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Ivy Rose Levan(生于1987年1月20日)是美国歌手,词曲作者,模特和女演员,来自阿肯色州本顿维尔。16岁时,莱文(Levan)移居洛杉矶从事音乐事业,最终与Cherrytree Records和Interscope Records签约。莱文(Levan)在2010年的电影《堕落的华丽》(Drop Dead Gorgeous)中出演了以《辛西娅》(Cynthia)为主角的处女作,此后她在电视上露面,包括她最近在福克斯(Fox)的《洛基恐怖片》(The Rocky Horror Show)电影中露面。

2013年,Levan在Interscope Records下发行了她的首张EP专辑,名为Introducing the Dame,并在Billboard Next Big Sound榜单上排名第一。 EP发行了专辑“ Hot Damn”中最受欢迎的单曲。她于2015年1月13日发行了她的第一张录音室专辑中的第一张单曲,名为“ 饼干 ”。她的首张专辑No Good于2015年8月7日发行。


莱万(Levan)出生在俄克拉荷马州的塔尔萨(Tulsa),在阿肯色州的本顿维尔(Bentonville)成长。这位歌手16岁时随母亲移居洛杉矶,从事音乐事业。在经历中,莱文说:“我只是知道我需要尽快离开那里,所以在我应该读高中的两个星期之前,我和妈妈一起去了洛杉矶。” 在尝试了各种音乐风格之后,莱文开始将她的南方养育作为参照系,并作为一种在她的音乐中可以找到的影响力。在她的职业生涯中,Levan与许多流派的知名艺术家合作。其中,歌手曾与本·温曼的的迪林格逃生计划,托莫·米尔斯维奇的30秒上火星,斯汀,和DIPLO。



2013年,Levan发布了Introducing the Dame,在Billboard Next Big Sound榜单上排名第一。 EP收录了专辑“ Hot Damn”中她最受欢迎的单曲,该单曲在YouTube上的浏览量已超过100万。在专辑发行期间,莱文在魅力杂志(Glamour Magazine)上接受了采访,并在CBS新闻的“ The Feed”中脱颖而出。莱文还出演了MTVu的大一新生部分,两次获得冠军,并被称为“新女孩”。

2013年12月,Levan与Chris Cole,Jasmine Villegas,August Alsina,Nipsey Hussle,Nyjah Huston,Serena Williams和Alex Midler 一起在Beats By Dre Color Solo耳机的电视广告中亮相。莱文(Levan)于2014年2月2日在大卫·莱特曼(David Letterman)的晚秀节目中首次亮相电视节目,其中她在晚秀的甲壳虫乐队致敬周的第二天与斯汀(Sting)和迈克·爱因格(Mike Einziger)进行了《驾驶我的车》。此外,2013年6月,Levan支持Fitz&The Tantrums巡回演出,主要游览美国中西部和东北部以及德克萨斯州。在这次巡回演出中,她还在俱乐部中表演,以支持LGBT社区。2013年10月,她支持EmeliSandé。2014年4月17日,莱文与丽莎·菲舍(Lisa Fischer)一起参加了雨林基金公益音乐会成立25周年。


2015年,莱文为她的首张录音室专辑《No Good》发行了第一张单曲“ Biscuit ” ,该专辑于2015年8月7日发行。她还为喜剧电影演唱了主题曲“谁可以信任?”。间谍。 2016年,宣布她将演唱开幕片并在福克斯电视台 2016年10月首映的《岩石恐怖图片展》中饰演Usherette。

2017年8月,她宣布与BMG达成新唱片交易。同时,她宣布了新的EP,但没有宣布发行日期。在2018年11月,Levan宣布了她即将推出的单曲“ Her ” 的发行日期,该单曲于2018年11月8日发行。


Levan的影响力包括Tina Turner,Mariah Carey,Ray Charles,Madonna,Ol’Dirty Bastard,Slayer和Beyoncé。她的音乐风格有时被称为“沼泽跳”,是原始的灵魂音乐和合成器的混合体。许多音乐评论家一直将莱万的人声与克里斯蒂娜·阿奎莱拉相提并论。


莱万公开地是双性恋,也是一个榜样。她已与福特模特签约,并为JCPenney,Payless ShoeSource和梅赛德斯·奔驰时装周的跑道做过广告。

Ivy Rose Levan (born January 20, 1987) is an American singer, songwriter, model and actress from Bentonville, Arkansas. At 16, Levan moved to Los Angeles to pursue a music career, eventually signing to Cherrytree Records and Interscope Records. Levan made her acting debut starring as “Cynthia” in the 2010 film Drop Dead Gorgeous which followed by other television appearances, including her most recent in Fox’s The Rocky Horror Show film.

