Lola Coca《2CD》2017-2020/FLAC/BD

伦敦歌手萝拉·可卡(Lola Coca)多年来一直受到我们的关注。她于2017年发行了杀手专辑《唯一的孩子》,此后发行了一系列令人印象深刻的曲目。最近,她发布了自己的音乐作品《水瓶座的时代》,现在她又发行了新歌《Bad to the Bone》。Lola Coca是一种缓慢燃烧的流行乐手,带有灵魂蚀刻图案,可以在Hip-Hop鼓上演奏爵士风格的人声,并在整个钩子上弹奏吉他线,以破碎的琴键演奏。

London singer Lola Coca has been on our radar for a number of years. Releasing her killer album ‘The Only Child’ back in 2017, she has since dropped a stream of tracks that are just as impressive. Having recently unveiled her tune ‘The Age of Aquarius’, she now returns with a new song titled ‘Bad to the Bone’. A slow burning pop handing with soul etchings, Lola Coca delivers jazz-style vocals over Hip-Hop drums and broken keys with ripping guitar lines playing throughout the hook.

2017 – The Only Child
2020 – Written In The Stars


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