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史黛西·肯特(Stacey Kent)(1965年3月27日出生)是美国爵士歌手。肯特(Kent)经常用法语唱歌,并于2009年被法国文化大臣授予艺术与文学勋章(Ordre des Arts et des Lettres)。她嫁给了萨克斯风演奏家吉姆·汤姆林森(Jim Tomlinson)。


斯泰西·肯特(Stacey Kent)出生于新泽西州的南奥兰治,并就读于新泽西州利文斯顿的纽瓦克学院。她的祖父是俄罗斯人,在法国长大。从莎拉·劳伦斯学院毕业后,她前往英国在伦敦吉尔霍尔音乐与戏剧学院学习音乐,并在此遇到了萨克斯管演奏家吉姆·汤姆林森,她于1991年8月9日结婚。


在1990年代,她在伦敦Soho的 Bohème咖啡馆开始了自己的职业生涯。两三年后,她开始在伦敦的罗尼·斯科特(Ronnie Scott)的爵士俱乐部开场演出。她的第一张专辑《Close Your Eyes》于1997年发行。

小说家石黑一夫(Kazuo Ishiguro)为肯特(Kent)2003年的专辑《再次恋爱》(In Love Again)写了衬纸笔记。石黑郎在2002年选择了她的唱片《他们不能把我带走》作为他的荒岛唱片后遇到了肯特,肯特请汤姆林森和石黑郎为她写歌。石黑郎曾说过他的抒情诗作:“一首亲密,令人信服的第一人称歌曲,其含义在页面上一定不能自给自足。它必须倾斜,有时您必须在行与行之间阅读”认识对他的小说创作有“巨大的影响”。

汤姆林森(Tomlinson)和石黑郎(Ishiguro)在专辑《早餐在晨电车》中共同创作了四首歌曲。他们的第一首歌“ The Ice Hotel”在2008年4月的国际歌曲创作大赛中获得一等奖。肯特在《梦想家音乐会》,《不断变化的灯光》和《我知道我的梦想:管弦乐队》中录制了多本汤姆林森/石黑郎的歌曲。



音乐会的梦想家(2011)于2011年5月在巴黎的 La Cigale录制。专辑包括三首肯特以前未录制的歌曲:安东尼奥·卡洛斯·乔宾( Antonio Carlos Jobim)的《三月之水》( Waters of March),吉姆·汤姆林森(Jim Tomlinson)的《明信片恋人》和石谷和雄( Kazuo Ishiguro)的歌词以及葡萄牙诗人安东尼奥·拉德拉(AntónioLadeira)的《 O Comboio》。

2013年,肯特(Kent)发行了巴西风格的专辑《改变的灯光》,涵盖了乔巴姆(Jobim)的《如何不敏感》等波萨诺瓦新星经典,并再次与汤姆林森和石黑郎合作。2014年,她离开华纳兄弟并与索尼签约。索尼与波斯塔诺瓦(bossa nova)的创始人之一罗伯托·梅内斯卡尔(Roberto Menescal)发行了标准专辑Tenderly。她于2011年在巴西救世主雕像80周年庆典上遇到了尼内斯卡尔。他们发现自己是彼此作品的粉丝,并合作开发了一张标准专辑,其灵感来自于Menescal对Julie London和Barney Kessel二重奏的钦佩。

2014年,马科斯·瓦莱(Marcos Valle)邀请她巡回演出,以庆祝其职业生涯50周年。他们录制了专辑Ao Vivo和DVD,并在纽约市的Birdland俱乐部和东京的Blue Note现场录制。

2017年,肯特录制了她的下一张专辑《索尼,我知道我的梦想:交响乐团》,这是她与乐团合作的第一张专辑,由58位由汤米·劳伦斯编曲的音乐家,Great American Songbook,法国chansons和Edu的歌曲组成Lobo,Jobim,Tomlinson,Ishiguro,Ladeira和他的歌曲合作伙伴Cliff Goldmacher(来自纳什维尔)。汤姆林森和戈德马赫写了主题歌。

Stacey Kent (born March 27, 1965) is an American jazz singer. Kent often sings in French and was awarded the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres (Order of Arts and Letters) by the French Minister of Culture in 2009. She is married to saxophonist Jim Tomlinson.

