Joyce Jonathan《5CD》2009-2018/FLAC/BD

乔伊斯·乔纳森(Joyce Jonathan)(生于1989年11月3日)是法国歌手和词曲作者。

她的首张专辑Sur mes gardes发行五个月后,于2010年5月获得金牌。不到一年,专辑获得了白金认证。2011年1月23日,她获得了年度法语突破的NRJ音乐奖。



她七岁的时候就学会弹钢琴,并开始秘密地创作第一首歌。在参加Teri Moses和Tracy Chapman等艺术家的影响下,她继续报名参加唱歌和钢琴课,以继续自己的工作。

当乔伊斯·乔纳森(Joyce Jonathan)在MySpace网站上发布自己的三首作品时,她才16岁。她还联系了新唱片公司My Major Company的联合创始人Michael Goldman,让他听她的曲目。

2007年12月,年仅18岁的乔伊斯·乔纳森(Joyce Jonathan)在品牌My Major Company的网站上推出了产品。从2008年5月13日开始,她的专辑(及其486位制作人)的制作需要70,000欧元。发行第一张专辑六个月后,乔伊斯·乔纳森(Joyce Jonathan)的网络制作人已经分摊了投资


感谢互联网,乔纳森(Jonathan)从2008年开始录制她的第一张专辑。后来她向路易·贝蒂尼亚克(Téléphone乐队的吉他手)寻求帮助。据说这位年轻艺术家的才华和声音给他留下了深刻的印象,[他需要引用 ]他同意与她合作安排她的歌曲。他们在Bertignac的工作室工作了一年。乔伊斯还记录了一首二重奏太特,苏尔MES gardes。

她的两张单曲“ Je ne sais pas”和“ Pas besoin de toi”来自她于2010年1月发行的第一张专辑“ Sur mes gardes”。专辑发行仅五个月,便获得了金牌认证。八月份,该专辑的下载量攀升至第一位。

2010年8月,她的单曲《L’heure avaitsonné》被美国系列八卦女孩的导演选出,以说明第4季第一集的配乐。

在2011年,她获得了NRJ音乐奖2011 年度法语突破奖。她刚刚与佩图拉·克拉克(PétulaClark)录制了一首歌“Mystères”。



乔伊斯·乔纳森(Joyce Jonathan)于2015年9月发行了她的歌曲《Le Bonheur》。这是她的第三张专辑Une place pour moi的第一张单曲,于2016年2月5日发行。

2018年5月4日,乔伊斯·乔纳森(Joyce Jonathan)发行了她的单曲“ On”,这是她同名专辑中于2018年10月发行的单曲。

Joyce Jonathan (born 3 November 1989) is a French singer and songwriter.

Her first album Sur mes gardes went gold in May 2010 only five months after its release. Less than a year after, the album was certified platinum. On 23 January 2011 she received the NRJ Music Awards of the Francophone Breakthrough of the Year.

Childhood and adolescence

Joyce was born in Levallois-Perret, the youngest of a family of three girls. Her mother is the director of a travel agency and her father is an architect. She was educated at the Alsatian School in Paris, and studied psychology at the university level.

At the age of seven, she learned to play the piano and began composing her first songs secretly. She continued her efforts by signing up for singing and piano lessons, influenced by artists such as Teri Moses and Tracy Chapman.

Joyce Jonathan was only 16 when she posted three of her compositions on the site MySpace. She also contacted Michael Goldman, co-founder of the new label My Major Company , to make him listen to her tracks.

In December 2007, at the age of 18, Joyce Jonathan was launched on the website of the label My Major Company. It reaches from May 13, 2008 while the 70,000 euros needed for the production of her album, with its 486 producers. Six months after the first album, web-producers of Joyce Jonathan have already amortized their investment

Musical career

Thanks to the Internet, Jonathan began recording in 2008 her first album. She later asked for the help of Louis Bertignac (guitarist of the band Téléphone). Reputedly impressed by the talent and voice of the young artist,[citation needed] he agreed to work with her on the arrangement of her songs. It was in the Bertignac’s studio that they worked together for a year. Joyce also recorded a duet with Tété, Sur mes gardes.

Her two singles, “Je ne sais pas” and “Pas besoin de toi”, come from her first album “Sur mes gardes” released in January 2010. Only five months after its release, the album was certified gold. In August, the album climbed to first place in sales of albums for download.

In August 2010, her single L’heure avait sonné was chosen by the directors of the American series Gossip Girl to illustrate the soundtrack of the first episode of season 4.

In 2011, she won the category Francophone Breakthrough of the year of the NRJ Music Awards 2011. She has just recorded a song “Mystères” with Pétula Clark.

Her second album, Caractère, was released in June 2013. The first single was Ça ira. She was nominated at the NRJ Music Awards for best female singer and best song.

In late 2014 she became a contestant on the fifth season of TF1’s Danse avec les Stars.

Joyce Jonathan released her song Le Bonheur in September 2015. It is the first single of her 3rd album, Une place pour moi, which was released on 5 February 2016.

On 4 May 2018, Joyce Jonathan released her single “On”, which is a track on her album of the same name, released in October 2018.

2009 – Sur mes gardes
2010 – Sur Mes Gardes (Collector Edition)
2013 – Caractere
2016 – Une place pour moi
2018 – On


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