Elsa & Emilie《2CD》2014-2017/FLAC/BD

三年前,挪威音乐界被两个16岁的年轻人所吸引,他们的声音,和声与众不同,使他们与众不同。 当Elsa&Emilie在2014年发行首张专辑“ Endless Optimism”时,他们获得了挪威格莱美奖提名,在电台上的娱乐时间很长,还出现了许多主要的电视节目和一些同步位置。

现在,两个20岁的年轻人又回来了新音乐。 与上一回合相比,二人组的声音和视觉图像稍暗,在两年内增长了很多。艾尔莎(Elsa)和埃米莉(Emilie)不同,但又完美地互补,创造了令人兴奋的活力和与众不同的和谐。八月,二人组发布了即将发行的2017年专辑中的第一张单曲“ Au Volant”。法语标题可以翻译为“驾驶”,是一首神秘而催眠的歌曲,吸引了听众进入他们的世界。挪威电台立即播放了歌曲,并被国际博客和媒体所采用,在音乐趋势晴雨表Hype Machine上排名第三。

Elsa&Emilie将于1月推出第二张单曲和专辑“ Kill Your Darlings” ,以及重要的音乐节和2月至3月的发行巡回演唱会在2017年拉开序幕 。

Three years ago, the Norwegian music scene was captivated by two 16-year olds with such distinctive voices, harmonies and sound that it set them apart from everyone else. When Elsa & Emilie released their debut album “Endless Optimism” in 2014, it gave them a Norwegian Grammy nomination, heavy playtime on radio as well as a number of major TV appearances and several synch placements.

Now, the two 20-year- olds are back with new music. With a slightly darker sound and visual image than last round, the duo has clearly grown a lot in two years. Elsa & Emilie are different but complement each other perfectly, creating the exciting dynamic and the distinctive harmonies that characterize them In August the duo released first single "Au Volant» from the upcoming 2017 album. The French title can be translated as “driving” and is a mysterious and hypnotic song luring the listener into their universe. Norwegian radio immediately playlisted the song, and it was picked up by international blogs and media pushing it to a #3 on music trend barometer Hype Machine.

Elsa & Emilie is kicking off 2017 with a second single and album “Kill Your Darlings” in January, as well as important festivals and a release tour in February-March.

2014 – Endless Optimism
2017 – Kill Your Darlings




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