凯尔西里贾纳·伯恩(1990年出生5月6日),专业称为维泰(如程式化维泰),是一位美国歌手和歌曲总部设在布鲁克林,纽约市。她的第一首单曲“ Strange Enough”于2014年7月自我发行,在Hype Machine上排名第一,并在发行周中成为第一名最具病毒性的Twitter艺术家。Noisey的Liza Darwin被形容为独立流行音乐,电子流行音乐或另类流行音乐,她写道,她的2014年Echo EP “充满了清脆,细腻的人声,飞扬的旋律和闪亮的作品”。她的第二张EP,《情感》,于2015年6月8日自我发行。时代称赞EP ,他称自己的人声“富有而空灵”。她参观了国际和活动,如进行霓虹灯黄金Popshop,西南偏南,针织厂,布鲁克林碗,的萤火虫节和Lollapalooza音乐节。


Vérité的音乐被描述为独立流行,替代流行,和电子流行。关于她如何看待自己的音乐,Vérité解释说,当她在2014年发行自己的单曲“ Heartbeat”时,“人们称它为流行音乐。我就像,’好吧,我想它很流行。” 关于在创作歌曲的过程中,她说:“当涉及到制作和整体声音时,我并没有太大的意图。我从旋律和抒情想法入手,然后从这个故事开始。” 关于主题,她指出“人们可以真正赋予自己的含义,这是我所鼓励的。”时间认为Vérité“写关于人类状况的歌曲:在这里的感觉,居住在自己的思想中,尝试与他人联系。如果听起来令人难以置信,那是因为。”

Kelsey Regina Byrne (born May 6, 1990), known professionally as Vérité (stylized as VÉRITÉ), is an American singer and songwriter based in Brooklyn, New York City. Her first single “Strange Enough” was self-released in July 2014, reaching number one on Hype Machine and becoming the #1 Most Viral Twitter Artist the week of release. Described variously as indie pop, electropop or alternative pop, Liza Darwin of Noisey wrote that her 2014 Echo EP is “packed with crisp, delicate vocals, soaring melodies, and glistening production.” Her second EP, Sentiment, was self-released on June 8, 2015. The EP was praised by Time, who called her vocals “rich and ethereal”. She has toured internationally and performed at events such as Neon Gold Popshop, South by Southwest, The Knitting Factory, Brooklyn Bowl, the Firefly Festival and Lollapalooza.

Musical style

Vérité’s music has been described as indie pop, alternative pop, and electropop. About how she sees her own music, Vérité explains that when she released her single “Heartbeat” in 2014, “people called it pop. I was just like, ‘OK, I guess it’s pop.'” About her songwriting process, she states “when it comes to production and the overall sound I don’t really have a lot of intentions with it. I start off with melody and a lyrical idea, and then build off of that story.” About themes, she states that “people can really ascribe their own meaning, which I kind of encourage.” Eliza Berman of Time opines that Vérité “writes songs about the human condition: what it’s like to be here, to inhabit your own mind, to try to connect with others. If that sounds incredibly broad, that’s because it is.”

Studio albums
2017 – Somewhere in Between
2018 – Somewhere in Between (The Remixes)
2019 – new skin

2014 – Echo [EP]
2014 – Echo [EP] (The Remixes)
2015 – Sentiment [EP]
2016 – Living [EP]
2017 – VéRITé on Audiotree Live [EP]
2018 – Bunker Studios Sessions, Brooklyn, NY [EP]
2020 – new limbs (vol. 1) [EP]

2015 – Sober [Single]
2016 – Constant Crush [Single]
2016 – Somebody Else [Single]
2016 – Underdressed [Single]
2017 – Bout You [Single]
2017 – John My Beloved [Single]
2017 – Phase Me Out [Single]
2017 – Saint [Single]
2017 – When You’re Gone [Single]
2018 – Bout You [Single]
2018 – Shisha & Gin [Single]
2018 – You Don’t Know About Me (With Ella Vos) [Single]
2019 – gone [Single]
2019 – good for it [Single]
2019 – ocean [Single]
2019 – youth [Single]
2020 – i’ll take the blame [Single]
2020 – think of me [Single]
2020 – younger women [Single]




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