Cherry Ghost《3CD》2007-2014/FLAC/BD

Cherry Ghost成立于2005年,是一个英国音乐团体,最初是作为歌手兼作曲家Simon Aldred的独奏歌手的别名,然后演变为一个完整的乐队。他们的首张专辑Thirst for Romance于2007年7月发行,并进入英国专辑排行榜第7位。它获得了艾弗尔·诺沃罗音乐奖提名,并获得了艾尔德·埃弗尔·诺沃罗音乐节最佳歌曲“ People Help the人 “。2010年7月发行了第二张专辑《在燃烧的海岸线下》,获得了好评。Aldred在Out Cold的冠名下发行了一张名为Invasion of Love的个人专辑在2013年9月发行,具有明显的synthpop声音。Cherry Ghost 在2014年5月发行了他们的第三张也是最后一张专辑Herd Runners;Aldred上一次在2016年与Berry Radio 6 Music上的Marc Riley Show上与Cherry Ghost一起演出。

西蒙·奥尔德雷德(Simon Aldred)目前居住在伦敦,现在从事音乐以外的工作,并偶尔与其他艺术家一起写作。Aldred是2015 Avicii单曲“ Waiting for Love ”的主唱,最近与Liam Gallagher共同创作了几首歌,包括他2017年的前40首热门歌曲“ For What It’s Worth”。

Cherry Ghost were an English music group which began in 2005, first as an alias for singer-songwriter Simon Aldred as a solo artist, before morphing into a full band. Their debut album, Thirst for Romance, was released in July 2007 and entered the UK Album Charts at No. 7. It was nominated for an Ivor Novello award as well as winning Aldred an Ivor Novello for best song “People Help the People”. A second album, titled Beneath This Burning Shoreline, was released in July 2010 to positive critical acclaim. Aldred, under the moniker Out Cold, released a solo album titled Invasion of Love in September 2013, featuring a markedly synthpop sound. Cherry Ghost released their third and final album Herd Runners in May 2014; Aldred last performed with Cherry Ghost in 2016 on the Marc Riley Show on BBC Radio 6 Music.

Currently based in London, Simon Aldred now works outside of music, as well as occasionally writing for and with other artists. Aldred was the featured vocalist on the 2015 Avicii single “Waiting for Love”, and more recently co-wrote several songs with Liam Gallagher, including his 2017 top 40 hit “For What It’s Worth”.

2007 – Thirst For Romance
2010 – Beneath This Burning Shoreline
2014 – Herd Runners




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