Nirvana《MTV Unplugged in New York (25th Anniversary)》2019/FLAC/BD

Genre: Grunge, Acoustic
Media: WEB
Country of origin of the disc (release): US
Year of publication: 2019-11-01
Publisher (label): Geffen
Country of artist (group): US
Audio Codec: FLAC (* .flac)
Rip Type: tracks
Length: 01:16:34
Source: stream resource
The presence of scans in the content of the distribution: no

01 About a Girl (Live)
02 Come as You Are (Live)
03 Jesus Doesn’t Want Me for a Sunbeam (Live)
04 The Man Who Sold the World (Live)
05 Pennyroyal Tea (Live)
06 Dumb (Live)
07 Polly (Live)
08 On a Plain (Live)
09 Something in the Way (Live)
10 Plateau (Live)
11 Oh Me (Live)
12 Lake of Fire (Live)
13 All Apologies (Live)
14 Where Did You Sleep Last Night (Live)
15 Come as You Are (Rehearsal)
16 Polly (Rehearsal)
17 Plateau (Rehearsal)
18 Pennyroyal Tea (Rehearsal)
19 The Man Who Sold the World (Rehearsal)


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