桑蒂亚诺(Santiano)是来自德国石勒苏益格-荷尔斯泰因州北部地区的德国乐队,其流派包括爱尔兰民谣,棚户区和施拉格音乐。桑蒂亚诺(Santiano)这个名字取自于同名的雨格(Hugues Aufray) 歌曲。在2010年代中期,他们位居德国,奥地利和瑞士排行榜榜首。

乐队的构想源自弗兰斯堡(Flensburg)的德国制作人Hartmut Krech ,他拥有大象音乐唱片公司。2012年2月3日,乐队出现在We Love Music(由环球音乐和ProSiebenSat.1 Media发起的活动)中。他们的第一张专辑名为Bis ans Ende der Welt(“走向世界的尽头”)于2012年发行。在德国排行榜上排名第一。同年,该乐队完成了欧洲巡演,包括在Wacken露天音乐节上的表演。该活动的现场CD / DVD于2012年11月发行。

在2013年和2014年,他们获得了Echo最佳民间音乐奖。桑蒂亚诺(Santiano)作为海伦·菲舍尔(Helene Fischer)2013夏季巡回演唱会的开幕式露面,并于2013年11月至2014年4月参观了德国。

他们的第二张录音室专辑Mit den Gezeiten(《潮汐》)于2013年发行,在德国排行榜上排名第一。这张专辑包含的摇滚元素多于“ Bis ans Ende der Welt”,但仍然借鉴了围绕大海和北德神话的主题。

2014年,他们参加了Unvision SongfürDänemark(2014年欧洲歌唱大赛全国选曲),并在甲板上演唱了Wir werden niemals untergehen和Fiddler。他们在决赛的第二轮被淘汰。

他们的第三张录音室专辑Von Liebe,Tod und Freiheit(《论爱情,死亡与自由》)于2015年5月发行,为乐队提供了德国排名第一的专辑。顾名思义,这张专辑的歌词中包含了更深层次的主题,但这被一些民谣歌曲所抵消,这些歌曲在处理此类主题时提高了友情和团结的重要性。


Santiano is a German band from the northern region of Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, whose genres include Irish folk, sea shanty, and schlager music. The name Santiano is taken from the Hugues Aufray song of the same name. They topped the German, Austrian, and Swiss charts in the mid 2010s.

The idea for the band originated with German producer Hartmut Krech of Flensburg, who owns the Elephant Music label. On 3 February 2012, the band appeared at We Love Music, an event promoted by Universal Music and ProSiebenSat.1 Media. Their first album, titled Bis ans Ende der Welt (‘To the end of the World’), was released in 2012. It reached #1 in the German charts. That same year, the group completed a European tour, including a performance at the Wacken Open Air festival. A live CD/DVD of the event was released in November 2012.

In 2013 and 2014, they received an Echo award for best Folk music. Santiano appeared as an opening act for Helene Fischer’s 2013 summer tour, and toured Germany from November 2013 to April 2014.

Their second studio album, Mit den Gezeiten (“With the tides”), was released in 2013 and reached #1 in the German charts. This album contains more rock elements than “Bis ans Ende der Welt” but still draws upon themes surrounding the sea and North German myths.

In 2014, they participated in Unser Song für Dänemark, the national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 with the songs Wir werden niemals untergehen and Fiddler on the Deck. They were eliminated in Round 2 of the final.

Their third studio album, Von Liebe, Tod und Freiheit (“On love, death and freedom”) was released in May 2015 and provided the band with another #1 album in Germany. As its title suggests, deeper themes are addressed in the lyrics of this album but this is offset by a number of folk-based songs which promote the importance of camaraderie and togetherness when dealing with such themes.

The band appeared for a fourth time at the Wacken Open Air festival in 2015 and continued to tour into 2016.

2012 – Bis ans Ende der Welt (Second Edition)
2012 – Bis ans Ende der Welt – Live (2CD)
2014 – Mit den Gezeiten (Special Edition)
2014 – Mit den Gezeiten – Live aus der o2 World Hamburg (2CD)
2015 – Von Liebe, Tod Und Freiheit (Special Edition)
2017 – Im Auge des Sturms (Deluxe Edition)
2019 – MTV Unplugged




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