Lotte Kestner《15CD》2008-2017/FLAC/BD

安娜·琳妮·威廉姆斯(Anna-Lynne Williams)以她的艺名“ 乐天·科斯特纳(Lotte Kestner)”而闻名,她是美国歌手兼作曲家,总部设在华盛顿州西雅图市。她于1997年以独立摇滚乐队Trespassers William的歌手身份开始了自己的音乐生涯。她于2007年采用乐天Kestner的艺名进行个人录音。她也是奥蒙德二人组的成员。

威廉姆斯在加利福尼亚州拉古纳山长大,现在住在西雅图。她在化学兄弟会2005年格莱美奖获奖专辑“ Push the Button ”的“ Hold Tight London”中担任主角。她曾与许多其他艺术家,包括考特尼玛丽安德鲁斯,罗伯特·迪布尔,达明胡拉多,Motopony和罗基·沃托托,的ArnarGuðjónsson 叶片, 谵妄, 牛头休克,星期二天空, Fieldhead,Sadistik和蓝天黑死病。

2007年,威廉姆斯(Williams)开始以乐天·凯斯特纳(Lotte Kestner)的身份录制自己的音乐,并于2008年自行发行《中国山》。 2011 年,威廉姆斯发行了专辑Stolen(圣卢普唱片公司)。 2013年,她以《蓝鸟的幸福》(圣玛丽唱片)上的更多作品回来了,为此她创作了除一首歌外的所有单曲(作曲家对安娜·林恩·威廉姆斯的贡献)。 2013年4月16日,通过Saint-Loup Records发行了8首EP,标题为直到。在2017年,日本(Lirico)和韩国(Aulos Media)发行了名为“ Covers”的封面专辑。她的最新专辑Off White,于2017年9月1日在圣玛丽唱片上发行。在上个月之前,还有克里斯·坎宁安(Chris Cunningham)执导的“鬼魂”音乐视频。

除了这些产品之外,威廉姆斯还发行了四个仅供下载的音乐集,通常结合了演示,作品和新录制的资料:China Mountain B-Sides(2009),Trespassers William Songs Solo(2011),All That You Start B-Sides(2012年),额外封面合集(2012年)和最佳:要求的翻唱歌曲(2015年10月6日)。威廉姆斯(Williams)向圣玛丽唱片公司的采样器《静态波》(Static Waves)(2012)贡献了歌曲《自白》。她在碧昂丝(Beyoncé)的《光晕》(Halo)中的封面在2017年HBO的《年轻教皇》中很突出。她为独立电影 Maybe Someday创作了名为“ In Glass”的原创作品。



Anna-Lynne Williams, better known by her stage name Lotte Kestner, is an American singer-songwriter based in Seattle, Washington. She started her musical career as vocalist for the indie rock band Trespassers William in 1997. She adopted the stage name Lotte Kestner in 2007 for solo recordings. She was also a member of the duo Ormonde.

Williams grew up in Laguna Hills, California, and now lives in Seattle. She is featured on “Hold Tight London” from the Chemical Brothers’ 2005 Grammy-winning album, Push the Button. She has collaborated with numerous other artists, including Courtney Marie Andrews, Robert Deeble, Damien Jurado, Motopony and Rocky Votolato, Arnar Guðjónsson of Leaves, Delerium, Minotaur Shock, Tuesday the Sky, Fieldhead, Sadistik and Blue Sky Black Death.

In 2007, Williams started recording her own music as Lotte Kestner, self-releasing China Mountain in 2008. She followed it in 2011 with a covers album, Stolen (Saint-Loup Records). In 2013, she was back with more of her own material on The Bluebird of Happiness (Saint Marie Records), for which she wrote all but one track (with the composer credit to Anna-Lynne Williams). An 8-track EP titled Until was released through Saint-Loup Records on April 16, 2013. A collection of covers called “Covers” was released in 2017 in Japan (Lirico) and Korea (Aulos Media). Her latest album, Off White, was released on Saint Marie Records on September 1, 2017. It was preceded the previous month by a Chris Cunningham-directed music video for “Ghosts”.

In addition to these offerings, Williams has released four download-only collections, generally combining demos, outtakes, and newly recorded material: China Mountain B-Sides (2009), Trespassers William Songs Solo (2011), All That You Start B-Sides (2012), Extra Covers Collection (2012) and Best-of: Requested Cover Songs (6 October 2015) . Williams contributed the song “Confession” to the Saint Marie Records sampler Static Waves (2012). Her cover of Beyoncé’s “Halo” was prominently featured in an episode of HBO’s The Young Pope in 2017. She contributed an original composition titled called “In Glass” to the indie film Maybe Someday.

Williams has published three books of poetry, Split Infinitive, In the Night I Go Sailing, and Blind Accidents, and has recorded two albums with her indie band Ormonde.

She starred in the film I Cannot Go On As I Am, which came out in 2015 and which also contains live musical performances.

2008 – China Mountain
2008 – China Mountain B-Sides
2011 – Stolen
2012 – ‘All That You Start’ B-Sides Album
2013 – The Bluebird of Happiness
2017 – Off White

2011 – Trespassers William Songs – Anna-Lynne Solo Versions
2012 – Extra Covers Collection

EP & Singles
2011 – Extra Covers EP
2011 – Extra Covers EP 2
2011 – The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
2012 – Impossible Cures
2012 – Motion Picture Soundtrack
2013 – Until
2015 – Covering Depeche Mode




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