澳大利亚独立摇滚:Glass Towers《Halcyon Days》2013/FLAC/BD

玻璃塔是一个澳大利亚的独立摇滚乐总部设在带悉尼,新南威尔士州。主唱和吉他手Benjamin Hannam,贝斯手Cameron Holdstock,鼓手Daniel Muszynski和吉他手Sam Speck的原始阵容于2008年在Alstonville高中相遇并组成了音乐班。Glass Towers的首张专辑“ Halcyon Days”在澳大利亚发行, 2013年7月5日在新西兰发布,并于2014年6月17日在美国发布。Halcyon Days受到高度好评,其中包括Drum Media(令人垂涎的Triple J Feature Album)“ 5分4分”和“本周专辑”评级在2014年赢得了乐队提名滚石澳大利亚年度最佳单项奖和最佳新人才奖。“ Halcyon Days”在ARIA专辑排行榜上首次亮相42岁。

乐队目前在澳大利亚与Hub The Label / Inertia签约。在北美,《Dine Alone》和日本的《Thetime Records》均已签约。

乐队成立于2008年夏天,围绕本杰明·汉南(Benjamin Hannam)的卧室录音项目,与卡梅伦·霍德斯托克(Cameron Holdstock),萨姆·斯佩克(Sam Speck)和丹尼尔·穆津斯基(Daniel Muszynski)一起。每个乐队成员都在同一所高中上学,并且在整个学习过程中都属于不同的乐队。在只参加了几场演出之后的2009年,乐队被要求演奏Splendor In The Grass。7月22日,他们在节日的主舞台上获得了节日的开幕时间。

在2010年期间,乐队在ABC的Triple J Unearthed节目中演唱了歌曲,并在2010年JJJ Unearthed High Competition中入围决赛。2010年7月,他们与制片人Wayne Connolly和混音师Paul Mckercher一起在拜伦湾301工作室录制了首张EP。该版本于2011年8月26日发布,标题为“我们当时是什么”。

在2012年2月,乐队发行了“ Jumanji”,这是他们当时未发行的第二张EP“ Collarbone Jungle”的第一首单曲。这首歌很快就增加了Triple J的旋转速度,在几个月内一直保持在Triple J排行榜上排名最高的前20名,并在截至2012年2月25日的一周内,成为Triple J上排名第四的曲目。

乐队于2012年9月28日发行了他们的第二张EP“ Collarbone Jungle”,并在当地引起了广泛好评,第二张单曲“ Tonight”在Triple J上获得了大量的旋转。

乐队的第三张单曲“ Halcyon”于6月发行,并在Triple J上获得了大量轮换。

乐队为The Kooks和Maximo Park分别在2013年的澳大利亚巡回演唱会提供支持,然后在英国布莱顿举行了“大逃亡音乐节”,并于5月在英国和日本巡回演出。

乐队与制作人Jean-Paul Fung(Last Dinosaurs)录制了首张专辑“ Halcyon Days”,该专辑于2013年7月5日在澳大利亚和新西兰发行。该专辑在7月1日开始的这一周被授予令人垂涎的Triple J Feature Album点2013年。《滚石杂志》(Rolling Stone Magazine)给该专辑5分之4的评价,并宣布他们为“乐队”。这张专辑在ARIA专辑榜上排名第42位。

2013年8月,乐队开始进行全国热销的头版巡回演唱,以支持他们的首张专辑Halcyon Days。乐队是Metric在2013年11月澳大利亚巡回演唱会上的主要支持。


2014年6月17日,他们通过Dine Alone Records在北美和世界其他地区发行了首张专辑“ Halcyon Days”。在此之前,先进行了北美巡演,其中包括在SXSW上的表演。



乐队在国内外巡回演出,包括在英国,美国,加拿大和日本的演出。参加过诸如《草丛中的辉煌》,《大逃亡》,西南偏南等节日,并与The Kooks,Hall&Oates,Metronomy,Metric,Tame Impala,Pajama Club,The Cribs,Atlas Genius,Tokyo Birds等艺术家分享了舞台,Maxïmo公园,Bluejuice和云控制。

