Kaleida是来自英国伦敦的英语电音二重奏组,成立于2013年。Kaleida 在2015年发行了首张EP,即Think。该乐队由主唱克里斯蒂娜·伍德和键盘手Cicely Goulder组成。2014年,乐队首张EP的专辑曲目出现在动作片John Wick《疾速追杀》的配乐中。


Kaleida成立于2013年,当时一个共同的朋友通过电子邮件介绍了Wood和Goulder。当时,伍德(Wood)在婆罗洲(Borneo)的森林里工作,而古尔德(Goulder)在电影业。从2013年到2014年下半年,二人组发布了歌曲“ Think”和“ Tropea”的演示,并在2013年为其发行了一段视频。2014年12月19日,Lex Records宣布他们已与Kaleida签约,并将延长发行首张专辑玩,想想,在2015年4月6日2014年,Kaleida获得了全世界的关注,当他们的歌曲,“思考”,在2014年的动作片被刊登约翰·威克和其配乐。这首歌的极简主义结构特别对比了使用它时的暴力场面。


Kaleida在2015年对Ground Sounds的采访中表示,在与Roisin Murphy进行欧洲巡回演出之后,乐队将开始制作首张专辑。2015年11月3日,Kaleida发行了新单曲“ Detune”。2016年2月24日,乐队发行了新单曲“ It’s Not Right”,第二张EP名为Detune于2月26日发行。他们的首张专辑《Tear the Roots》定于2017年9月发行。

2017年– 撕根

Kaleida于2017年9月15日发行了首张专辑Tear The Roots。

Kaleida is an English electropop duo from London, England, formed in 2013. Kaleida released their debut EP, Think, in 2015. The group consists of vocalist Christina Wood and keyboardist Cicely Goulder. In 2014, the band’s title track from their debut EP appeared on the soundtrack of the action film, John Wick.

2013–2015: Formation and Think

Kaleida formed in 2013, when Wood and Goulder were introduced by a mutual friend through email. At the time, Wood had been at work in the forests of Borneo, while Goulder had been in the film industry. From 2013 to late 2014, the duo released demos of songs “Think” and “Tropea,” releasing a video for the latter in 2013. On 19 December 2014 Lex Records announced they had signed Kaleida and would be releasing their debut extended play, Think, on 6 April 2015. In 2014, Kaleida garnered worldwide attention when their song, “Think”, was featured in the 2014 action film John Wick and its soundtrack. The song’s minimalist structure specifically contrasted the violent scenes in which it was used.

2015–Touring and Detune

In a 2015 interview with Ground Sounds, Kaleida stated that following their European tour with Roisin Murphy, the band would begin work on their debut album. On 3 November 2015 Kaleida released a new single, “Detune”. On 24 February 2016 the band released a new single, “It’s Not Right,” and a second EP, Detune, was released on 26 February. Their debut album, Tear the Roots, was set for a September 2017 release.

2017–Tear The Roots

Kaleida released their debut album, Tear The Roots, on 15 September 2017.

2015 – Think
2016 – Detune [EP]
2017 – Tear the Roots
2020 – Odyssey




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