Starley《One of One+单曲》2016-2020/FLAC/BD

Starley Hope(1987年10月3日出生)是澳大利亚歌手和词曲作者。她以2016年首张单曲“ Call on Me ” 而闻名。


斯塔利希望出生在募集悉尼,新南威尔士州到毛里求斯的父亲和澳大利亚母亲菲律宾和日本血统。她后来移居伦敦从事音乐事业,然后移居澳大利亚并与唱片公司Tinted Records签约。



Starley 于2016年4月8日在Odd Mob的单曲“ Into You ”中亮相。她于2016年7月29日通过Tinted Records发行了首张单曲“ Call on Me ” 。这首歌于2016年10月13日通过Tinted Records和Epic Records重新发行。

2018年6月,Starley发行了《爱就是爱》。这条赛道是在澳大利亚婚姻法邮政调查之后仅仅六个月的时间。斯坦利在新闻发布会上说,单曲“’Love is Love’对我来说是非常个人的歌曲。我为它写的初稿没有太多细节,在与几个朋友分享后,似乎并不是一路走来,我意识到那是因为我遗漏了部分令我感到不适的故事,我决定重新编写它并进行更深的挖掘,同时感到恐惧和解放。从这个过程中诞生了“爱就是爱”。我为与世界分享它而感到紧张和兴奋!在2018年7月和8月,见证之旅。

2018年11月,她出现在Clean Bandit的音乐录影带“ Baby ”中。

Starley 在2020年9月25日发行了她的首张专辑“ One of One”


Starley告诉她的家人,她在2017年是双性恋。她以前曾与男人约会,并告诉Star Observer她的家人“感到惊讶”,而她的宣布对他们来说是“大事”。2018年,Starley首次在悉尼狂欢节演出,是官方晚会的共同标题。

Starley Hope (born 3 October 1987) is an Australian singer and songwriter. She is best known for her 2016 debut single “Call on Me”.

Early life

Starley Hope was born and raised in Sydney, New South Wales to a Mauritian father and an Australian mother of Filipino and Japanese descent. She later moved to London to pursue a career in music, before moving back to Australia and signing with the label Tinted Records.


2016–present: Breakthrough

Starley featured on Odd Mob’s single “Into You”, the song was released on 8 April 2016. She released her debut single “Call on Me” on 29 July 2016 through Tinted Records. The song was re-released through Tinted Records and Epic Records on 13 October 2016.

In June 2018, Starley release “Love is Love”. The track comes just over six months after the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey. Stanley said on a press release to promote the single “‘Love is Love’ is a very personal song for me. I had written a first draft for it that had a lot less detail. After sharing it with a few friends, it seemed it wasn’t hitting home all the way, and I realised it was because I was leaving out the parts of the story I felt uncomfortable sharing. I decided to re-write it and dig deeper. That felt scary and liberating at the same time. From that process ‘Love is Love’ was born. I’m nervous and excited to share it with the world!” In July and August 2018, Starley supported Katy Perry on the Australian leg of her Witness Tour.

In November 2018, she appeared in the music video for “Baby” by Clean Bandit.

Starley released her debut album, One of One, on 25 September 2020.

Personal life

Starley told her family she was bisexual in 2017. She had previously dated men and told Star Observer that her family were “surprised” and her announcement was a “big deal for them”. In 2018, Starley performed at the Sydney Mardi Gras for the first time and was the co-headline act at the official party.

2020 – One of One

2016 – Call On Me
2016 – Call On Me (Remixes)
2017 – Been Meaning To Tell You
2017 – Been Meaning To Tell You (Reinvented Part 1)
2017 – Touch Me
2017 – Touch Me (Acoustic Version)
2017 – Touch Me (Dom Dolla Remix)
2017 – Touch Me (Kideko Remix)
2017 – Touch Me (Throttle Remix)
2018 – Love Is Love
2018 – Love Is Love (MOTi Remix)
2018 – Signs
2018 – Signs (Goldhouse Remix)
2018 – Signs (Random Soul Remix)
2019 – Lovers + Strangers
2019 – Lovers + Strangers (GATTüSO Remix)
2019 – Lovers + Strangers (Jordan Magro Remix)
2019 – Lovers + Strangers (Mark Maxwell Remix)
2019 – Lovers + Strangers (Mousse T. Remix)
2019 – Lovers + Strangers (Tyron Hapi Remix)
2020 – Arms Around Me
2020 – Arms Around Me (Bad Paris Remix)
2020 – Arms Around Me (Jolyon Petch Remix)
2020 – Arms Around Me (Recorded In My Room)
2020 – Let Me In
2020 – Let Me In (Remix)




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