Powerwolf,通常被称为POWERWOLF,是由Red Aim的成员于2003年在萨尔布吕肯成立的德国金属乐队。乐队由主唱Karsten Brill担任“ Attila Dorn”,首席吉他手Benjamin Buss担任“ Matthew Greywolf”,贝斯手/节奏吉他手David Vogt担任“ Charles Greywolf”,键盘手Christian Jost担任“ Falk Maria Schlegel”和鼓手Roel van Helden。该小组在音乐和抒情上使用深色主题和图像,与传统的强金属音乐相反,并使用尸体绘画,哥特式配乐和关于特兰西瓦尼亚 狼人和吸血鬼的传说。

他们于2005年发行了首张专辑《Return in Bloodred》。第二张专辑Lupus Dei于2007年发行。乐队于2009年首次凭借其第三张专辑《 Beast》发行了德国官方排行榜。发行后不久,他们的第一位鼓手Stefan Gemballa(艺名StéfaneFunèbre)离开了乐队。他由汤姆·迪纳(Tom Diener)取代,他于2011年被鲁尔·范·海顿(Roel van Helden)取代。同年,乐队发行了他们的第四张专辑《圣血》。2012年,Powerwolf与Napalm Records签约,并于2013年发行了《夜间传教士》。该专辑在德国排名第一。他们的第六张专辑2015年发行的《祝福与拥有》在捷克共和国获得了金牌认证。他们的第七张专辑《罪恶圣事》于2018年7月20日发行,在国际上排名很高。


Powerwolf的大多数专辑都受到粉丝和评论家的一致好评。音乐由整个乐队组成,歌词主要由马修·格雷沃尔夫(Matthew Greywolf)创作,灵感来自基督教和古代罗马尼亚的传说。多年来,已经出现了一个主题,可以将乐队的成员们化身为狼人,从而使歌迷们亲切地将乐队称为“狼人”。




歌词的主要语言是英语,但它们也使用拉丁语(“亚美尼亚的狼人”,“天狼星”,“​​ Kreuzfeuer”,“ Stossgebet”)和很少使用德语(“ Moscow After Dark”,“ We Take the Church”由暴风雨”,“亚美尼亚的狼人”,“克罗伊兹福尔”,“阿门与进攻”,“斯托斯贝格”)。乐队的歌词具有基督教和古代罗马尼亚传奇的特征。但是,Powerwolf并不认为自己是宗教团体,而是称自己为精神团体。当被问到他是基督教徒还是撒旦主义者时,马修·格雷沃尔夫回答:“我是金属主义者,金属迷。金属是我的宗教信仰。看着所有这些人,是什么使他们团结起来?我可以告诉你,这是该死的金属。” 在其中一次采访中,马修被引用说:

有些人感到困惑,因为我们从来没有说过我们站在哪一边的傻话。许多人问我们:“您是撒旦主义者吗?您是基督徒吗?” 我们从不说任何事情,我们也永远不会说,因为在Powerwolf中所做的事情,作为个人的信念或主张并不重要。我们有时描述宗教历史,有时写关于撒旦,天主教或其他任何东西,但我们从不评判任何事情。我认为,一方面,这使人们感到困惑,但另一方面,许多人确实理解我们仅描述或写一些有关某事的歌词,而不是传达信息。


观众的参与和烟火是Powerwolf舞台表演的重要组成部分。主唱Attila Dorn经常直接向听众讲话,并在宣布下一首歌之前让他们参与各种活动,例如唱歌或大喊。乐队称他们的音乐会为“重金属”。他们的舞台布置是由马修·格雷沃夫(Matthew Greywolf)设计的。

Powerwolf, often stylized as POWERWOLF, is a German power metal band founded in 2003 in Saarbrücken by members of Red Aim. The band consists of vocalist Karsten Brill as “Attila Dorn”, lead guitarist Benjamin Buss as “Matthew Greywolf”, bassist/rhythm guitarist David Vogt as “Charles Greywolf”, keyboardist Christian Jost as “Falk Maria Schlegel” and drummer Roel van Helden. The group uses dark themes and images, musically and lyrically, contrary to traditional power metal music, as well as corpse paint, gothic-tinged compositions and songs about Transylvanian werewolf and vampire legends.

They released their debut album Return in Bloodred in 2005. Their second album, Lupus Dei, was released in 2007. The band entered the official German charts for the first time in 2009 with their third album Bible of the Beast. Shortly after its release, their first drummer Stefan Gemballa (stage name Stéfane Funèbre) left the band. He was replaced by Tom Diener, who was replaced in 2011 by Roel van Helden. In the same year, the band released their fourth album Blood of the Saints. In 2012, Powerwolf signed with Napalm Records and released Preachers of the Night in 2013. It has debuted at No. 1 in Germany. Their sixth album Blessed & Possessed, released in 2015, was certified gold in the Czech Republic. Their seventh album The Sacrament of Sin was released on 20 July 2018, charting well internationally.

Powerwolf has embarked on several tours, with a majority of their tour dates taking place inside of Europe. They also change their costumes for every album.

Most of Powerwolf’s albums were well received by fans and critics alike. The music is composed by the entire band, and the lyrics, written mostly by Matthew Greywolf, are inspired by Christianity and ancient Romanian legends. Over the years a theme has developed which personifies the band members as werewolves, leading fans to refer to the band affectionately as “The Wolves”.

Musical style and lyrics

Powerwolf’s sound has primarily been described as power metal and traditional heavy metal.

Powerwolf’s musical style is different from other power metal bands. In addition to the classic metal instruments, organ sounds are used. For the studio albums a church choir was recorded. The band states that their main influences are Black Sabbath, Mercyful Fate, Forbidden and Iron Maiden.

The dominant language of the lyrics is English, but they also use Latin (“Werewolves of Armenia”, “Lupus Dei”, “Kreuzfeuer”, “Stossgebet”), and rarely German (“Moscow After Dark”, “We Take the Church by Storm”, “Werewolves of Armenia”, “Kreuzfeuer”, “Amen & Attack”, “Stossgebet”). The lyrics of the band are characterized by the treatment of Christianity and ancient Romanian legends. Powerwolf, however, do not consider themselves a religious band, but rather call themselves spiritual. When asked if he was a Christian or a Satanist, Matthew Greywolf answered: “I am a metalist, a metal fan. Metal is my religion. Look at all these people, what unites them? I can tell you, it’s the fucking metal.” In one of the interviews, Matthew is quoted saying:

Some people are confused because we never make a point of saying the silly words of which side we are on. A lot of people ask us, “Are you Satanists? Are you Christians?” And we never say anything about that, and we never will, because in what we do in Powerwolf, it’s not important what we as individuals believe or stand for. We sometimes describe religious history, we sometimes write about Satanism, Catholicism, or whatever, but we never judge anything. I think on one side, this is confusing people, but on the other side, a lot of people do understand that we only describe or write lyrics about something, not to deliver a message.

Live performances

Audience engagement, and pyrotechnics are important parts of Powerwolf’s stage show. The vocalist Attila Dorn often speaks directly to the audience and engages them in various activities, such as singing or shouting, before announcing the next song. The band calls their concerts a “heavy metal mass”. Their stage setup was designed by Matthew Greywolf.

2005 – Return in Bloodred
2007 – Lupus Dei
2009 – Bible of the Beast
2011 – Blood of the Saints (2CD)
2013 – Preachers Of The Night (2CD)
2015 – Blessed & Possessed (Limited Edition 2CD)
2018 – The Sacrament of Sin (3CD)


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