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威尔士流朋:Neck Deep《5CD+EP+单曲》2013-2020/FLAC/BD - 无损音乐分享

威尔士流朋:Neck Deep《5CD+EP+单曲》2013-2020/FLAC/BD

Neck Deep是来自威尔士雷克瑟姆(Wrexham)的威尔士流行朋克乐队,成立于2012年。在歌手Ben Barlow遇见前首席吉他手Lloyd Roberts之后成立,两人在网上以Neck Deep的名义发布了一首歌(“您期望什么?”)。这首歌很快就在网上引起了人们的关注,并增加了节奏吉他手Matt West,鼓手Dani Washington / Abasi和贝斯手Fil Thorpe-Evans。他们发行了两张EP,分别是Barlow的哥哥录制的Rain(2012 年7月)和A Bad Bad Decision(2013),2013年8月与Hopeless签约之前。

在2014年1月发行首张专辑Wishful Thinking之后,乐队成为了一个全职项目,乐队成员辞去工作和/或退出大学课程。在2015年8月发行第二张专辑《Life’s Not Out to Get You》后不久,罗伯茨因性行为不端的指控而离开了乐队,和山姆·鲍登(Sam Bowden)(前气候与血液青年组织)加入了他的位置。乐队的第三张专辑《和平与恐慌》于2017年8月发行,并在英国和美国发行了第4名。2018年9月,索普·埃文斯(Thorpe-Evans)离开乐队,开始了自己的制作人生涯。2019年,乐队与Blink-182进行了夏季巡回演唱会作为开幕式。到2020年2月,乐队增加了长期合作者和贝斯手Seb Barlow的正式成员资格,此外,当月晚些时候,该乐队还发布了一款应用了各种多媒体功能的应用程序,用于发布他们的第四张专辑《All Distortions Are Intental》,该专辑于7月24日发行。


Neck Deep是一个流行朋克乐队。他们的声音被描述为让人联想到Blink-182,新发现的荣耀,《神奇年代》,《绿日》和《后裔》。歌手本·巴洛(Ben Barlow)表示“要记住的一天”和“ 建筑师(英国乐队) ”对该乐队产生了巨大影响。早期的《Fall Out Boy》工作和Sum 41也被认为是影响因素。

Neck Deep is a Welsh pop punk band from Wrexham, Wales formed in 2012. Founded after vocalist Ben Barlow met former lead guitarist Lloyd Roberts, the pair posted a song (“What Did You Expect?”) online under the name Neck Deep. The song soon gained attention online, resulting in the addition of rhythm guitarist Matt West, drummer Dani Washington/Abasi, and bassist Fil Thorpe-Evans. They released a pair of EPs, Rain in July (2012) and A History of Bad Decisions (2013), both recorded by Barlow’s older brother, before signing with Hopeless in August 2013.

Following the release of their debut album Wishful Thinking in January 2014, the band became a full-time project, with the band members leaving their jobs and/or dropping out of university courses. Shortly after the release of their second album Life’s Not out to Get You in August 2015, Roberts left the band due to allegations of sexual misconduct, and Sam Bowden (formerly of Climates and Blood Youth) joined in his place. The group’s third album The Peace and the Panic was then released in August 2017, and debuted #4 both UK and United States. In September 2018, Thorpe-Evans left the band to pursue a solo career as a producer. In 2019, the band embarked in a summer tour with Blink-182 as the opening act. By February 2020, the band added longtime collaborator and bassist Seb Barlow as an official member, plus later that month revealed an app with all sorts of multimedia regarding the announcement of their fourth album, titled All Distortions Are Intentional, released July 24.

Style and influences

Neck Deep is a pop punk band. Their sound has been described as being reminiscent of Blink-182, New Found Glory, The Wonder Years, Green Day, and the Descendents. Vocalist Ben Barlow has stated A Day to Remember and Architects (British band) as a massive influence on the band. The early Fall Out Boy work and Sum 41 have also been cited as influences.

2014 – Wishful Thinking
2014 – Rain In July – A History Of Bad Decisions
2015 – Life’s Not Out to Get You
2017 – The Peace And The Panic
2020 – All Distortions Are Intentional

2013 – Rain In July (EP)
2016 – Serpents (EP)

2013 – A History Of Bad Decisions (Single)
2014 – Boulevard of Broken Dreams (Single)
2016 – December (Single)
2018 – In Bloom Versions (Single)
2018 – Torn (Single)
2019 – Don’t Tell Me It’s Over (Single)
2019 – She’s A God (Single)
2019 – The Peace And The B Sides (Single)




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