieved global recognition with her song “In the Deep”, on whose writing and composition she collaborated with Michael Becker. It appears on her album Wicked Little High, and it was written for the 2005 film Crash. “In the Deep” was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Original Song, with York performing the song live at the 78th Academy Awards in 2006.[citation needed]

Her other music credits include the main theme song of the Sony Picture Seven Pounds, as well as featured song placements in American Idol, Nip/Tuck, CSI: NY, In Justice, Warehouse 13, House, Army Wives and So You Think You Can Dance. Her earlier releases include the self-titled Bird York. Her EP Have No Fear was released independently in 2008.

2005 – The Velvet Hour
2006 – Wicked Little High



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