部落是一支由英国人组成的四人独立摇滚乐队,总部位于英国伦敦的卡姆登镇,成立于2010年。该乐队由前歌剧院成员Johnny Lloyd(人声和吉他),Dan White(吉他)和Jim Cratchley(低音) )以及怀特童年时代的朋友Miguel Demelo(鼓)。

乐队于2011年3月与Island Records签约,随后不久,他们发行了第一张EP,名为We Were Children,该专辑的主打曲目最终由Bane Radio 1制作成Zane Lowe的“世界最热门唱片” 。乐队受到了NME,The Fly,Clash 和Artrocker等出版物的好评,并支持Mystery Jets, The Kooks,Kaiser Chiefs, Kasabian, Funeral Party,莫娜,小精灵,甚至还有滚石乐队。乐队于2012年1月16日发行了首张专辑Baby,并在2013年5月20日紧随其后发行了第二张专辑Wish To Scream。乐队于2013年11月宣布分手。

经过劳埃德,怀特和Cratchley的前乐队Operahouse在2009年分手,三个成员组成的部落,务求比他们的前乐队,谁更实验性的数学摇滚/独立装备的打造更重,grungier声音(歌剧院的其他成员也继续获得成功,吉他手亚历克斯·罗伯肖(Alex Robertshaw)加入了另类表演《一切都》,鼓手本·尼布利特(Ben Niblett)加入了LULS。他们邀请怀特童年时代的朋友Miguel Demelo(他们来自南非)为他们鼓鼓。怀特(White)在德梅洛(Demelo)附近长大,几年前曾试图在一次童年生日聚会上偷钱包,两人最终成为好朋友。

2011年4月,部落发行了他们的第一张EP,名为《We Were Children》。歌曲“ We Were Children”的音乐视频是在卡姆登镇(Camden Town)拍摄的,乐队在下面的街道上向围观者和歌迷进行了屋顶演出。这首歌由Zane Lowe在2011年4月14日的BBC电台1中命名为“世界上最热的唱片” 。 “ Sappho”是他们首张专辑的第一张单曲,于2011年7月11日可供下载。 。部落婴儿的释放之前获得了广泛的压力机,尤其是从各种独立博客。

乐队于2011年7月在英国广播公司(BBC)麦达维尔(Maida Vale)工作室进行了一场表演,这是英国广播公司(BBC)简介项目的一部分。

部落发挥未成年节和现场天的电影节在维多利亚公园,伦敦在2011年8月,以及SUMMER SONIC音乐节在东京。此外,乐队在夏季通过阅读和利兹音乐节,自由音乐节,泽西现场和Bestival以及Latitude音乐节的演出来结束比赛。

乐队是The Kooks秋季巡演英国站的主要支持,也是2011年11月Kaiser Chiefs巡回欧洲站的主要支持。在此期间,他们为自己的9日英国巡回演唱定了标题。

乐队于12月15日在布里克斯顿学院演奏XFM的《2011年冬季仙境》演出,与《我们是奥古斯丁》,本·霍华德,迈尔斯·凯恩,马卡比斯,《恐怖》,特别嘉宾和凯撒酋长团一起演出。他们还与Azealia Banks,Metronomy和头条新闻Two Door Cinema Club一起参加了2012年NME奖巡回演出。



2012年6月10日,星期日,部落参加了一个慈善节日Chazzstock,该节日是在乐队的一位密友Charles Haddon自杀后成立的。疫苗,恐怖和其他许多人也加入了他们的行列。

部落完成了第二张录音室专辑《Wish To Scream》的录制,该专辑将于2013年5月30日发行。部落最近宣布了2013年英国巡回演唱会的一系列头条新闻,此次巡回演唱会的第一站得到了支持由未签名的谢菲尔德乐队Blue Lip Feel创作。在2013年的部落首场演出中,他们在乐队的键盘上引入了第五位成员。


Tribes were a British four-piece indie rock band, based in Camden Town, London, England, that formed in 2010. The group consisted of former Operahouse members Johnny Lloyd (vocals and guitar), Dan White (guitar) and Jim Cratchley (bass), along with White’s childhood friend, Miguel Demelo (drums).

The band signed to Island Records in March 2011, and shortly after, released their first EP, entitled We Were Children, the title track from which eventually being made Zane Lowe’s “Hottest Record in the World” on BBC Radio 1. The band have received praise from publications such as NME, The Fly, Clash and Artrocker, as well as supporting the likes of Mystery Jets, The Kooks, Kaiser Chiefs, Kasabian, Funeral Party, Mona, Pixies and even The Rolling Stones during their existence. The band released their debut album, Baby, on 16 January 2012, and quickly followed it up with second album Wish To Scream on 20 May 2013. The band announced their split in November 2013.

After Lloyd, White and Cratchley’s former band Operahouse split up in 2009, the three members formed Tribes with an aim to creating a much heavier, grungier sound than that of their former band, who were more of an experimental math-rock/indie outfit (the rest of the Operahouse lineup also going on to find success, with guitarist Alex Robertshaw joining alternative act Everything Everything, and drummer Ben Niblett joining LULS). They enlisted White’s childhood friend Miguel Demelo, originally from South Africa, to drum for them. White grew up near Demelo, having tried to steal his wallet at a childhood birthday party a few years previously, and the pair eventually became good friends.

In April 2011, Tribes released their first EP titled We Were Children. The music video for the song “We Were Children” was filmed in Camden Town, with the band performing a rooftop gig to onlookers and fans on the street below. The song was named “Hottest Record in the World” by Zane Lowe on BBC Radio 1 on 14 April 2011. “Sappho”, the first single from their debut album, was made available for download on 11 July 2011. Tribes received widespread press prior to the release of Baby, particularly from various indie blogs.

The band performed a session at the BBC Maida Vale studios as part of the BBC Introducing project in July 2011.

Tribes played Underage Festival and Field Day Festival in Victoria Park, London in August 2011, as well as Summer Sonic Festival in Tokyo. In addition, the band closed the summer by playing Reading and Leeds Festivals, Freedom Festival, Jersey Live and Bestival and a set at Latitude festival.

The band was the main support to The Kooks on the UK leg of their Autumn tour, and for the European leg of the Kaiser Chiefs tour in November 2011. In between, they headlined their own 9 date UK tour.

The band played XFM’s Winter Wonderland 2011 gig at Brixton Academy on 15 December alongside We Are Augustines, Ben Howard, Miles Kane, The Maccabees, The Horrors, a special guest and the Kaiser Chiefs. They also played NME Awards 2012 Tour with Azealia Banks, Metronomy and headliners Two Door Cinema Club.

They state their influences as Nirvana, Pixies, Pavement and R.E.M..

Their debut album, Baby, was recorded at The Motor Museum in Liverpool and released on 16 January 2012.

On Sunday, 10 June 2012 Tribes took part in a charity festival, Chazzstock, which was set up after one of the band’s close friends Charles Haddon committed suicide. They were joined by The Vaccines, The Horrors and many others.

Tribes finished recording their second studio album, Wish To Scream, in LA which is due for release on 30 May 2013. Tribes have recently announce a string of headline slots on a tour UK tour in 2013, being supported on the first leg of this tour by unsigned Sheffield band Blue Lip Feel. At the Tribes first gig of 2013 they introduced a fifth member to the band on keyboard.

On 7 November 2013 the band announced on their Facebook page that they were splitting up after four years together.

2012 – Baby [Deluxe Edition]
2013 – Wish to Scream [Deluxe Edition]




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