在从自己的项目中发行单曲的过程中,SVRCINA与Man Cub,TWENTYSOMETHING,Arcando,Titan建筑,Hidden Citizen,Tommee Profitt和Koni等发行了多项合作。作为一名作家,她的第一个主要唱片公司是MOTi ft。Icona Pop的“ Sink Deeper”,另一个是Sj&Joakim Molitor的专题节目“ Live Without You”,均于2019年4月发行。SVRCINA还预期与Robin Schultz,Lecrae和Reach的合作将在2021年第一季度记录新人Hulvey。此外,备受赞誉的制片人Tommee Profitt发行了他备受期待的圣诞节专辑,其中将包括SVRCINA和Tauren Wells的二重奏,《神圣的夜晚》,将于10月中旬发布。 您也有可能在主要网络上听到她的声音,例如新墨西哥州19号收容所和罗斯威尔的Quantico的ABC,CBS,HBO和CW 。直到今年年底,Youtube都在独家促销活动中使用SVRCINA的Catch the Light。Catch The Light当前仅可在Youtube平台上进行流式传输/收听。

SVRCINA最近在9月25日发行了她的第一张全长专辑Elysian Fields。当被问及她的专辑时,SVRCINA说:“我的新专辑《Elysian Fields》是一部充满想象力,富有同情心和经历真爱的多层创意作品,可提供真正的内在休息,使我们摆脱自我保护。”体验Elysian Fields以及现在所有流媒体平台上附带的过多情感。

SVRCINA (Sur-Cee-Nah) is one of pop music’s fastest rising stars, with her collective songs totaling over 50 million streams on Spotify alone. Signing her first songwriting deal at the tender age of 13, she became one of the youngest songwriters in Nashville with a major publishing deal. SVRCINA has grown and changed as any artist, writer, and young person does; now in her early twenties she is coming into her own.

SVRCINA’s goal is to create music that not only she connects with personally, but is culturally transcendent. Experimentation with sounds, mixtures of musical elements with cultural personality traits, influenced by faith and current events, SVRCINA is carving out a niche that music lovers around the world will embrace.

In the midst of releasing singles from her own projects, SVRCINA has released multiple collaborations with Man Cub, TWENTYSOMETHING, Arcando, Built By Titan, Hidden Citizen, Tommee Profitt, and Koni among others. As a writer, she had her first major label cut with MOTi ft. Icona Pop “Sink Deeper”, and another feature project with Sj & Joakim Molitor, “Live Without You” both released in April 2019. SVRCINA also has anticipated collabs with Robin Schultz, Lecrae and Reach records new comer, Hulvey in Q1 of 2021. Additionally, acclaimed producer Tommee Profitt’s is releasing his highly anticipated Christmas album, which will include a duet featuring SVRCINA and Tauren Wells, O Holy Night, due out in mid October. There is also a chance you may have heard her voice on major networks such as ABC, CBS, HBO and CW on Quantico, Station 19, Containment and Roswell, New Mexico to name a few. Most recently, Youtube is using SVRCINA’s Catch the Light in an exclusive promotional campaign through the end of the year. Catch The Light is currently only available for streaming/listening on the Youtube platform.

SVRCINA recently released her first full length album, Elysian Fields, on September 25th. When asked about her album, SVRCINA said “My new album, Elysian Fields, is a multi-layered, creative piece imagining, empathizing, and experiencing genuine love which offers true internal rest and pulls us out of self-protection.” Experience Elysian Fields and the plethora of emotions that come with it on all streaming platforms now.

2016 – Lover. Fighter
2018 – Svrcina
2019 – Hearing Colour
2020 – Elysian Fields

2015 – Built By Titan – Alpha (The Darkness feat. Svrcina)
2019 – Hidden Citizens – Here We Stand (Featuring Svrcina)
2019 – Koni – Love Like This (feat. Svrcina)




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