意大利凯尔特金:Furor Gallico《3CD》2010-2019/FLAC+CUE/BD

Furor Gallico是一支起源于意大利米兰的意大利凯尔特金属和异教徒金属乐队。乐队由Melissa(过去的成员,贝斯手),Stefano(吉他)和Becky(凯尔特竖琴)之间的合作组建而成。该乐队是基于演奏新式意大利民谣金属的想法而组建的。到目前为止,他们已经发行了一张演示专辑和三张全长专辑。后来异教徒加入了异教徒的演唱,而马可则演奏了鼓。Furor Gallico拥有英文和意大利文歌曲,乐队成员交替担任谁来撰写歌词并以任何一种语言撰写音乐。这首歌Curmisagios甚至用Dialanto Brianzolo写,一隆巴德说在该地区的方言布里安扎,在西方伦巴第大区。他们利用不同类型的人声(咆哮声,尖叫声和清脆的人声)结合诸如凯尔特竖琴,口哨声,小提琴和布祖基琴等民间乐器。

Gallor Gallico是古罗马人对准备在保卫自己的人民和自己的土地的战斗中进攻的凯尔特勇士所拥有的血腥状态的描述。他们声称自己是吟游诗人,活着传承现已失传的凯尔特世界的传说。

该乐队于2007年由Melissa(过去的贝斯成员),Stefano(吉他)和Becky(凯尔特竖琴)组成。异教徒被添加为人声,马可被添加为鼓。直到他们邀请劳拉(Laura)演奏小提琴和奥德汉(Oldhan)作为第二位电吉他手演奏时,凯尔特人的乐队才开始感到自己乐于助人。乐队立即开始表演许多现场表演,后来又遇到了多乐器演奏家Merogaisus,后者增加了哨子,布祖基琴和风笛。在2008年,他们的第一个演示390 BC-The Glorious Dawn已被记录。发行之后不久,梅利莎决定离开乐队开始自己的个人项目。这是Mac担任贝斯手的时候。乐队开始发展到非常专业的水平。2009年,由于对大学的承诺,Marco被迫离开,这导致Simone对该乐队进行了控制。然后,乐队开始用Furor Gallico的名字录制他们的第一张全长专辑,与乐队的名字相同。这张专辑是自己制作和发行的,尽管如此,它还是取得了惊人的成功。Furor Gallico是一张非常残酷的凯尔特人/民谣金属唱片,其中咆哮声和电吉他与旋律竖琴,小提琴和哨子交替出现。

在2009/2010年,他们在意大利北部的多个舞台上为歌剧“哈姆雷特”(Hamlet)创作了音乐,包括在诺瓦拉剧院(Teatro Coccia di Novara)演出。在2015年,乐队为猩红唱片发行了第二张专辑《地球之歌》。Sword Chant在听完他们的CD后,将它们视为所谓的“年度启示”。

Furor Gallico is an Italian Celtic metal and Pagan metal band that had originated in Milan, Italy. The band was formed by a collaboration among Melissa (past member, bass), Stefano (guitar) and Becky (Celtic harp) in 2007. The band was formed upon the idea of playing new school Italian folk metal. They have released one demo album and three full-length album so far. Pagan was later added for vocals and Marco played the drums. Furor Gallico have songs in both English and in Italian, the band members take alternating roles in who writes the lyrics and composes the music in either language. The song Curmisagios was even written in dialetto brianzolo, a lombard dialect spoken in the area of Brianza, in western Lombardy. They make use of different types of vocals (growl, scream and clean vocals) combined with folk instruments such as Celtic harp, whistles, violin and bouzouki.

Furor Gallico is the description that the ancient Romans had given to the state of blood lust that the Celtic Warriors, who were ready to attack in battle to defend their people and their land, had possessed. They claim that they are the bards who live to pass on the legends of the now lost Celtic Worlds.

The band formed in 2007 by Melissa (past member bass), Stefano (guitar) and Becky (Celtic harp). Pagan was added for vocals and Marco for the drums. The Celtic band did not feel complete and ready to make music until they invited Laura to play the violin and Oldhan to play as a second electric guitarist. The band started to play many live performances right off the bat, and later on they had met the multi-instrumentalist Merogaisus who added whistles, bouzouki and occasionally the bagpipes. In 2008, their first demo 390 b.c. – The Glorious Dawn had been recorded. Shortly after this release, Melissa had decided to leave the band for her own personal projects. This is when Mac had taken her position as bassist. The band started to grow to a very professional level. In 2009, Marco was forced to leave due to commitments to his university which led Simone to take control of the band. The band had then started to record their first full-length album by the name of Furor Gallico, identical to the band’s name. The album was self-produced and distributed but had amazing success despite that. Furor Gallico is a really brutal Celtic/folk metal album, where growls, and power guitars are alternated with melodics harps, violin and whistles.

In 2009/2010, they had composed music for the opera “Hamlet” on multiple stages in Northern Italy, including at the Teatro Coccia di Novara. In 2015 the band released their second album, Songs From The Earth, for Scarlet Records. Sword Chant, upon hearing their CD, reviewed them as the so-called Revelation of the Year.

2010 – Furor Gallico
2015 – Songs from the Earth
2019 – Dusk of the Ages



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