Elif Demirezer(1992年12月12日出生于柏林)目前以她的艺名Elif出名,是德国流行歌手和土耳其裔歌星。


艾丽夫·德米雷泽(Elif Demirezer)出生于柏林的土耳其移民女儿,有三个兄弟姐妹。她在Moabit的柏林区长大,并就读OSC KIM学校。除了在学校的音乐剧和学校的合唱团中表演外,Elif还在少年时期上过吉他课。就是在那个时候,她写了第一首歌。

Demirezer在16岁时参加了ProSieben才艺表演Popstars的第八个赛季。她与《 All American Rejects》(《风吹》)和Cassandra Steen(《我永远都不需要》)共同出道,并与搭档Niklas Dennin一起获得了决赛的第二名。

继Popstars之后,Demirezer引入了自己的歌曲(主要是德语)来增强了她在Facebook和YouTube上的互联网影响力。她还曾担任Webradio的“我爱广播电台”的博客作者。2012年,Demirezer与德国歌手兼作词人Tim Bendzko一同参加了11月的德国俱乐部巡回演出。后来,在2013年2月,Demirezer成为了罗南·基廷(Ronan Keating)的德国之行的开幕式。今年晚些时候,环球音乐发行了她的第一首单曲《 Unter meiner Haut》(Under meiner Haut),并于4月中旬在德国单曲排行榜中排名第80位。2013年4月7日,接下来是Elif Demirezer,Blumio,Glass Bead Game和Andreas Bourani在纪念音乐会上为艺术家举行了音乐会-“我是Jonny,我们的兄弟之声”,这是2012年柏林在海军上将宫殿遇害的Jonny K.发生的。2013年8月上旬,该单曲于夏季200天发行。这段视频显示了Elif以及斯里兰卡岛上的驯象,由Justin Kruse执导,他已经与Ivy Quainoo,Max Herre,Max Prosa,Leslie Clio和Joy Dena Lane合作过。2013年8月,发行了首张专辑“ Unter meiner Haut”。它由Demirezer本身和PhilippSchwär制作,在德国专辑榜上排名第23位。2014年1月,Elif完成了首次在德国俱乐部的巡回演出。

Elif Demirezer (born 12 December 1992 in Berlin) currently known by her stage name Elif, is a German pop singer and songwriter of Turkish descent.

Elif Demirezer was born as the daughter of Turkish immigrants in Berlin and has three siblings. She grew up in the Berlin district of Moabit and attended the OSC KIM school. In addition to performing in both the school musical and the school choir, Elif took guitar lessons as a teenager. It was during that time that she wrote her first songs.

At 16 years old, Demirezer competed in the eighth season of the ProSieben talent show Popstars. She made joint appearances with the All American Rejects (The Wind Blows) and Cassandra Steen (Never Knew I Needed) and finished together with her partner Niklas Dennin to earn second place in the final.

After Popstars, Demirezer reinforced her internet presence on Facebook and YouTube by introducing her own songs, which were mainly in German language. She also worked as a blogger for Webradio’s “I Love Radio”. In 2012, Demirezer joined German singer-songwriter Tim Bendzko for his November tour of German clubs. Later, in February 2013, Demirezer became in the opening act for Ronan Keating during their tour of Germany. Later in the year, her first single “Unter meiner Haut” (Under My Skin) was released by Universal Music, and reached number 80 in the German single charts in mid-April. On 7 April 2013 was Elif Demirezer next Seeed, Blumio, Glass Bead Game and Andreas Bourani to the artists at the Memorial Concert – “I am Jonny for our brother voices” for the 2012 Berlin killed Jonny K. in Admiral Palace occurred. In early August 2013, the single was released 200 days summer. The video, which shows Elif along with a tame elephants on the island of Sri Lanka, was directed by Justin Kruse, who already music videos with Ivy Quainoo, Max Herre, Max Prosa, Leslie Clio and Joy Dena Lane had turned. End of August 2013 the debut album “Unter meiner Haut” was released. It was produced by Demirezer itself and Philipp Schwär and reached number 23 on the German album charts. In January 2014 Elif completed her first tour through German clubs.

2013 – Unter meiner Haut
2017 – Doppelleben
2020 – NACHT




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