Sevda阿里扎德(波斯语:سوداعلیزاده ; 1987年9月1日出生),专业称为塞文达利扎,是伊朗的荷兰歌手,词曲作者和唱片制作人。在2015年,她发行了两张EP,《被暂停的孩子》和《丝绸之子》。虽然她的音乐通常是英语,但她在2017年初发行了她的第一首波斯语歌曲“ Bebin”,以抗议13769号行政命令。她的首张专辑ISON于2017年4月26日通过唱片公司Twisted Elegance发行。在2018年,她发布了第三张EP The Calling,然后是她的第二张录音室专辑Shabrang于2020年。


Sevdaliza的音乐融合了电子乐,替代R&B,跳曲,实验流行音乐和前卫音乐。批评家将她的音乐与FKA Twigs(Portishead的旅行跳)之类的音乐作了比较,弦乐编曲让人联想起Siouxsie和Banshees大约在“ Dazzle ”和同质时代的Björk。



Sevda Alizadeh (Persian: سِودا علیزاده‎; born 1 September 1987), known professionally as Sevdaliza, is an Iranian-Dutch singer, songwriter and record producer. In 2015, she released two EPs, The Suspended Kid and Children of Silk. While her music is typically in English, she released her first Persian-language song “Bebin” in early 2017 in protest of Executive Order 13769. Her debut album, ISON, was released on 26 April 2017 via her record label, Twisted Elegance. In 2018, she released a third EP The Calling, followed by her second studio album Shabrang in 2020.

Musical style and influences

Sevdaliza’s music incorporates electronic, alternative R&B, trip hop, experimental pop, and avant-pop. Critics have compared her music to the likes of FKA Twigs, the trip hop of Portishead with string arrangements recalling Siouxsie and the Banshees circa “Dazzle” and Homogenic-era Björk.

According to Sevdaliza, “I think my sound would mostly be described as pure and raw. I’m not necessarily drawn to a genre, but to a process, or towards a certain mood like melancholy. The interesting thing is that the music my music gets compared to is not necessarily music I’ve listened to, which makes it super interesting. I was performing once, and a conservatory professor came to me after the show, saying that he could really hear that I draw inspiration from old Persian singers. I asked him, “Wow, that’s really interesting. How do you hear that?,” and he said because I use certain semitones and microtones when I sing. But I’ve never had a singing lesson in my life, and I’ve never listened to Persian music in my life! It’s really interesting to me that some things just come to you unconsciously like that. It’s like you have this brain and it’s unconsciously and consciously registering everything and in combination with your DNA it just becomes… something.”

Sevdaliza’s music is inspired by ideas of womanhood, identity, and motherhood.

2015 – Children of Silk [EP]
2015 – The Suspended Kid [EP]
2017 – Ison
2018 – The Calling [EP]
2020 – Joanna [EP]
2020 – Shabrang




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