Early life and education

Stacey Kent was born in South Orange, New Jersey and attended Newark Academy in Livingston, New Jersey. Her paternal grandfather was Russian and grew up in France. After graduating from Sarah Lawrence College, she traveled to England to study music at Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London, where she met saxophonist Jim Tomlinson, whom she married on August 9, 1991.


In the 1990s, she began her professional career singing at Café Bohème in London’s Soho. After two or three years, she began opening for established acts at Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club in London. Her first album, Close Your Eyes, was released in 1997.

Novelist Kazuo Ishiguro wrote the liner notes to Kent’s 2003 album, In Love Again. Ishiguro met Kent after he chose her recording of “They Can’t Take That Away from Me” as one of his Desert Island Discs in 2002, and Kent asked Tomlinson and Ishiguro to write for her. Ishiguro has said of his lyric writing that “with an intimate, confiding, first-person song, the meaning must not be self-sufficient on the page. It has to be oblique, sometimes you have to read between the lines” and that this realization has had an “enormous influence” on his fiction writing.

Tomlinson and Ishiguro co-wrote four songs on the album Breakfast on the Morning Tram. The first of their songs, “The Ice Hotel”, won first prize in the International Songwriting Competition in April 2008. Kent recorded several more Tomlinson/Ishiguro songs on Dreamer In Concert, The Changing Lights, and I Know I Dream: The Orchestral Sessions.

Popular success

Kent’s album The Boy Next Door achieved Gold album status in France in September 2006. Breakfast on the Morning Tram (2007) achieved Platinum album status in France in November 2007 and Double Gold status in Germany in February 2008. Raconte-moi… was recorded in French and achieved Gold status in both France and Germany and became the second best selling French language album worldwide in 2010.

Dreamer In Concert (2011) was recorded in May, 2011, at La Cigale in Paris. The album includes three songs previously unrecorded by Kent: “Waters of March” by Antonio Carlos Jobim, “Postcard Lovers” by Jim Tomlinson with lyrics by Kazuo Ishiguro, and “O Comboio” by Portuguese poet António Ladeira.

In 2013, Kent released The Changing Lights, a Brazilian-tinged album, covering bossa nova classics such as Jobim’s “How Insensitive” and again collaborating with Tomlinson and Ishiguro. In 2014, she left Warner Bros. and signed with Sony. Sony released Tenderly, an album of standards with Roberto Menescal, one of the founders of bossa nova. She met Menescal in Brazil in 2011 at the 80th birthday celebration of the Christ the Redeemer statue. They discovered they were fans of each others’ work and collaborated on an album of standards inspired by Menescal’s admiration for the duo of Julie London and Barney Kessel.

In 2014, Marcos Valle invited her to tour in celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of his career. They recorded the album Ao Vivo and a DVD that was recorded live at the Birdland club in New York City and the Blue Note in Tokyo.

In 2017, Kent recorded her next album for Sony, I Know I Dream: The Orchestral Sessions, her first album with an orchestra, comprising 58 musicians with arrangements by Tommy Laurence, with music from the Great American Songbook, French chansons, songs by Edu Lobo, Jobim, Tomlinson, Ishiguro, Ladeira and his songwriting partner Cliff Goldmacher from Nashville. Tomlinson and Goldmacher wrote the title song.

1998 – The Tender Trap
1999 – Close Your Eyes
1999 – Let Yourself Go
2000 – Dreamsville
2002 – Collection
2002 – In Love Again
2003 – The Boy Next Door
2007 – Breakfast On The Morning Tram
2007 – Collection II
2010 – Raconte-moi
2011 – Dreamer In Concert
2011 – Hushabye Mountain
2013 – The Changing Lights
2015 – Tenderly
2017 – I Know I Dream The Orchestral Sessions (24-44.1)
2020 – Christmas in the Rockies




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