Coco Montoya《13CD》1995-2019/APE+FLAC/BD

可可·蒙托亚(Coco Montoya)(1951年10月2日生于加利福尼亚州圣莫尼卡,出生于亨利· 蒙托亚(Henry Montoya))是美国布鲁斯吉他手兼歌手和约翰·梅耶(John Mayall)和布鲁斯(Bluesbreakers)的前成员。

蒙托亚的职业生涯始于1970年代中期,当时阿尔伯特·柯林斯(Albert Collins)邀请他加入鼓手乐队。Collins将Montoya带到他的翅膀下,并教给他他的“冰冷热”吉他风格。甚至在蒙托亚离开柯林斯的乐队后,这两个仍然是朋友。

在1980年代初期,约翰·梅耶尔(John Mayall)听到蒙托亚(Montoya)在洛杉矶的一家酒吧里弹吉他。不久,马耶尔(Mayall)邀请蒙托亚(Montoya)加入新改革的Bluesbreakers。他一直是乐队的成员10年。

1995年,他在凯特兄弟乐队(Cate Brothers)出演,以恢复他们在唱片发行公司Radioland的录音生涯。自同一年以来,蒙托亚录制了几张个人专辑。

2002年,他出演Bo Diddley致敬专辑Hey Bo Diddley – A Tribute!,演唱歌曲“ Pills”。

他的2019年录制专辑《Coming in Hot》被AllMusic选为’Favorite Blues Album’ 。



Coco Montoya (born Henry Montoya, October 2, 1951, Santa Monica, California) is an American blues guitarist and singer and former member of John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers.

Montoya’s career began in the mid 1970s when Albert Collins asked him to join his band as drummer. Collins took Montoya under his wing and taught him his “icy hot” guitar style. The two remained friends even after Montoya left Collins’ band.

In the early 1980s John Mayall heard Montoya playing guitar in a Los Angeles bar. Soon after Mayall asked Montoya to join the newly reformed Bluesbreakers. He remained a member of the band for 10 years.

In 1995 he appeared with the Cate Brothers for the resumption of their recording career on their release, Radioland. Since that same year, Montoya has recorded several solo albums.

In 2002, he featured on the Bo Diddley tribute album Hey Bo Diddley – A Tribute!, performing the song “Pills.”

His 2019 recording, Coming In Hot, was chosen as a ‘Favorite Blues Album’ by AllMusic.

Montoya is left-handed but plays a left-handed guitar with a right-handed neck (i.e. strings upside down).

Montoya and his longtime girlfriend Lenora married in 2009. He has two daughters; Jasmin (born 1980) and Donna (born 1988).

1995 – Gotta Mind to Travel
1996 – Ya Think I’d Know Better
1997 – Just Let Go
2000 – Suspicion
2002 – Can’t Look Back
2007 – Dirty Deal
2009 – The Essential Coco Montoya (compilation)
2010 – I Want It All Back
2014 – Songs From The Road (Germany, 2CD)
2017 – Hard Truth
2019 – Coming In Hot



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