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Mothica《6CD》2017-2020/FLAC/BD - 无损音乐分享


Mothica是McKenzie Ellis的音频/视频项目。她的歌词就像飞蛾一样,夜行而又引人入胜,她的歌词平衡了巧妙的文字游戏,偏向于亲密且经常黑暗的生活体验。


在课间之间,麦肯齐(McKenzie)将音乐写成一种严格的学校作业的宣泄形式。在第二学期中,她向同学展示了她正在制作的一些歌曲,并且她的同学向她介绍了Soundcloud上的几家电子音乐制作人,借给了她的Midi键盘,并鼓励她购买真正的麦克风。她在Soundcloud上首次发行的《 Starchild》(由情节剧制作)在24小时内获得了100,000次播放。

McKenzie在Ableton学会了制作,并于2015年发行了一张名为Mythic的EP。她关于自我授权的严肃歌曲“ Noone”在美国病毒式Spotify排行榜上排名第六。不久之后,她与加拿大制片人Pusher发行了热门单曲《 Clear》。这首歌目前在Spotify上有1400万次播放,从Spotify的高管到Teen Vogue的所有人都将她放在了首位。在接下来的几年中,Mothica又发行了2张EP,并与Crywolf,Tennyson和Said The Sky等艺术家合作。

现在,在2020年,Mothica准备发行她的首张专辑“ Blue Hour”。

Mothica is the audio / visual project of McKenzie Ellis. Like a moth, nocturnal yet drawn to the light, her lyrics balance clever wordplay doting on intimate and often dark life experiences.

Growing up in the suburbs of Oklahoma, McKenzie was a part of a classical guitar ensemble at an arts-focused public high school. At home, she would write original songs over arpeggios she learned in guitar class and uploaded her original songs and covers on YouTube. She was determined to trade the great plains for a more populated skyline. After receiving a scholarship to Pratt Institute for visual web programming, McKenzie moved to Brooklyn, New York in 2013.

Between classes, McKenzie wrote music as a form of catharsis from rigid school assignments. During the second semester, she showed a classmate some of the songs she had been making and her classmate introduced her to several electronic music producers on Soundcloud, lent her a midi keyboard, and encouraged her to buy a real microphone. Her first released on Soundcloud, ‘Starchild’ (prod. by melodrama) received 100,000 plays in 24 hours.

McKenzie learned to produce in Ableton and released an EP called Mythic in 2015. Her somber song about self-empowerment, “No One” reached No. 6 on the US Viral Spotify Charts. Soon after, she released the smash hit “Clear” with Canadian producer Pusher. The song currently sits at 14 million plays on Spotify and put her on the radar for everyone from Spotify execs to Teen Vogue. In the following couple of years, Mothica released 2 more EPs and collaborated with artists like Crywolf, Tennyson and Said The Sky.

Now, in 2020, Mothica is preparing to release her debut album ‘Blue Hour’.

2017 – Out Of It (Remixes) (Singles)
2017 – Heavy Heart [EP]
2018 – Ashes
2019 – Ashes (Remixed)
2020 – Blue Hour
2020 – Blue Hour [24bit]




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