Nyah Grace《Honey-Coloured》2020/FLAC/BD

17岁的Nyah Grace坐落在起伏的俄勒冈州葡萄园和丰富的榛子农场之间,是她发掘音乐根源的地方。这种乡村背景虽然似乎不是那种音乐和灵魂的诞生地,但却激发了Nyah每首歌曲所散发出的崇高感性音符。她的核心写作和表演影响力来自D’Angelo,Lauryn Hill,Corinne Bailey Rae和Billie Holiday的杰出作品。尽管这些偶像在她的音乐成长历程中是杰出人物,甚至现在更是如此,但Nyah仍然是她自己的艺术家,具有非凡的成熟度和明确的身份。 Nyah在2018年会见了获得格莱美奖提名的制片人史蒂夫·克里斯坦图(Steve Chrisanthou),并且立即建立了融洽的关系。在英国SoFar Sounds的私密演出之间,这促成了几次成功的约克郡录制之旅。随着迈克尔·格雷夫斯(Michael Graves)的额外制作,将发行由催眠,闷热和微妙诱人的歌曲组成的备受期待的首张专辑Nyah于2019年下半年移居英国,现在居住在伦敦。黑咖啡于8月16日在Palawan Productions Ltd.上的The Orchard和Spotify发行,并在世界各地的Caffe Nero商店中都有使用。

Nestled between rolling Oregon Vineyards and abundant Hazelnut Farms was where 17 year old Nyah Grace discovered her musical roots. This rural backdrop, while not seeming to be the type of place to birth such musicality and soul, inspired the sublime and sensual notes that emanate from each of Nyah’s songs. Her core writing and performance influences lie in the brilliant works of D’Angelo, Lauryn Hill, Corinne Bailey Rae and Billie Holiday. Although these icons were prominent figures in her musical upbringing and even more so now, Nyah remains very much her own artist with a remarkable maturity and unmistakable identity. In 2018 Nyah met with Grammy-Nominated producer Steve Chrisanthou and an immediate rapport was evident. This led to several successful recording trips to Yorkshire, in between intimate gigs with SoFar Sounds around the UK .With additional production from Michael Graves, a highly anticipated debut album made up of a hypnotic, sultry and subtley seductive array of songs is set be released in late 2019. Nyah recently relocated to the UK and now lives in London. Black Coffee is released on August 16th via The Orchard and Spotify on Palawan Productions Ltd. and is featured throughout Caffe Nero outlets around the world.

2020 – Honey-Coloured




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