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硬摇女嗓:Skew Siskin《6CD》1992-2007/FLAC+APE/BD - 无损音乐分享

硬摇女嗓:Skew Siskin《6CD》1992-2007/FLAC+APE/BD

Skew Siskin是驻扎在柏林的德国硬摇滚乐队。成立于1990年,当时吉他手Jim Voxx与歌手Nina C. Alice会面。乐队的原始阵容是由鼓手Nik Terry和低音吉他手Jogi Rautenberg共同完成的。乐队的名字译成英文,意为“疯鸟”;妮娜·C·爱丽丝之所以选择这个名字,是因为她花了很多时间在英国生活,因为她知道“鸟”经常在口语中用来指代女性。

他们于1992年与Giant Records签约,并在其唱片下于1992年发行了自己的首张专辑《Skew Siskin》。 与AC / DC和Motörhead相比,专辑展示了激进的硬摇滚声音,并获得好评。在MTV上,“ If the Walls Can Talk ” 这首歌的影响不大。在1993年和1994年期间,乐队与Accept,Alice Cooper和Anthrax,Saxon以及Black Sabbath一起在欧洲巡回演出在美国。他们还与Motörhead和Monster Magnet等其他乐队一起演出。 Motörhead的主唱Lemmy对德国摇滚乐队印象深刻,并在接下来的几年中多次与Skew Siskin合作。

Skew Siskin are a German hard rock band based in Berlin. The formed in 1990 when guitarist Jim Voxx met up with singer Nina C. Alice. The band’s original line up was completed by the addition of drummer Nik Terry and bass guitarist Jogi Rautenberg. The band’s name translated into English means “Crazy Bird”; Nina C. Alice chose the name as due to spending time living in Britain knew that “bird” there is often colloquially used to refer to women.

They signed up with Giant Records in 1992, under whose label they released their debut album, the self-titled Skew Siskin, in 1992.The album showcased an aggressive hard-rock sound compared with both AC/DC and Motörhead, and received favourable reviews. The track “If the Walls Could Talk” became a minor hit on MTV. During 1993 and 1994 the band toured Europe with Accept, Alice Cooper and Anthrax, Saxon and also with Black Sabbath in the USA. They also played shows with a variety of other bands including Motörhead and Monster Magnet. Motörhead’s frontman Lemmy was impressed with the German rock band, and would go on to collaborate with Skew Siskin on several occasions in the following years.

1992 – Skew Siskin
1996 – Electric Chair Music
1999 – Voices From The War
1999 – What The Hell
2003 – Album Of The Year
2007 – Peace Breaker



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