The Dolly Rocker Movement《3CD》2006-2009/FLAC/BD

Dolly Rocker Movement是一支由歌手和吉他手Daniel Poulter于2002年成立的新迷乐队,澳大利亚的阵容包括Ricky Drabsch(低音),Martin Walters(键盘)和Christopher Rudge(鼓)。他们通过独立的澳大利亚唱片公司Off the Hip 发行了三张全长专辑,《Electric Sunshine》(2006年7月10日),《通过Mod Machine的紫色之旅》(2007年3月16日)和《Our Days Mind the Tyme》(2009年),并于2013年解散。

Dolly Rocker运动由Ricky Drabsch于低音吉他,Daniel Poulter于主唱和吉他,Christopher Rudge于鼓,Martin Walters于悉尼在悉尼成立。

该乐队曾扮演过“黑键”,“ 石灰蜘蛛”,“干”和“爱情音”等行为。乐队已经在澳大利亚以外的各种发行版本上展示了资料,包括Northern Star Records的三本Psychedelica专辑以及《希腊和平蛙》和《迷失在Tyme》中的专辑。2009年,丹麦唱片公司Bad Afro宣布将在所有非澳大利亚领土发行他们的第三张专辑《Our Days Mind the Tyme》。

BMA杂志“的猫伍兹描述我们的日子心灵的Tyme的是,“一个完美制作的邀请,迷幻的60年代的复兴。阳光,电流行音乐,流行音乐车库。” 她发现该小组很难归类,“当我认为我固定了他们的声音时,他们就疯狂地踏入了其他时代,其他国家,而我唯一能保证的是将会非常有趣。”

PopMatters的斯蒂芬·哈格(Stephen Haag)指出:“这些东西不仅仅包括Hammond的风琴和模糊测试盒。DRM已经完成了功课,甚至将某些东西与一些冲浪/恐怖车库的氛围融合在一起。” Freakout杂志的Fausto Turi 认为:“该小组采取了最好的措施–从优美的封面图片开始……–英国的默西音乐节拍,以及加利福尼亚的电声迷幻音乐,并散发出某些回旋的未来主义声音,但增加了–最终,这才是最重要的-高质量的音乐作品。百种色彩和上千种色调的丰富迷幻花朵在每首歌中都出现了那是法尔菲萨钢琴的神奇乐器的支持下亮相。”

在2009年末,普尔特前往洛杉矶与制作人罗伯·坎帕内拉(Rob Campanella)一起开始示范录制新的独奏和乐队作品。在那里,乐队进行了改革,包括Poulter,Jimmy Sweet(Hot Hot Heat的前贝斯手),Emily Stoia(键盘)和TJ McDonnell(鼓)。乐队于2013年解散。

名为丹尼尔·达林(Daniel Darling)的普尔领导了Kill City Creeps,并于2015年4月创立了四支乐队Dandelion,“他怀着回旋感编织复古怀旧气息,激发着动感摇滚和流行音乐。”

The Dolly Rocker Movement were a neo-psychedelic rock band formed in 2002 by singer and guitarist, Daniel Poulter, the Australian line-up included, Ricky Drabsch (bass), Martin Walters (keyboards) and Christopher Rudge (drums). They released three full-length albums, Electric Sunshine (10 July 2006), A Purple Journey Through the Mod Machine (16 March 2007) and Our Days Mind the Tyme (2009), through independent Australian record label Off the Hip before disbanding in 2013.

The Dolly Rocker Movement were formed in 2002 in Sydney by Ricky Drabsch on bass guitar, Daniel Poulter on lead vocals and guitar, Christopher Rudge on drums and Martin Walters on keyboards.

The group has played with such acts as The Black Keys, Lime Spiders, The Stems and The Lovetones. The band has had material showcased outside of Australia on various releases, including Northern Star Records’ three Psychedelica compilations, and the Greek Peace Frog and Lost in Tyme zines. In 2009 Denmark-based label Bad Afro announced it would release their third album, Our Days Mind the Tyme, in all non-Australian territories.

BMA Magazine’s Cat Woods described Our Days Mind the Tyme as, “a flawlessly produced invitation to psychedelic ’60s revival. Sunshine, electric pop, garage pop.” She found the group difficult to categorise, “Just when I think I’ve pinned down their sound, they go on a wild trip into other eras, other lands, and the only thing that I’m assured of is that it will be awesomely fun.”

Stephen Haag of PopMatters observed, “There’s more to this stuff than just a Hammond organ and a fuzzbox. DRM has done its homework, and even mix things up with some surf/horror-garage vibes.” Fausto Turi of Freakout magazine opined, “the group takes the best – starting with the style of the beautiful cover image … – the British mersey beat, and the Californian electroacoustic psychedelia, with sparkling certain retrofuturistic sounds, but adding – and that is what ultimately matters most – a good quality of musical writing. Rich psychedelic blooms of a hundred colors and a thousand shades, come to light with the support of that miraculous instrument that is the farfisa piano, present in every song.”

In late 2009 Poulter travelled to Los Angeles to start demo recording new solo and band material with producer Rob Campanella. There, the band was reformed to include Poulter, Jimmy Sweet (formerly bassist of Hot Hot Heat), Emily Stoia (keyboards), and T.J. McDonnell (drums). The band disbanded in 2013.

Poulter, named as Daniel Darling, led Kill City Creeps and by April 2015 begun the Dandelion, a four-piece band, “who weave retro nostalgia with swirling, driving psych rock and pop.”

2006 – Electric Sunshine
2006 – A Purple Journey Into the Mod Machine
2009 – Our Days Mind The Tyme




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