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贝克·格蕾丝(生于克洛伊· 贝克(Chloe Baker))是美国音乐家和词曲作者。


贝克·格雷斯(Baker Grace)在新泽西州的韦霍肯(Weehawken)长大,在那里小时候就学会唱歌,部分原因是她的音乐家父亲,制片人和多乐​​器演奏家迈克尔·贝克(Michael Baker)。她还学习钢琴,吉他和歌曲创作。她在新泽西州北卑尔根的高科技高中学习音乐戏剧。

格雷斯发布了2015年张专辑苦的吻,这是她在她父亲的录音室录制于2014年。在发行八首专辑之后,制片人斯科特·哈里斯(Scott Harris)接了她,之后格蕾丝(Grace)创作了《我在和你说话吗?》。和“ Day I Die”(共和国纪念日)。


她的处女作《 EP Girl I I》于2019年发行。她与制片人Dan Nigro和Andy Seltzer合作。该EP的曲目为“错误的人”,因其情感和“打击” 而受到Clash的赞扬。她还创建了EP Yourz Truly,从文字写作中汲取了灵感。她在尤兹(Truz)上写下了所有歌曲。参与Yourz Truly制作的其他个人包括音乐家Cautious Clay和制作人Stefan Accardo和Scott Effman。格蕾丝(Grace)表示,她希望与释放尤兹(Yourz Truly)保持一致从事她的慈善事业。她与制作人Ayokay合作制作了单曲“ Too Young”。

Baker Grace (born Chloe Baker) is an American musician and songwriter.

Early life and education

Baker Grace grew up in Weehawken, New Jersey, where she learned as a child to sing in part because of her musician father, producer and multi-instrumentalist Michael Baker. She also learned piano, guitar and songwriting. She attended High Tech High School in North Bergen, New Jersey, where she studied musical theater.


Grace released an album in 2015 titled Bitter’s Kiss, which she recorded in 2014 in her father’s recording studio. After the release of the eight-track album, producer Scott Harris picked her up, after which Grace created “Am I Talking to You?” and “Day I Die” for Republic Records.

Her debut EP Girl, I Know was released in 2019. She collaborated with producers Dan Nigro and Andy Seltzer. This EP featured the track “Wrong Kind of People,” which received praise from Clash for being emotional and “striking.” She also created the EP Yourz Truly, which takes inspiration from letter writing. She wrote all of the songs on Yourz Truly. Other individuals involved in the production of Yourz Truly include musician Cautious Clay and producers Stefan Accardo and Scott Effman. Grace stated that she wished to tie the release of Yourz Truly into her charity work. She collaborated with producer Ayokay on the single “Too Young.”

2020 – Yourz Truly




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