Frank Black《23CD》1993-2011/FLAC/BD

查尔斯·汤普森四世(1965年4月6日出生)是美国歌手,词曲作者和吉他手。他以另类摇滚乐队Pixies的主唱而闻名,他以舞台名称Black Francis与他一起演出。在乐队于1993年解散后,他以弗兰克·布莱克(Frank Black)的名义开始了自己的个人事业。在发行了两张唱片标签为4AD的唱片和一张美国唱片唱片后,他离开唱片公司并组建了一支新乐队,弗兰克·布莱克和天主教徒。他于2007年重新采用了Black Francis的名字。



在他的职业生涯中,汤普森的音乐风格逐渐发展为涵盖了多种流派。但是,他被认为可以生产岩石或其他岩石成分。而“ Here Comes Your Man”(杜利特尔),“ Velvety”(魔鬼的作坊)和“ Headache”(当年少年)等歌曲则暴露出更为轻快的摇滚一面,而其他歌曲如“ Something Against You”(冲浪者罗莎(Rurfer Rosa)和“ 年度少年(Thalassocracy)”(年度少年)暗示了他的材料中岩石的影响更大。乡村音乐的强大影响力在他的风格中也越来越明显,蜂窝和迅捷攻略侠。

汤普森曾说过,他在十几岁时就获得了声乐风格,当时泰国邻居要求他演唱甲壳虫乐队(来自他们的专辑Abbey Road)的“ 哦!亲爱的 ”,并“尖叫起来,就像您讨厌那只母狗一样!” Thompson的强大惨叫是妖精相册的签名,以安静地节奏的乐队的歌曲的典型结构沿着经文接着如雷合唱行的和重复的吉他断奏。


汤普森从多种音乐流派中产生了影响。十几岁的时候,他主要听1960年代的民间和宗教音乐,包括基督教歌手兼作词家拉里·诺曼(Larry Norman)。由于在初中棒球队打球,他获得了莱昂·罗素(Leon Russell)1970年的首张专辑,他说这张专辑影响了他的一些发声。后来在高中和大学时,他发现了朋克音乐(黑旗),与其他流派,如带沿新浪潮乐队的汽车和模糊的焦虑。1984年在波士顿时,在开始玩小精灵之前,他听了HüskerDü的禅商场,聚光灯孩子通过 Beefheart队长,和我生病了你的,一波普盗版。甲壳虫乐队(The Beatles)自称1968年发行的作品,在其实验性质方面也受到了汤普森的极大影响。

汤普森的歌词也引用了圣经,特别是在小精灵的职业生涯中。最著名的是《尼姆罗德之子》中Nimrod的乱伦故事,《 Dead》中Uriah和Bathsheba的故事,《 Gouge Away》中的Samson以及《 Build High》和《 Old Black》等歌曲中提到的Babel塔黎明”。他列举了超现实主义电影《Eraserhead》和《Un Chien Andalou》(分别在“ In Heaven”和“ Debaser”中提到)对他与小精灵的作品产生了重大影响;然而,超现实主义对他的个人事业影响较小。他评论了这些影响(他在小精灵的杜利特尔中向大多数人致敬),说他“没有耐心坐在阅读超现实主义小说的身边”,但是发现观看20分钟的电影更容易。

Charles Thompson IV (born April 6, 1965) is an American singer, songwriter, and guitarist. He is best known as the frontman of the alternative rock band Pixies, with whom he performs under the stage name Black Francis. Following the band’s breakup in 1993, he embarked on a solo career under the name Frank Black. After releasing two albums with record label 4AD and one with American Recordings, he left the label and formed a new band, Frank Black and the Catholics. He re-adopted the name Black Francis in 2007.

His vocal style has varied from a screaming, yowling delivery as lead vocalist of the Pixies to a more measured and melodic style in his solo career. His cryptic lyrics mostly explore unconventional subjects, such as surrealism, incest, and biblical violence, along with science fiction and surf culture. His use of atypical meter signatures, loud–quiet dynamics, and distinct preference for live-to-two-track recording during his time with the Catholics, give him a distinct style within alternative rock.

Thompson regrouped the Pixies in early 2004, but continued to release solo records and tour as a solo artist until 2013, when he declared his solo career to be over.

Over the course of his career, Thompson’s musical style has grown to encompass a large number of genres; however, he is considered to produce rock or alternative rock compositions. Whereas songs such as “Here Comes Your Man” (Doolittle), “Velvety” (Devil’s Workshop) and “Headache” (Teenager of the Year) expose a more light rock side, others such as “Something Against You” (Surfer Rosa) and “Thalassocracy” (Teenager of the Year) hint to a more heavy rock influence in his material. A strong country music influence is also increasingly evident in his style, most notably in his Nashville albums, Honeycomb and Fast Man Raider Man.

Thompson has said that he acquired his vocal style as a teenager, when a Thai neighbor asked him to sing “Oh! Darling” by The Beatles (from their album Abbey Road) and to “Scream it like you hate that bitch!” Thompson’s powerful screams were a signature of Pixies albums, along with the band’s typical song structure of quietly paced verses followed by thundering chorus lines and repetitive guitar staccato.


Thompson has drawn influence from a number of musical genres. As a teenager, he mostly listened to 1960s folk and religious music, including the Christian singer-songwriter Larry Norman. For playing on his junior high baseball team, he was given Leon Russell’s 1970 debut album, which he says influenced some of his vocalizing. Later in high school and in college, he discovered punk music (Black Flag), along with bands from other genres, such as the new wave band The Cars and the obscure Angst. While in Boston in 1984, before starting the Pixies, he listened to Hüsker Dü’s Zen Arcade, The Spotlight Kid by Captain Beefheart, and I’m Sick of You, an Iggy Pop bootleg. Thompson was also greatly influenced by the Beatles self-titled 1968 release with regards to the experimental nature of his compositions.

Thompson’s lyrics have also featured references to the Bible, especially in his career with the Pixies; most notably in the incestuous tale of Nimrod in “Nimrod’s Son”, the stories of Uriah and Bathsheba in “Dead”, Samson in “Gouge Away” and references to the Tower of Babel in songs such as “Build High” and “Old Black Dawning”. He cited surrealist films Eraserhead and Un Chien Andalou (as mentioned in “In Heaven” and “Debaser” respectively) as major influences on his work with the Pixies; however, surrealism was less of an influence in his solo career. He commented on these influences (which he paid tribute to most in the Pixies’ Doolittle), saying he “didn’t have the patience to sit around reading Surrealist novels”, but found it easier to watch 20-minute films.

1993 – Frank Black 1st
1994 – Teenager of the Year
1996 – The Cult of Ray
1998 – Frank Black and the Catholics
1999 – Pistolero
2000 – Dog in the Sand
2002 – Black Letter Days
2002 – Devil’s Workshop
2003 – Show Me Your Tears
2004 – Frank Black Francis (2CD)
2005 – Honeycomb
2006 – Christmass (LIVE)
2006 – Fastman Raiderman (2CD)
2007 – Bluefinger
2008 – Svn Fngrs [EP]
2010 – Nonstoperotik (Japan)
2010 – The Golem (4CD)
2011 – Paley & Francis



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