The Aces《2CD》2018-2020/FLAC/BD

The Aces(前身是The Blue Aces)是来自美国犹他州普罗沃的另类流行乐队。乐队有四名成员:吉他手Katie Henderson,贝斯手McKenna Petty,以及姐妹Alisa Ramirez(鼓)和Cristal Ramirez(主唱和吉他)。

他们的第一张单曲《 Aces》于2016年发行,最终在2017年底的Billboard Alternative Songs排行榜上排名第38。乐队的第二张单曲《 Physical》于2017年发行。他们的首张EP的进步我不喜欢诚实。乐队与Red Bull Records签约。

他们的首张专辑“ My My Heart Felt Volcanic”于2018年4月6日发行。 Aces与六位唱片制作人合作,但Dan Gibson和Simon Oscroft尤其有影响力,参与其中的一半。

The Aces参加了《夏日五秒钟》的《Meet You There Tour》巡回演唱会,以支持他们的最新专辑《Youngblood》(2018)。这次巡回演出之后,他们开始了自己的北美头条巡回演出,以支持“ 我的心感到火山爆发”(The Waiting for You)巡回演出。

Aces是从Cristal和Alisa Ramirez姐妹八岁那年开始的。尽管这两个姐妹都无法确切确定他们的音乐事业愿景何时开始,但拉米雷斯姐妹还是在一个热爱音乐的家庭中长大的,他们的父亲会与他们共舞萨尔萨舞,母亲则扮演1980年代的流行艺术家,如惠特尼·休斯顿和迈克尔·杰克逊。带着极大的兴趣,他们开始学习,并在YouTube上从他们最喜欢的乐队中做笔记,从而表现出众。

在一个圣诞节季节,姐妹俩请她最好的朋友麦肯纳·佩蒂(McKenna Petty)为圣诞节索要低音提琴。不久之后,这三人,全部自学成才,组成了蓝色王牌。他们开始在邻居的车库里拥挤并进行试验。在2008年,佩蒂的朋友凯蒂·亨德森(Katie Henderson)加入乐队后,乐队正式成立。Aces集体开始提高他们的才华,并在整个高中时获得他们的原始曝光,同时在场馆和酒吧进行本地表演。多年以来,随着他们在当地音乐界的影响力不断扩大,他们被Provo Buzz评为“普罗沃十大最佳乐队”,并被《 Paste》杂志评为“您应该知道的十大犹他州最佳乐队”。2014年,女孩们在观看18岁的歌手,词曲作者Lorde赢得她的第一个格莱美奖后决定专业从事音乐事业。


The Aces (formerly The Blue Aces) are an American alternative pop band from Provo, Utah. The band has four members: guitarist Katie Henderson, bassist McKenna Petty, and sisters Alisa Ramirez (drums) and Cristal Ramirez (lead vocals and guitars.)

Their first single as The Aces, “Stuck”, was released in 2016, eventually reaching #38 on the Billboard Alternative Songs chart in late 2017. The band’s second single, “Physical”, was released in 2017 in advance of their debut EP I Don’t Like Being Honest. The band is signed to Red Bull Records.

Their debut album When My Heart Felt Volcanic was released on April 6, 2018. The Aces worked with six producers on the records, but Dan Gibson and Simon Oscroft were particularly influential, being involved in half of the material.

The Aces joined 5 Seconds of Summer for their Meet You There Tour, in support of their latest album release, Youngblood (2018). Following this tour, they embarked on their own North American headlining tour in support of When My Heart Felt Volcanic, the Waiting For You Tour.

The Aces began when sisters Cristal and Alisa Ramirez were eight years old. Although neither sister could exactly determine when their musical career visions began, the Ramirez sisters were raised in a music loving household where their father would dance salsa with them and their mother played 1980s pop artists like Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson. With a piqued interest, they began to jam out while studying and taking notes from their favorite bands on YouTube.

One Christmas season, the sisters had asked her best friend, McKenna Petty, to ask for a bass for Christmas. Soon after, the trio, all self taught, formed the Blue Aces. They began to jam and experiment in their neighbor’s garage. In 2008 the band was officially formed when Petty’s friend, Katie Henderson, joined the group. Collectively, The Aces began to sharpen their talents and get their raw exposure throughout high school while performing locally at venues and bars. Over the years, as they expanded their presence within their local music scene they were listed on the “Top 10 Best Bands in Provo” by Provo Buzz and “10 Best Utah Bands You Should Know” by Paste Magazine. In 2014, the girls decided to professionally pursue a musical career after watching 18 year old singer, songwriter Lorde win her first Grammy.

With no industry ties, the girls began their hunt for professional connections first starting by working with accomplished producers. Particularly the key to buzz surrounding them, record label soon came calling for them. In 2016, Red Bull Records signed them.

2018 – When My Heart Felt Volcanic
2020 – Under My Influence


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