Rachel Zeffira《The Deserters》2012/FLAC/BD

雷切尔·泽菲拉(生于雷切尔安妮Santesso)是加拿大女高音,作曲家和多种乐器目前总部设在伦敦,英格兰。她也是“Cat’s Eyes”二人组的一半,另一位是the Horrors的Faris Badwan。

Zeffira学习声乐和器官在迪学院后FE Musica的Dall’Abaco迪维罗纳和双簧管在维多利亚大学在加拿大。她是英国皇家艺术学会的会员,并于2001年创立了她领导的首都儿童合唱团。合唱团翻唱的几首现代歌曲录像带,例如“机会”和“不信任我们”受到了媒体的关注,并迅速传播开来。 Zeffira与首都儿童合唱团发行了几张专辑,2015年,合唱团在电影《潘》中的配乐中演出。作为女高音歌手,她发行了两张专辑,《路易斯·维恩之歌》(2005年)和《尼诺·罗塔的神圣之心》(2007年)。

泽菲拉(Zeffira)在伦敦的一所小学短暂教书,她在那里教了一个年轻的莉莉艾伦(Lily Allen),她认为泽菲拉(Zeffira)是导师。

Zeffira的首张个人专辑《The Deserters》于2012年12月10日在欧洲的RAF唱片和北美的Paper Bag唱片上发行。标题曲目被选为电视节目“ 皮肤”的最后季的预告片。Zeffira的首张专辑获得好评,尽管发行日期较晚,但该专辑仍被《泰晤士报》评为2012年前5张专辑。


Rachel Zeffira (born Rachel Anne Santesso) is a Canadian soprano, composer and multi-instrumentalist currently based in London, England. She is also one half of the duo Cat’s Eyes, the other being Faris Badwan of the Horrors.

Zeffira studied voice and organ at the Conservatorio Di Musica F.E. Dall’Abaco di Verona and oboe at the University of Victoria in Canada. She is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, and in 2001, founded the Capital Children’s Choir, which she also directs. Several videos of the choir’s covers of contemporary songs such as “Chances” and “Untrust Us” received media attention and went viral. Zeffira released several albums with the Capital Children’s Choir, and in 2015, the choir performed on the soundtrack for the film Pan. As a soprano, she released two albums, The Songs of Louis Vierne (2005) and The Sacred Heart of Nino Rota (2007).

Zeffira taught briefly at a primary school in London, where she taught a young Lily Allen, who has credited Zeffira as a mentor.

Zeffira’s first solo album, The Deserters, was released 10 December 2012 on RAF Records in Europe and Paper Bag Records in North America. The title track was chosen for the trailer to the final season of the TV program Skins. Zeffira received positive press for the debut and the album was listed in The Times Top 5 albums of 2012 in spite of its late release date.

Zeffira also received critical praise for her live performances. In June 2013. she was the opening act for Glastonbury Festival 2013.

Genre: Indie Rock / Dreampop / Electronic
Country: United Kingdom (London)
Year of publication: 2012
Audio Codec: FLAC
Rip Type: tracks
Duration: 00:36:24
Source (release): Lossless
The presence of scans in the content of the distribution: no

01. The Deserters
02. Here On In
03. Letters from Tokyo (Sayonara)
04. Front Door
05. Break the Spell
06. Silver City Days
07. Star
08. To Here Knows When
09. Waiting for Sylvia
10. Goodbye Divine



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