美金属核后硬核:Conquer Divide《Conquer Divide》2015/FLAC/BD

Conquer Divide是一支与Artery Recordings签约的美国后铁杆乐队,其成员来自美国,英国和加拿大,其中一位前成员来自塞尔维亚。尽管他们的官方传记在Artery Recordings网站上说他们成立于2012年末,但根据其制作人Joey Sturgis的说法,该乐队的概念自2005年左右就已经存在。


乐队由吉他手兼词曲作者克里斯汀·斯特吉斯与吉他手兼歌手苏西·里根(Suzie Reagan)在密歇根州成立。阵容最初是五人组合,然后在2013 年增加了贝斯手Sarah Stonebraker,鼓手Tamara Tadic和歌手Kiarely Castillo。2014年3月1日,Conquer Divide宣布他们已聘请利物浦的YouTube吉他手Izzy Johnson 担任成为会员,将其变成六块。不久之后,Suzie因无法和解的分歧而被放开,由Janel Duarte取代。

2013年12月2日,Conquer Divide通过YouTuber BryanStars频道为其首张单曲“ Eyes Wide Shut”发行了歌词视频。发行后,他们收到了很多邀请,并最终在2014年中期与Artery Recordings签约。乐队与制作人Joey Sturgis(我们以罗马人的身份,Asking Alexandria,The Devil Wears Prada,Blessthefall)合作,首张同名专辑专辑。它的前身是Asking Alexandria的Denis Shaforostov(以他的舞台绰号Denis Stoff闻名)的客串。它还与I See Stars的 Andrew Oliver合作制作了歌曲“ Lost”。他们后来发布了一段有关乐队和专辑制作过程的视频。

2015年7月24日,在内华达州拉斯维加斯的Hard Rock Cafe,他们的专辑正式发行。当天,专辑在iTunes Metal Chart上排名第4,在Billboard的Top HeatSeekers榜上排名第8。在2016年5月24日,乐队发布了他们的歌曲《What’s Left Inside》的视频,该视频在Billboard的前40名主流摇滚排行榜上保持了超过六周的时间,在2016年8月达到23名的峰值。根据唱片公司总裁山丹·霍兰(Shan Dan Horan)在其个人Facebook页面上的声明,他们是Artery Recordings上首支活跃于40强摇滚乐中的歌曲。

乐队继续支持在北美各地的Allstars Tour中发行他们的专辑。他们还参加了诸如“ 西南偏南”,“南方偏偏 ”和“宝藏巨星”等节日,以支持皇冠帝国,贝尔图斯,此刻,白衣动静,阿提拉,《彩色士气》,《今日》,警报器和水手,如飞蛾To Flames,Marmozets,Chiodos,Palisades,Kublai Kahn和Enter Shikari。该乐队还参观了在北美与经火烧身,舞蹈加文舞,Iwrestledabearonce,捕捉皇冠,奴隶,大纲在颜色,阿莱萨纳,Dayshell,一个带天窗的驱动器,欧神诺,Myka移居,在废墟,勃朗宁,它在里面和葬礼画像。 在12月25日,2015年,乐队在其Facebook页面上宣布,贝斯手Sarah Stonebraker会保持良好状态,而她的替代者是Ashley Colby。 2016年3月10日,歌手Janel Duarte宣布由于手腕手术,Izzy Johnson暂时无法与乐队巡回演出。她由前Hopeless Records的SycAmour成员Blake Howard代替进行一次巡回演出。

在2015年10月,他们每天在全国Journeys商店中播放他们的音乐作品“ Nightmares”。2016年,Journey的商店也在全国范围内刊登了“ What’s Left Inside”一词。吉他手Kristen Sturgis于2015年8月4日通过Guitar World发行了他们的单曲“ Nightmares”的播放视频。乐队也看到了成功在2016年2月与日本唱片公司Five One Inc合作后的日本排行榜。他们于2016年5月24日发布了日本独家播放的“ Eyes Wide Shut”插曲版本的歌词视频。 “让牙齿沉入水中”这个”曲棍球队通过温莎-底特律的89x CIMX-FM广播电台。

2020年8月6日,乐队与新成员Samantha Landa一起发行了自2015年以来的首首歌曲“ Chemicals”以及随附的音乐视频。


乐队的风格被描述为金属核心,后核心,尖叫和摇滚。乐队的影响力包括August Augusts Burns Red,We Comes as Romans和Parkway Drive,而Demi Lovato是Castillo最受欢迎的歌手之一。其他人注意到该乐队的声音与较早的Metalcore乐队(例如Attack Attack)的声音相似!这已经导致它们被标记为“scenecore” MetalSucks。



歌手Kiarely Castillo与The Plot In You的歌手Landon Tewers合作进行了他的同名独奏项目。2015年12月14日,他们一起发行了名为《我的时间的浪费》的歌曲。她也演出了“的封面呐喊 ”由迈克尔·杰克逊与德国乐队Annisokay 吉他手克里斯汀·斯特吉斯写了一个声乐旋律小姐五月我的歌曲‘时间倒流’,从2015年他们发行不死。她还在2013 年为Chunk No Captain Chunk的专辑《Pardon My French》做人声工程,帮派人声和翻译工作。在2018年,梅塔尔·科恩(Meytal Cohen)以全女性演绎的形式,向亚历山大的新歌“合作实验室”(Cor -Lab)视频系列询问亚历山大的歌曲“进火”。


他们的歌曲“ At War”在2015年无情Kerrang大奖中被提名“最佳歌曲”。

Conquer Divide is an American post-hardcore band signed to Artery Recordings whose members come from the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada, with one former member coming from Serbia. Although their official biography featured on the Artery Recordings website states that they were formed in late 2012, the concept for the band had existed since about 2005 according to their producer Joey Sturgis.


