Anna F《2CD》2013-2014/FLAC/BD

Anna Wappel (生于1985年12月18日),艺名Anna F.,是奥地利歌手,词曲作者和演员。


瓦佩尔出生于奥地利的弗里德贝格镇。她从小就开始唱歌,并且引用了包括鲍勃·迪伦(Bob Dylan),阿兰妮丝·莫里塞特(Alanis Morissette)和琼·贝兹(Joan Baez)在内的父母的最初唱片。她在格拉茨(Graz)学习英语和意大利哲学和文学,并在周末为亚视工作。


2009年夏天,安娜(Anna)成为兰尼·克拉维兹(Lenny Kravitz)的欧洲巡演的开幕式。她在2009年Amadeus奥地利音乐奖上获得了“流行”类别。

她于2010年2月5日发行了首张专辑《For Real》。该专辑在奥地利音乐排行榜上排名第三,并获得了金奖。Wappel参观了整个奥地利,包括Donauinselfest。


2012年,Wappel在Dito Tsintsadze的长片《入侵》中首次代理表演,该片于2012年6月30日在慕尼黑电影节上首映。

Wappel搬到普伦茨劳贝格在柏林在2012年她签约宝丽 / 岛(环球音乐集团在)2013年[6]在2013年8月,安娜公布DNA她从即将发行的专辑第一首歌曲在镜王。音乐视频被发布了2013年8月3日[7]她执行贾恩·博默曼的电视节目夜光。



2017年,安娜开始与制作人丹尼尔·勃兰特(Daniel Brandt)录制新专辑,当时她还与他约会。

Anna Wappel (born 18 December 1985), known professionally as Anna F., is an Austrian singer-songwriter and actress.

1996–2008: Early life

Wappel was born in the Austrian town of Friedberg. She began singing in childhood, and cites the first records of her parents including Bob Dylan, Alanis Morissette and Joan Baez. She studied English and Italian philosophy and literature in Graz and worked for ATV on the weekends.

2009–2011: Career beginnings, For Real

In the summer of 2009, Anna was an opening act for Lenny Kravitz’s European tour. She won the “Pop” category at the Amadeus Austrian Music Awards 2009.

She published her debut album, For Real, on 5 February 2010. The album reached third place on the Austrian music charts and was awarded a golden certification. Wappel toured throughout Austria, including the Donauinselfest.

2012–present: Acting debut, King in the Mirror, and DNA

In 2012, Wappel made her acting debut in Dito Tsintsadze’s feature film, Invasion which premiered on 30 June 2012 at the Filmfest München.

Wappel moved to Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin in 2012. She signed to Polydor/Island (Universal Music Group) in 2013. In August 2013, Anna released DNA as her first song from the upcoming album King in the Mirror. The music video was released on 3 August 2013. She performed on Jan Böhmermann’s television show Lateline.

King in the Mirror was released in February 2014. Wappel was the opening act for James Blunt’s tour in Austria, Germany, Italy and Switzerland.

In preparation for the Eurovision Song Contest 2015, Anna was a part of the ORF team which searched for potential candidates to represent Austria, acting as a coach to the musicians.

In 2017, Anna began recording a new album with producer Daniel Brandt, whom she was also dating at the time.

2013 – DNA [EP]
2014 – Anna F – King In The Mirror




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