冰岛迷幻电子:Bang Gang《4CD》1998-2015/FLAC/BD

Bang Gang是一支来自冰岛的低调乐队,由歌曲作者和制片人BarðiJóhannsson创立。乐队成立于1996年,位于Barði的家乡雷克雅未克。Bang Gang最初是一个冲浪乐队,但后来演变成旋律流行乐。

尽管Barði与许多歌手和音乐家合作,但他仍然是唯一不变的成员。乐队的第二张专辑Something Wrong于2003年紧随其后,其备受赞誉的《过去的幽灵》于2008年在Discograph上发行。最新专辑《狼在窃窃私语》被记者描述为“ Atmospheric Ghost Pop”,而且声音独特。

乐队以歌曲创作,电子音乐和冰川气氛的融合而闻名。乐队在世界各地的音乐节上巡回演出,例如冰岛电波,戛纳电影节,Novosonic,For Noise,蒙特勒爵士音乐节,CMJ和SXSW,并在Salle Pleyel,Gramercy剧院,Getty Center和遍及欧洲和北美。


当Henrik BaldvinBjörnsson离开Bang Gang时,Barði和Esther Talia Casey继续以Bang Gang的名义合作。他们的第一首歌在冰岛电影Blossi 810551的配乐中使用。他们的第二首唱片 “ Sleep”被Sproti Records发行并录制下来,并用于雪铁龙运动。

单曲“ Sleep”于1998年发行,并收录了导演Ragnar Bragason录制的视频。随后是另一首单曲和录像,分别是《So Alone》。

他们的第一张专辑《You》于1998年在冰岛发行。该乐队与东西方法国签了唱片合约,后者于2000年发行了You。法国版的专辑是法国音乐家Kid Loco的混音。


一些错误是随访至2000年的你。专辑于2002年发行,是2002年无标题EP的后续发行。它以Bang Gang独特的氛围创作和令人难忘的电子音乐融合在一起,并具有 Nicolette,Phoebe Tolmer,Esther, GusGus歌手 Daniel Agust Haraldsson和长期合作者 Keren Ann的声乐表演。

来自Something Wrong的各种歌曲被用于电视,电影和其他媒体。例如,Fox电视节目The OC中使用了歌曲“ Follow” ;“内部”用于Emporio Armani的广告,并在电影Cashback和电影Triage的预告片中出现;和“寻找得到的东西”已用于广告Lancia Musa的广告中。


过去的鬼魂是Bang Gang的第三张专辑。专辑中有歌手和合著者 Keren Ann和Anthony Gonzales( M83)。专辑收录流行摇滚单曲“ I Know You Sleep”,“ Do n’t Feel Ashamed”,并在标题曲中包括歌剧歌手。歌曲《迷失仙境》曾在“天空电影 ”的奥斯卡预告片中使用过。


Wolves Are Whispering是Bang Gang的第四张录音室专辑。这个庞大,富于电影风格且非常个人化的歌曲集代表了Bardi Johannsson迄今为止最出色的作品,并充满了人类的情感色彩-在这里您将听到Bardi最黑暗的歌词,但也最令人心动。The Wolves Are Whispering不仅仅只是另一张流行专辑,它还提供了逼真的声音逼真的快照,以及其中所含的所有奥秘和色彩。该专辑被描述为:大气鬼流行。

唱片记录了客座作家和歌手的才华,他们包括Keren Ann,Helen Marnie(Ladytron),Bloodgroup和Jofridur Akadottir(Samaris,Pascal Pinon)。

Bang Gang is a downtempo band from Iceland founded by songwriter and producer Barði Jóhannsson. The band was formed in 1996, in Barði’s hometown of Reykjavík. Bang Gang were initially a surf band but it moved into melodic pop.

While Barði has worked with a number of vocalists and musicians, he remains the only constant member. The band’s second album Something Wrong followed in 2003 and their acclaimed Ghosts From The Past was released on Discograph in 2008. The most recent album The Wolves Are Whispering has been described by journalists as “Atmospheric Ghost Pop” and has a sound that is unique.

The band is recognized for its blend of songwriting, electronica and glacial atmospheres. The band has toured the world playing festivals like Iceland Airwaves, Cannes Film festival, Novosonic, For Noise, Montreaux Jazz Festival, CMJ and SXSW and a number of independent shows at venues such as Salle Pleyel, Gramercy theater, Getty Center and more across Europe and North America.

You (1998)

When Henrik Baldvin Björnsson left Bang Gang, Barði and Esther Talia Casey continued working together under the Bang Gang name. Their first song was used on the soundtrack of Icelandic movie Blossi 810551. Their second, “Sleep”, was recorded for a compilation released by Sproti Records and was used for a Citroen campaign.

The single “Sleep” was released in 1998 and featured a video by director Ragnar Bragason. Followed by another single and video for the song “So Alone”.

Their first album, You, was released in Iceland in 1998. The band signed a deal with East-West France, who released You in 2000. The French version featured remixes by French musician Kid Loco.

Something Wrong (2003)

Something Wrong was the follow up to 2000’s You. The album was released in 2003 as a follow up on 2002’s untitled EP. It features Bang Gang’s distinctive mix of atmospheric songwriting and haunting electronica and features vocal performances from Nicolette, Phoebe Tolmer, Esther, GusGus vocalist Daniel Agust Haraldsson and long-term collaborator Keren Ann.

Various songs from Something Wrong were used for TV, film and other media. For example, the song “Follow” was used in Fox TV show The O.C.; “Inside” was used for an Emporio Armani advertisement and was featured in the movie Cashback and the trailer for the film Triage; and “Find What You Get” has been used in commercials for the car Lancia Musa.

Ghosts from the Past (2008)

Ghosts from the Past was Bang Gang’s third album. The album features vocalists and co-writers Keren Ann and Anthony Gonzales (M83). The album features pop rock singles “I Know You Sleep”, “Don’t Feel Ashamed” and included an opera singer on the title track. The song “Lost in Wonderland” was used for the Oscar season trailer at Sky Movies.

The Wolves Are Whispering (2015)

The Wolves Are Whispering is the fourth studio album of Bang Gang. This expansive, cinematic and hugely personal collection of songs represents some of Bardi Johannsson’s finest work to date and runs the gamut of human emotion – here you will hear Bardi’s darkest lyrics, but also his most heartwarming. More than just another pop album, The Wolves Are Whispering presents compelling sonic snapshots of real life, with all of the mystery and colour that that entails. The album has been described as : Atmospheric Ghost Pop.

The record features the talents of guest writers and vocalists Keren Ann, Helen Marnie (Ladytron), Bloodgroup and Jofridur Akadottir (Samaris, Pascal Pinon)

1998 – Bang Gang – You
2003 – Bang Gang – Something Wrong
2008 – Bang Gang – Ghosts from the past
2015 – Bang Gang – The Wolves Are Whispering


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