The band was formed in Michigan by guitarist and songwriter Kristen Sturgis along with guitarist and vocalist Suzie Reagan. The lineup initially began as a five-piece with the addition of bassist Sarah Stonebraker, drummer Tamara Tadic and singer Kiarely Castillo in 2013. On March 1, 2014, Conquer Divide announced that they had recruited Liverpool based YouTube guitarist Izzy Johnson to become a member, making it a six piece. A short time later, Suzie was let go due to irreconcilable differences and was replaced by Janel Duarte.

On December 2, 2013, Conquer Divide released a lyric video for their first single “Eyes Wide Shut” via YouTuber BryanStars channel. After the release, they received multiple offers and eventually signed to Artery Recordings in mid 2014. The band worked with producer Joey Sturgis (We Came as Romans, Asking Alexandria, The Devil Wears Prada, Blessthefall) on their debut self-titled album. It features guest vocals by Denis Shaforostov (known by his stage moniker Denis Stoff) formerly of Asking Alexandria. It also features a collaboration with Andrew Oliver of I See Stars on the song “Lost”. They later posted a video about the process of making the band and the album.

On July 24, 2015 at the Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas, Nevada, their album was officially released. The same day, the album reached #4 on the iTunes Metal Chart and ranked #8 on Billboard’s Top HeatSeekers chart. On May 24, 2016, the band released a video for their song ‘What’s Left Inside’ which held steady on Billboard’s top 40 Mainstream Rock chart for over six weeks, peaking at #23 in August 2016. They were the first band on Artery Recordings to have a song in active top 40 rock rotation according to a statement made by the label’s president Shan Dan Horan on his personal Facebook page.

The band went on to support the release of their album on the Allstars Tour, which went across North America. They also played festivals such as South By Southwest, South By So What and Treasure Fest supporting Crown The Empire, Beartooth, In This Moment, Motionless In White, Attila, The Color Morale, For Today, Sirens and Sailors, Like Moths To Flames, Marmozets, Chiodos, Palisades, Kublai Kahn, and Enter Shikari. The band has also toured across North America with Upon A Burning Body, Dance Gavin Dance, Iwrestledabearonce, Capture The Crown, Slaves, Outline In Color, Alesana, Dayshell, A Skylit Drive, Oceano, Myka Relocate, Within The Ruins, The Browning, It Lies Within and The Funeral Portrait. On December 25, 2015, the band announced on their Facebook page that bassist Sarah Stonebraker would leave on good terms and that her replacement was Ashley Colby. On March 10, 2016, vocalist Janel Duarte announced that Izzy Johnson was temporarily unable to tour with the band due to wrist surgery. She was replaced by former Hopeless Records’s SycAmour member Blake Howard for one tour.

During the month of October 2015, their music video for “Nightmares” was featured daily in Journeys stores nationwide. “What’s Left Inside” was also featured nationwide in Journey’s stores in 2016. Guitarist Kristen Sturgis released a playthrough video of their single “Nightmares” via Guitar World on August 4, 2015. The band has also seen success on Japanese charts after partnering with Japanese label Five One Inc in February 2016. They released a lyric video for the unplugged version of “Eyes Wide Shut” exclusive for Japan, on May 24, 2016. “Sink Your Teeth Into This” was featured in an NHL commercial for the Detroit Red Wings hockey team via Windsor-Detroit’s 89x CIMX-FM radio station.

On August 6, 2020, the band released their first song since 2015, “Chemicals”, along with an accompanying music video, with new member Samantha Landa on drums.

Style, influences and lyrical content

The band’s style has been described as metalcore, post-hardcore, screamo and rock. Among the band’s influences are August Burns Red, We Came as Romans and Parkway Drive, while Demi Lovato is one of Castillo’s favorite singers. Others have noted similarities in the band’s sound to older metalcore bands such as Attack Attack! which has led them to be labelled “scenecore” by MetalSucks.

The lyrical content of the band’s music is inspired mainly by personal experiences, which include dealings with prior band members, family, addiction, and relationships.


Vocalist Kiarely Castillo collaborated with The Plot In You’s vocalist Landon Tewers on his self-titled solo project. On December 14, 2015 they released a song together titled “Waste of My Time”. She also performed a cover of “Scream” by Michael Jackson with German band Annisokay Guitarist Kristen Sturgis wrote a vocal melody for Miss May I’s song “Turn Back The Time” from their 2015 release Deathless. She also did vocal engineering, gang vocals and translation work on Chunk No Captain Chunk’s album Pardon My French in 2013. In 2018, Kristen worked with popular YouTuber Meytal Cohen on an all-female rendition of Asking Alexandria’s song “Into The Fire” for her new “Co-Lab” video series.


Their song “At War” was nominated for “Best Song” at the 2015 Relentless Kerrang Awards.

2015 – Conquer Divide




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