Tones and I《The Kids Are Coming》2019/FLAC/BD

Toni Watson,专业称为Tones and I,是澳大利亚歌手和词曲作者。她的第二首单曲“ Dance Monkey ”于2019年5月发行,在30多个国家中排名第一。那年的11月,她打破了纪录,成为16周以来在ARIA单曲榜上排名第一的艺术家。到2020年1月中旬,“舞蹈猴子”在第24周(也是最后一周)排在第一位,击败了宾·克罗斯比(Bing Crosby)的澳大利亚版唱片《白色圣诞节》,该唱片历时22周(5个月,即从6月到6月)。 10月)在1943年位居榜首。“舞蹈猴子”获得了ARIA的12倍铂金认证,出货量超过840,000件。2019年ARIA音乐奖,从八项提名中赢得四项。我和Tones 于2019年8月30日发行了她的处女作延伸剧《孩子来了》。

Toni Watson, known professionally as Tones and I, is an Australian singer and songwriter. Her second single, “Dance Monkey”, was released in May 2019 and reached number one in over 30 countries. In November of that year, she broke the record for the most weeks at number one on the ARIA Singles Chart by any artist with 16 weeks. By mid-January 2020, “Dance Monkey” had spent its 24th and final week at No.1, beating Bing Crosby’s all-time Australian record for his version of “White Christmas”, which spent 22 weeks (five months, namely June to October) at the top spot in 1943. “Dance Monkey” was accredited 12× platinum by ARIA for shipments of over 840,000 units. Tones was the most awarded artist at the ARIA Music Awards of 2019, winning four from eight nominations. Tones and I released her debut extended play, The Kids Are Coming, on 30 August 2019.

2019 – The Kids Are Coming [24-48]




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