Annalisa Scarrone(出生于1985年8月5日),通常简称为Annalisa或Nali,是意大利创作歌手,唱片制作人和电视名人。在加入了Elaphe Guttata和leNoire (Ex Malvasia)这两个乐队之后,她在参加了2010-2011年第十届才艺表演Amici di Maria De Filippi的演出后名声大噪,并获得第二名。随后,Annalisa凭借歌曲“ Scintille”参加了2013年圣雷莫音乐节,并获得第9名。

Annalisa凭借歌曲Una finestra tra le stelle参加了2015年圣雷莫音乐节,并获得第四名。 2016年,她以单曲Il Diluvio Universale的第11名重返圣雷莫音乐节,并于2018年以第3名Il mondo prima di te回来。她的作曲作品获得了多个奖项,包括MTV欧洲音乐奖,风音乐奖和Lutezia奖,以及“儿童选择奖”和“世界音乐奖”的提名。

她已录制了6张专辑和24张单曲,获得了3张白金唱片和5张金唱片,并售出910,000张以上。她还为其他艺术家创作歌曲,包括Gianna Nannini,Fedez,Benji&Fede,并与Antonello Venditti,Gianluca Grignani,Marcella合作贝拉和诺玛迪。

自2015年以来,她主持了科学传播电视节目Tutta colpa di … – Quelli del Cern on Italia 1。

Annalisa Scarrone (born 5 August 1985) better known as simply Annalisa or Nali, is an Italian singer-songwriter, Record producer and TV personality. After being part of two bands, Elaphe Guttata and leNoire (Ex Malvasia), she became famous after participating in the tenth edition of the talent show Amici di Maria De Filippi in 2010–2011, where she finished in second place. Subsequently, Annalisa participated in the Festival of Sanremo 2013 with the song “Scintille” and finished ninth.

Annalisa participated in the Festival of Sanremo 2015 with the song Una finestra tra le stelle and finished fourth. In 2016, she returned to the Festival of Sanremo with the single Il Diluvio Universale finishing eleventh, and came back in 2018 with Il mondo prima di te finishing third. She received several awards, including a MTV Europe Music Award, a Wind Music Award and a Lutezia Award for her songwriting works, and nominations at the Kid’s Choice Award and World Music Awards.

She has recorded 6 albums and 24 singles, receiving 3 Platinum disc and 5 Gold discs, and selling over 910,000 copies. She also wrote songs for other artists including Gianna Nannini, Fedez, Benji & Fede and collaborated with Antonello Venditti, Gianluca Grignani, Marcella Bella and Nomadi.

Since 2015 she has hosted the science divulgation tv program Tutta colpa di … – Quelli del Cern on Italia 1.

2011 – Nali
2012 – Mentre tutto cambia
2013 – Non so ballare
2015 – Splende
2016 – Se avessi un cuore
2018 – Bye Bye
2020 – Nuda
2021 – Nuda10 (Deluxe Edition) [24-44,1] [new]




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