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凯莉·李·欧文斯(Kelly Lee Owens)(1988年8月24日出生)是威尔士的电子音乐家和制作人。她于2017 年发行了自己的同名首张专辑,并获得好评。她的后续专辑Inner Song于2020年8月发行。


欧文斯1988年8月出生在24 Rhuddlan,弗林特郡的北威尔士海岸。欧文斯回忆起小时候写诗的经历,自然而然地(在母亲的田野里)给了她写作的时间和孤独感。十几岁的时候,她在学校的合唱团里唱歌并弹奏低音鼓。




欧文斯(Owens)于2009年离开职业生涯,在曼彻斯特的癌症病房担任助理护士,追求音乐。移居伦敦后,她在XL Recordings实习,并在包括Pure Groove在内的各种唱片店工作。在这段时间里,欧文斯在独立乐队The History of Apple Pie中弹奏低音。

正是在伦敦的早期,欧文斯遇到了丹尼尔·艾弗里(Daniel Avery),詹姆斯·格林伍德(James Greenwood)(又名“鬼文化”)和埃罗尔·阿尔坎(Erol Alkan)。艾利和格林伍德(Avery and Greenwood)与她一起在现已关闭的Pure Groove担任柜台工作,将她带到录音室,并向她介绍了制作软件,格林伍德(音译)成为了她的音响工程师。 Avery随后邀请她合作制作他的2013年专辑Drone Logic。一年后,2016年,欧文斯发布了Oleic EP。

她的同名专辑Kelly Lee Owens于2017年3月由挪威唱片公司Smalltown Supersound发行。2017年下半年,她从专辑“ Spaces”中释放了奖金。凯莉·李·欧文斯(Kelly Lee Owens)创作的第二首歌《亚瑟》是对已故亚瑟·罗素的致敬。亚历山大·麦昆(Alexander McQueen)在发行工作室专辑之前,曾在他的2016年秋季时装秀上使用曲目“亚瑟(Arthur)”。艾利(Avery)在《继续前进》(Keep Walking)中有共同写信,詹妮·赫瓦尔(Jenny Hval)在《安溪》中出现。

欧文斯(Owens)与圣文森特(St. Vincent)合作,后者从专辑Masseduction的单曲“ 纽约 ”(New York)进行了混音。她还与比约克(Björk)合作制作了专辑“ 乌托邦 ”(Utopia)中“ Arisen My Senses ”的混音专辑。

Owens的音乐已经被描述为梦幻流行,TECHNO弹出,并已比较阿瑟·拉塞尔的工作。她对治疗和音乐之间的联系表示了兴趣。2017年,她告诉Pitchfork,她正在考虑举办一场有关“声音,治疗和共振频率之间的关系的展览。” 她说自己喜欢在iPhone上采样音乐。2020年3月24日,欧文斯宣布第二场专辑Inner Song将于8月28日发行。



Kelly Lee Owens (born 24 August 1988) is a Welsh electronic musician and producer. She released her self-titled first album in 2017 to critical praise, and her follow-up album Inner Song was released in August 2020.

Early life

Owens was born on 24 August 1988 in Rhuddlan, Flintshire on the North Wales coast. Owens recalls writing poetry as a child and that being out in nature (in her mother’s fields) gave her the time and the solitude to write. As a teenager, she sang in her school choir and played bass and drums.

Owen grew up in a nearby small village where, she describes, “everyone knows everyone else”. She began working at 14 as a waitress and spent her teenage years “involved in the 2006/2007 indie scene”.

At age 19, Owens moved from Wales to Manchester to work at a cancer treatment hospital. While working as an auxiliary nurse, Owens would use her paid leave to help run local indie festivals. It was the patients who would ultimately urge her to pursue her music career.


Owens left her career as an auxiliary nurse in a cancer ward in Manchester to pursue music in 2009. After moving to London, she interned at XL Recordings and worked at various record stores including Pure Groove. During that time, Owens played bass in the indie band The History of Apple Pie.

It was during those early days in London that Owens met Daniel Avery, James Greenwood (aka “Ghost Culture”), and Erol Alkan. Avery and Greenwood, with whom she manned the counter at the now closed Pure Groove, brought her into the studio and introduced her to production software and Greenwood offered to be her sound engineer. Avery would later invite her to collaborate on his 2013 album Drone Logic. Owens released Oleic EP a year later, in 2016.

Her eponymous album Kelly Lee Owens was released in March 2017 by the Norwegian label Smalltown Supersound. Later in 2017, she released a bonus cut from her album titled “Spaces”. The second track on Kelly Lee Owens, “Arthur”, is a tribute to the late Arthur Russell. Alexander McQueen used the track “Arthur” for his Fall 2016 runway show prior to the release of the studio album. Avery has a co-write credit on “Keep Walking” and Jenny Hval appears on “Anxi”.

Owens has collaborated with St. Vincent, whose single “New York”, from the album Masseduction, she remixed. She also collaborated with Björk on her EP dedicated to remixes of “Arisen My Senses” from her album Utopia.

Owens’ music has been described as dream pop, techno pop, and has been compared to the work of Arthur Russell. She has expressed interest in the connection between healing and music. In 2017, she told Pitchfork that she was considering an exhibition on the “relationship between sound, healing, and resonant frequencies.” She has stated that she enjoys sampling music on her iPhone. On 24 March 2020 Owens announced that her second album Inner Song would be released on 28 August.

2016 – Oleic [EP]
2017 – Kelly Lee Owens
2017 – Kelly Lee Owens (Extended Version)
2017 – Kelly Lee Owens (Limited Edition 2CD)
2017 – Kelly Lee Owens [24bit]
2018 – Bird [EP]
2020 – On [EP]
2020 – Inner Song
2020 – Inner Song [24bit Hi-Res]


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