Beach House《13CD》2006-2018/FLAC/BD

Beach House是于2004年在马里兰州巴尔的摩成立的美国理想流行组合。乐队成员包括歌手和键盘手Victoria Legrand,以及吉他手,键盘手和备用歌手Alex Scally。

他们的同名首张专辑于2006年发行并广受好评,紧随其后的是Devotion(2008),Teen Dream(2010),Bloom(2012),Depression Cherry(2015),Thank Your Lucky Stars(2015),B-面和稀有度(2017)和7(2018)。


歌手维多利亚·莱格朗的歌声经常被与尼科的歌声相提并论。一些音乐机构也将罗格朗的人声与1980年代欧泊乐队的迷幻摇滚歌手肯德拉·史密斯进行了比较。吉他手Alex Scally 在E♭Tuning中演奏Fender Stratocaster吉他。集团的影响包括这尘世,极地双子星,植物大战僵尸,布赖恩·威尔逊,弗朗索瓦兹·哈迪,尼尔·杨,大明星,托尼,卡罗和约翰和克里斯·贝尔(Chris Bell)。

Beach House重新录制了Tony,Caro和John的歌曲“ Snowdon Song”,并将其重命名为“ Lovelier Girl”。这首歌在乐队的同名专辑中发行,没有署名。最初,Tony,Caro和John的Tony Dore表示:“就版税或作者身份的认可而言,我还没有看到太多”。然而,几个月后,多尔(Dore)透露,已经进行了讨论,以对自称专辑的重新发行应用适当的归属。

罗格朗描述了乐队创作新音乐和发行专辑的必要性,他说:“当我们决定完成一张唱片时,我认为这真的是要说’好吧,我认为我们已经做了一切。可以做到,现在是时候放手了。” 因为如果我们抓住它们,我们可能会摧毁它们,或者它们可能永远不会消失。各种各样的艺术家,我认为有些人喜欢抓住东西,他们会变得非常完美,但是完美主义是…的代名词。毁灭。这确实是一个阻碍发展的因素。我和亚历克斯一直觉得发布唱片是非常必要的。这是我们的直觉。”

Beach House is an American dream pop duo formed in Baltimore, Maryland in 2004. The band consists of vocalist and keyboardist Victoria Legrand and guitarist, keyboardist, and backup vocalist Alex Scally.

Their self-titled debut album was released in 2006 to critical acclaim and has been followed by Devotion (2008), Teen Dream (2010), Bloom (2012), Depression Cherry (2015), Thank Your Lucky Stars (2015), B-sides and Rarities (2017), and 7 (2018).

Musical style and influences

Singer Victoria Legrand’s vocals have often been compared to those of Nico. Some music outlets have also compared Legrand’s vocals to 1980s psychedelic rock vocalist Kendra Smith of the band Opal. Guitarist Alex Scally plays a Fender Stratocaster guitar in an E♭ Tuning. The group’s influences include This Mortal Coil, Cocteau Twins, The Zombies, Brian Wilson, Françoise Hardy, Neil Young, Big Star, Tony, Caro and John and Chris Bell.

Beach House re-recorded the Tony, Caro and John song “Snowdon Song” and renamed it “Lovelier Girl”. The song was released on the band’s self-titled album with no attribution. Initially, Tony Dore of Tony, Caro and John stated, “I haven’t seen much yet in terms of royalties or acknowledgement of authorship”. Several months later, however, Dore disclosed that discussions had taken place to apply proper attribution on re-releases of the self-titled album.

Legrand has described creating new music and releasing albums as a necessity for the band, saying, “When we decide that a record is finished, I think it’s really about coming to terms with saying ‘OK, I think we’ve done everything that we could do, and now it’s time to let these things go.’ Because if we hold onto them, we might destroy them or they might never come out. There are all different types of artists and I think that some people like to hold onto things and they get very perfectionistic. But perfectionism is kind of a synonym for destruction. It can really be a deterrent for one’s evolution. Alex and I have always felt that putting records out is very necessary. It’s a gut feeling we have.”

2006 – Beach House
2008 – Devotion
2010 – Teen Dream
2012 – Bloom
2012 – Bloom [24bit]
2015 – Depression Cherry
2015 – Depression Cherry [24-44]
2015 – Thank Your Lucky Stars
2015 – Thank Your Lucky Stars [24bit 48kHz]
2017 – B-Sides and Rarities
2017 – B-Sides and Rarities [24-44]
2018 – 7
2018 – 7 [Hi-Res]




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