Fenne Lily《3CD》2018-2020/FLAC/BD

对于Fenne Lily而言,隔离并不是什么新鲜事物-实际上,她已经写了一张有关它的歌曲专辑。她说:“这就像写一封信,然后把它放进书本,让你知道当你悲伤的时候就会脱身-就像将来给自己的信息一样。”她在COVID之前的自我强制隔离期间写过文章。这是一张宽泛的,对立的,经常讽刺的唱片,涉及到进入20多岁并独自一人寻求和平时的混乱和宣泄。 Fenne说:“我认为这张唱片证明了我在情绪上可以保持稳定,即使现在我有点起伏不定。在这种情况下,我有能力找到清晰的感觉。这很清醒,很奇怪。”

主打单曲“ Alapathy”是Fenne歌曲创作中一种新的乐观和紧迫的连贯感。它坚持不懈的打击乐模仿了Fenne作为过度思考者时所面对的急切赛车想法,并记述了她如何“开始抽大麻以关闭大脑”。标题是一个伪造的词,融合了“阿帕西”和“同情”(如西医)。 Fenne解释说:“西方医学通常只治疗疾病的症状,而不是原因。”对于Fenne而言,服用药物改善心理健康并不能解决她的问题,因为她觉得自己只是在治疗不适的后果,而不是造成不适的原因。

BREACH将于9月18日通过Dead Oceans登陆。

Isolation is nothing new for Fenne Lily – in fact, she’s written an album of songs all about it. “It’s kind of like writing a letter, and leaving it in a book that you know you’ll get out when you’re sad – like a message to yourself in the future,” she says, referring to BREACH, her Dead Oceans debut she wrote during a period of self-enforced isolation pre-COVID. It’s an expansive, diaristic, frequently sardonic record that deals with the mess and the catharsis of entering your 20s and finding peace while being alone. “I think this record is proof that I can be emotionally stable, even if right now I feel a little bit up and down,” says Fenne. “There’s the ability to find clarity in that. It’s sobering, weirdly.”

Lead single ‘Alapathy’ is the first taste of a newly upbeat and urgent streak to Fenne’s songwriting. Its insistent percussion mimics the anxious racing thoughts that Fenne deals with as an overthinker and chronicles how she “started smoking weed to switch off [her] brain .” The title is a made-up word that merges ‘apathy’ and ‘allopathic’ (as in Westernized medicine). “Western medicine generally treats the symptoms of an illness rather than the cause,” explains Fenne. For Fenne, taking medication to improve her mental health didn’t solve her problems because she felt like she was only treating the effects of her discomfort, not the reason for it.

BREACH is out September 18 via Dead Oceans.

2018 – On Hold
2019 – Live at Festival No.6
2020 – Breach




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