In 2013, Levan released her debut EP album under Interscope Records titled Introducing the Dame where it peaked at No. 1 on the Billboard Next Big Sound charts. The EP features the most popular single from the album “Hot Damn”. She released the first single, titled “Biscuit”, from her first studio album, on January 13, 2015. Her debut album, No Good, was released on August 7, 2015.

Early life

Levan was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and raised in Bentonville, Arkansas. The singer moved to Los Angeles with her mother when she was 16 years old to pursue a music career. Of the experience, Levan says “I just knew I needed to get out of there as fast as I could, so two weeks before I was supposed to graduate high school, I took off for L.A. with my mama.” After experimenting with various musical styles, Levan began to use her Southern upbringing as a frame of reference, and as an influence which can be found in her music. During her career, Levan has worked with many artists of note, across genres. Among others, the singer has collaborated with Ben Weinman of The Dillinger Escape Plan, Tomo Miličević of Thirty Seconds to Mars, Sting, and Diplo.

Musical career

2013–14: Career beginnings

In 2013, Levan released Introducing the Dame where it peaked at No. 1 on the Billboard Next Big Sound charts. The EP features her most popular single from the album “Hot Damn”, which has racked up over 1 million views on YouTube. During the album’s release, Levan was interviewed on Glamour Magazine and featured on CBS News’ “The Feed.” Levan was also featured on MTVu’s Freshman segment, securing the winning spot twice and was dubbed as the “New It-Girl”.

In December 2013, Levan was featured in a television commercial for the Beats By Dre Color Solo Headphones alongside Chris Cole, Jasmine Villegas, August Alsina, Nipsey Hussle, Nyjah Huston, Serena Williams and Alex Midler. Levan made her television performance debut February 2, 2014 on the Late Show with David Letterman in which she performed Drive My Car with Sting and Mike Einziger on day two of the Late Show’s Beatles Tribute Week. Additionally, in June 2013, Levan supported Fitz & The Tantrums touring mostly the Mid-West and North-Eastern United States as well as Texas. During this tour, she also performed at clubs in support of the LGBT community. In October 2013, she supported Emeli Sandé. On April 17, 2014, Levan performed with Lisa Fischer for the 25th Anniversary of the Rainforest Fund Benefit Concert.

2015–present: No Good and The Rocky Horror Picture Show

In 2015, Levan released the first single “Biscuit” to her debut studio album titled No Good, which was released on August 7, 2015. She also sang the theme song “Who Can You Trust?”, for the comedy film Spy. In 2016, it was announced that she would be singing the opening credits and starring as Usherette in Fox TV’s production of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, which premiered in October 2016.

In August 2017, she announced that she was in a new record deal with BMG. Along with this, she announced a new EP but didn’t announce a release date. In November 2018, Levan announced the release date of her upcoming single “Her” which was released on November 8, 2018.


Levan’s influences include Tina Turner, Mariah Carey, Ray Charles, Madonna, Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Slayer and Beyoncé. Her musical style is sometimes dubbed as “Swamp-hop”, a mixture of raw sounding soul music & synths. Levan’s vocals have been persistently compared to Christina Aguilera by many music critics.

Personal life

Levan is openly bisexual and is also a model. She is signed to Ford Models, and has done ads for JCPenney, Payless ShoeSource and runway for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

2013 – Introducing the Dame [EP]
2014 – Frostbitten [EP]
2015 – 27 Club (Remixes)
2015 – Biscuit (Remix EP)
2015 – No Good
2019 – FUCC IT [EP]




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