Kailee Morgue《3CD+单曲》2017-2020/FLAC/BD

凯莉·妮可·摩尔(Kailee Nicole Moore)是美国歌手兼作词人,专业名为凯莉·莫格(Kailee Morgue)。


Kailee Morgue于1998年7月15日在亚利桑那州凤凰城出生和成长。


凯丽最早始于2015年末发布了她的YouTube频道,并开始与盖的歌曲。她最受欢迎的翻唱是Tigers Jaw撰写的《 Spirit Desire》。在一月份2017年,太平间啾啾“美杜莎”的预览是去病毒。那年晚些时候,停尸房与Republic Records签署了一项协议。“ Medusa”的音乐视频于2017年10月发行。她与制片人CJ Baran合作开发了歌曲的最终版本。莫格在她的第一个音乐节上演出,即2018年8月的外地音乐与艺术节。在2018年,Morgue发行了单曲“ Siren”,将希腊神话主题延续到她的歌曲中,例如“ Medusa”。


Highsnobiety将停尸房描述为哥特与朋克的混合体。她以格温·史蒂芬妮( Gwen Stefani)和艾薇儿· 拉维涅( Avril Lavigne)为早期影响力。《 阿特伍德》杂志将莫格的歌声描述为光明与黑暗的混合,“就像噩梦中的梦,反之亦然”。


MTV的悉尼·戈尔(Sydney Gore)在其EP 美杜莎(Medusa)发行后称莫格为“新兴流行歌手” 。


停尸房设在洛杉矶。她对自己的酷儿并且是非常开放的泛性。她练习巫术。她最喜欢的小说人物是美少女战士(Sailor Moon)。

Kailee Nicole Moore, professionally known as Kailee Morgue, is an American singer-songwriter.

Early life

Kailee Morgue was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona in July 15, 1998.


Kailee first began posting on her YouTube channel in late 2015, and started with covers of songs. Her most popular cover being “Spirit Desire” by Tigers Jaw. In January 2017, Morgue tweeted a preview of “Medusa” that went viral. Later that year, Morgue signed a deal with Republic Records. A music video for “Medusa” was released in October 2017. She worked with producer CJ Baran to develop a final version of the song. Morgue performed at her first music festival, Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival in August 2018. In 2018, Morgue released the single “Siren” continuing the Greek mythology theme to her songs such as “Medusa.”


Highsnobiety described Morgue as a mix of goth and punk. She cites Gwen Stefani and Avril Lavigne as an early influence. Atwood Magazine described Morgue’s singing as a mixture of light and dark “like a dream within a nightmare, or vice versa.”


Sydney Gore of MTV called Morgue an “emerging pop star” after the release of her EP, Medusa.

Personal life

Morgue is based in Los Angeles. She is very open about her queerness and being pansexual. She practices witchcraft. Her favorite fictional character is Sailor Moon.

2018 – Medusa [EP]
2018 – Medusa (Acoustic) [EP]
2020 – Here In Your Bedroom

2017 – Medusa (Chet Porter Remix) [Single]
2017 – Medusa (Manila Killa Remix) [Single]
2018 – Do You Feel This Way [Single]
2018 – F–k U [Single]
2018 – Siren [Single]
2019 – Black Sheep [Single]
2019 – Headcase [Single]
2020 – Hush [Singles]


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