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Michelle Davina Hoogendoorn(1995年11月12日出生),以她的艺名Davina Michelle闻名,是荷兰歌手和YouTuber。她住在兹韦恩德雷赫特。她的歌曲“ Duurt Te Lang”在荷兰前40名,超级前50名和荷兰单前100名中排名第一。

在2016年,Hoogendoorn参加了第五个赛季的偶像。在试听期间,她演唱了Jessie J的歌曲“ Nobody’s Perfect ”,此后,她继续进入剧院和二重唱,并被淘汰。


2017年2月,Hoogendoorn以自己的笔名Davina Michelle开创了自己的YouTube频道,她每周都会在该频道上传自己翻唱的英语歌曲。2017年8月21日,她发表了美国歌手Pink的《What About Us》封面。十月,Glamour发表了Pink的视频评论,称封面令人惊叹,并说:“这比我听过的要好。” Hoogendoorns的视频大受欢迎,此后,她在美国RTL Late Night和De Wereld Draait Door等电视节目中多次表演。截至2020年6月,该视频的观看次数已超过1700万,霍根多恩自己的频道拥有超过100万订户。


2017年12月,Hoogendoorn 与Efteling和Sterre(由Lilo van den Bosch扮演)合作发行了单曲Ga。它是由Efteling创作的音乐剧Sprookjessprokkelaar的官方配乐。

Beste Zangers和首张单曲

在2018年,Hoogendoorn参加了第十一届赛季AVROTROS -show 贝斯特Zangers。在第五集中,她演唱了说唱歌手格伦·法里亚(Glen Faria)的歌曲“ Duurt Te Lang”(也被称为MC Fit)。播放两天后,这首歌在iTunes上下载次数最多的歌曲中排名第一。在2018年晚些时候,它在荷兰前40名,超级前50名和荷兰单前100名中排名第一。在2018年11月,该单曲获得了金牌认证。

Michelle Davina Hoogendoorn (born 12 November 1995), known by her stage name Davina Michelle, is a Dutch singer and YouTuber. She lives in Zwijndrecht. Her song “Duurt Te Lang” reached the number 1 spot in the Dutch Top 40, the Mega Top 50 and the Dutch Single Top 100.


In 2016, Hoogendoorn participated in the fifth season of Idols. During her audition, she sang Jessie J’s song “Nobody’s Perfect”, after which she went on to the theater round and the duet round, where she was eliminated.


In February 2017, Hoogendoorn started her own YouTube-channel under her pseudonym Davina Michelle, where she would upload her cover version of an English-language song every week. On 21 August 2017, she posted her cover of “What About Us” by the American singer Pink. In October, Glamour posted a video review by Pink where she called the cover amazing and said “That’s better than I will ever sound”. Hoogendoorns video went viral, after which she performed multiple times in TV programs like RTL Late Night and De Wereld Draait Door and in various venues in the United States. As of June 2020, the video has over 17 millions views and Hoogendoorn’s own channel has over 1 000 000 subscribers.

She also got to open for Pink during her Beautiful Trauma Tour in The Hague in 2019.

In December 2017, Hoogendoorn published the single Ga in cooperation with the Efteling and Sterre (played by Lilo van den Bosch). It served as the official soundtrack for the musical Sprookjessprokkelaar, created by the Efteling.

Beste Zangers and debut single

In 2018, Hoogendoorn participated in the eleventh season of the AVROTROS-show Beste Zangers. In the fifth episode, she performed a cover of the song ‘”Duurt Te Lang” by rapper Glen Faria (also known as MC Fit). Two days after broadcasting, this song reached the first place of most downloaded songs on iTunes. Later in 2018 it reached the number 1 spot in the Dutch Top 40, the Mega Top 50 and the Dutch Single Top 100. In November 2018, the single was certified gold.

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