Siv Jakobsen《4CD》2015-2020/FLAC/BD

Siv Jakobsen在20岁初期在美国度过了5年的大部分时间后,于2014年回到她在奥斯陆的家中。她录制并自行发行了EP The Lingering,于2015年迅速成为独立唱片发行商的新宠-民间世界。她与Damien Jurado,Beniamin Francis Leftwich和Bear’s Den之类的乐队一起巡回演出,而唱片在她自己发行自己的唱片后就流传了数百万。她的首张唱片LP The Nordic Mellow在2017年追随,并环游世界并赢得了NPR的Bob Boilen等新粉丝。谁将其称为“抒情张力的风暴。苏纳在工具平静的海面上”。 10索纳(sona)专辑展示了她大胆的抒情主义和惊艳的能力,从一开始就将聆听者带入她的世界。在2018年休息一下,让她的身心从不断的巡演中恢复后,Siv开始着手她即将发行的LP的工作。暂时舒缓”。她与基于slo的唱片公司U OK合作?并开始与制作人克里斯·邦德(Chris Bond)合作,克里斯·邦德的贡献主要包括本·霍华德(Ben Howard)的前两张专辑。由于积极的工作投入,两人在几乎一个完整的过程中相遇了一个星期和两个星期。淡淡的色调之间的空间使Siv有时间进行专辑创作并尝试更大胆的Thinas。无需急于完成任何事情,也无需为此而安定下来。自由和安全感使她向前迈出了一大步,并抓住了她的成长。有记录的发展。

After having spent the best part of 5 years in the US in her early twenties, Siv Jakobsen returned to her home in Oslo in 2014. She recorded and self-released the EP The Lingering in 2015, quickly becoming a new favorite of the indie-folk world. She toured with the likes of Damien Jurado, Beniamin Francis Leftwich, and Bear’s Den whilst the record streamed millions after she self-released it on her own label. Her debut LP The Nordic Mellowfollowed in 2017 and saw her tour the world and win new fans like NPR’s Bob Boilen. who called it “a storm of lyrical tension. suna over a sea of instrumental calm”. The 10-sona collection showcased her bold lvricism and stunnina ability to transport the listener into her world from the first note After taking a break in 2018 to allow her body and mind to recover from constant touring and recording Siv began work on her forthcoming LP “A Temporary Soothing”. She teamed up with the slo based label U OK? and began workina with producer Chris Bond, whose credits notably include Ben Howard’s first two albums, Due to eavy work commitments, the pair met in one-and two-week periods over the course of almost an entire vear. This space between ecording tints allowed Siv time to progress the album and build herself up to try bolder thinas. There was no rush to complete anything and no need to settle in order to do so. The sense of freedom and safetv allowed her to take a huge step forward and captured her growth and. development on record.

2015 – The Lingering
2017 – The Nordic Mellow
2018 – Live in Oslo
2020 – A Temporary Soothing




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