Glass Towers are an Australian indie rock band based in Sydney, New South Wales. The original lineup of lead vocalist and guitarist Benjamin Hannam, bassist Cameron Holdstock, drummer Daniel Muszynski and guitarist Sam Speck met and formed in a music class at Alstonville High School in 2008. Glass Towers’ debut album “Halcyon Days” was released in Australia and New Zealand on 5 July 2013, and released in the United States on 17 June 2014. Halcyon Days was met with highly positive reviews including a 4 out of 5 and “Album Of The Week” rating from Drum Media, a coveted Triple J Feature Album slot and earned the band nominations at the 2014 Rolling Stone Australia Awards for Single Of The Year and Best New Talent. “Halcyon Days” debuted at 42 on the ARIA Album Chart.

The band is currently signed in Australia to Hub The Label/Inertia. In North America to Dine Alone and in Japan they are signed to Thistime Records.

The band was formed in summer 2008 around the bedroom recording project of Benjamin Hannam alongside Cameron Holdstock, Sam Speck and Daniel Muszynski. Each of the band members attended the same high school and had been in different bands together throughout their schooling. In 2009 after having only played a couple of shows the band were asked to play Splendour In The Grass. They were given the opening slot of the festival playing the mainstage on 22 July.

During 2010 the band had songs featured on the ABC’s Triple J Unearthed program, and were announced as finalists in the 2010 JJJ Unearthed High Competition. In July 2010 they recorded their debut EP at Studios 301 in Byron Bay with producer Wayne Connolly and mixer Paul Mckercher. This was released on 26 August 2011 titled “What We Were, When We Were”.

In February 2012 the band released “Jumanji”, the first single off their then unreleased second EP “Collarbone Jungle”. The song was immediately added to high rotation on Triple J staying in the top 20 most played on Triple J chart for several months and peaking as the fourth most played track on Triple J for the week ending 25/2/2012.

The band released their second EP “Collarbone Jungle” on 28 September 2012 to much local critical acclaim with second single “Tonight” receiving a high amount of rotation on Triple J.

The band’s third single ‘Halcyon’ was released in June and has received a heavy amount of rotation on Triple J.

The band supported The Kooks and Maximo Park on their respective 2013 Australian tours before playing The Great Escape Festival in Brighton, UK as well as touring the UK and Japan in May.

The band recorded their debut album “Halcyon Days” with producer Jean-Paul Fung (Last Dinosaurs) which was released in Australia and New Zealand on 5 July 2013. The album was awarded the coveted Triple J Feature Album spot for the week beginning 1 July 2013. Rolling Stone Magazine gave the album a 4 out of 5 review and proclaimed them a “Band To Watch”. The album debuted at no.42 on the ARIA album chart.

In August 2013 the band embarked on a sold out national headline tour in support of their debut album Halcyon Days. The band were main support for Metric on their November 2013 tour of Australia.

The band were nominated for two Rolling Stone Australia 2014 Awards for Single Of The Year and Best New Talent.

On 17 June 2014 they released their debut album “Halcyon Days” in North America and the rest of the world through Dine Alone Records. This was preceded by a tour of North America which included performances at SXSW.

The band’s social pages have not been updated since 2015 hinting at a hiatus or possible break up.

On June 2020 the band’s Facebook posted short clips of new music slated for an August 2020 release.

The band has toured both nationally and internationally including shows in the United Kingdom, United States, Canada and Japan. Played festivals such as Splendour In The Grass, The Great Escape, South by Southwest and shared the stage with artists such as The Kooks, Hall & Oates, Metronomy, Metric, Tame Impala, Pajama Club, The Cribs, Atlas Genius, Birds of Tokyo, Maxïmo Park, Bluejuice and Cloud Control.

2013 – Halcyon Days

Genre: Indie Rock / Pop Rock
Country of origin of the disc (release): USA
Year of publication: 2013
Source: CD
Audio Codec: FLAC (* .flac)
Rip Type: tracks
Audio bitrate: lossless
Duration: 00:38:41
Source (release): WEBRip (OUTERSPACE)

1. In This City
2. Castles
3. Jumanji
4. Tonight
5. Gloom
6. Halcyon
7. Lust For Life
8. You’re Better
9. Griffin
10. The Best Of Friends
11. Foreign Time




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