Silya & The Sailors (Silya Nymoen)《5CD》2011-2019/FLAC/BD

出生于奥斯陆,成长于奥斯陆,8岁起在学校合唱团唱歌,弹古典钢琴。作为一个热血挪威人,她也对节奏着迷。15岁时,她开始在奥斯陆国家艺术学院(Oslo National Academy of Art)跳舞,努力工作,主修当代/爵士舞,同时还是多家街舞公司的成员,为电视和舞台演出。“我小时候最喜欢吉恩·凯利。我的朋友们会贴上男孩的海报,我的墙上贴着吉恩。他让我想成为一名艺人。那些好莱坞老电影真是太天真、太浪漫、太神奇了。”

Born and raised in Oslo, Norway Silya sang in the school choir and played classical piano from the age of 8. Being a warm blooded Norwegian she was also fascinated with rhythm. At 15, she started dancing , worked hard and majored in contemporary/jazz dance at The Oslo National Academy of Art while simultaneously being a member of several street dance companies doing shows for television and stage. “I had the biggest crush on Gene Kelly when I was younger. My friends would have posters of boybands, i had Gene on my wall. He made me want to be an entertainer. There’s something so naive, romantic and amazing about those old Hollywood movies.”

2011 – Peel Away
2014 – Unanchored
2017 – Life – Resolution – Heart
2019 – Happy Holidaze
2019 – Quantum Bounce




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