伊思嘉坊间(以1972年出生的胡苏姆,石勒苏益格-荷尔斯泰因,德国)是一个训练有素的古典歌手,谁也参与这一项目经典流行满足。她的风格很像凯特·布什学校的影响,以及冷波的影响和现代环境的声音。她的热门单曲是舞蹈项目Schiller的 “ EinschönerTag”和“ Dream of You” ,在其中演唱了简短的抒情诗。

2003年,她参加了欧洲电视网歌曲大赛的德国预选,并凭借歌曲“金钥匙”获得第七名。她的同名专辑在德国取得了一定的成功,并进入了菲律宾前10名。专辑在超过15个国家/地区发行,其中包含与Piero Mazzochetti的二重唱《 Dreams Will Never Die》。为歌曲“ Earth Song”(最初是Michael Jackson)和“ Dreams Will Never Die” 制作了录像,后者偶尔在MTV上播出。

尽管她在国际上取得了成功,但她还是与Edel Records失去了合同,不久之后,她在汉堡获得了一个小唱片公司的合同。她于2004年发行了Secret Gaarden。

她出现在德国乐队Schiller的热门专辑“ Weltreise”中,并在“ EinschönerTag”上担任主唱,并在德国单曲榜中大获成功,并与Schiller一起巡回演出。



2008年,发行了第三张专辑《Wooden Houses》。

艾斯加德(Isgaard)参加的其他活动包括在三位女士乐队的《提亚拉》(La Tiara)中唱歌。

Isgaard Marke (born 1972 in Husum, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany) is a classically trained singer, who is also involved with the project Classic meets Pop. Her style resembles influences of the Kate Bush school as well as cold wave influences and modern ambient sounds. Her greatest hits were “Ein schöner Tag” and “Dream of You” with the dance project Schiller, in which she sang single, short lyrical lines.

In 2003, she participated in the German pre-selection for the Eurovision Song Contest and reached seventh place with the song “Golden Key”. Her album of the same name achieved moderate success in Germany and reached the Top 10 in the Philippines. The album was released in more than 15 countries and contained the song “Dreams Will Never Die”, a duet with Piero Mazzochetti. Videos were made for the songs “Earth Song” (originally by Michael Jackson) and “Dreams Will Never Die”, the latter of which was occasionally broadcast on MTV.

Despite her international success she lost her contract with Edel Records, and a short time later she secured a contract with a small record label in Hamburg. She released Secret Gaarden in 2004.

She appeared on the German band Schiller’s hit album “Weltreise” performing lead vocal on “Ein schöner Tag” which gained success in the German singles chart and she toured with Schiller.

In 2005, her single, “One World”, recorded together with Lidia Kopania and David Serame (music for Ben’s Manchmal), was released, the sales of which were donated to the South Asian relief organization Misereor. It was bought only by major fans, was not internationally distributed, and experienced problems in delivery to major music dealers.

A DVD is planned, which will finally enable the distribution of the videos to “Earth Song”, “Dreams Will Never Die”, and “One World”. Additionally, it will contain five videos by a nature filmmaker, shot in Iceland.

In 2008, the third album ‘Wooden Houses was released.

Among other activities Isgaard is singing in the three-women-band La Tiara.

2003 – Golden Key (Limited Edition)
2004 – Secret Gaarden
2008 – Wooden Houses
2012 – Playing God
2014 – Naked
2015 – The Early Days
2016 – Whiteout




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