Anne Lilia Berge“ Annie” Strand(出生于1977年11月21日)是挪威歌手,词曲作者,DJ和唱片制作人。安妮(Annie)于1999年以地下热门单曲“ The Greatest Hit ”开始了她的唱片事业,并凭借首张专辑《安妮玛(Annemal)》(2004)获得了国际赞誉,尤其是音乐博客的好评。

中学毕业后,安妮(Annie)在卑尔根(Bergen)开了DJ ,在那里她遇到了房屋生产商和即将成为男友的托雷·克罗克尼斯(Tore Kroknes)。1999年,Annie和Kroknes发行了单曲“ The Greatest Hit”,单曲在两天内就销售一空,并在挪威和英国的夜总会中广受欢迎。在安妮(Annie)和克罗克尼斯(Kroknes)发行专辑之前,克罗克尼斯(Kroknes)于2001年因先天性心脏病去世。安妮(Annie)于2003年与英国的679 Recordings签定唱片合约,并于2004年发行了她的首张专辑《安妮玛》(Annemal),为此她获得了广泛的好评和几个挪威音乐奖。

安妮曾被描述为“具有公信力的流行歌手,独立于舞池的独立艺术家”和“挪威的凯莉(Kylie Minogue)”。安妮(Annie)将她的音乐描述为“流行边缘”。

安妮(Annie)于2009年10月19日在Smalltown Supersound唱片公司发行了她的第二张录音室专辑《不要停》。安妮住在柏林。



Anne Lilia Berge “Annie” Strand (born 21 November 1977) is a Norwegian singer-songwriter, DJ and record producer. Annie began her recording career in 1999 with the underground hit single “The Greatest Hit” and gained international acclaim, particularly from music bloggers, for her debut album Anniemal (2004).

After completing secondary school, Annie started DJing in Bergen, where she met house producer and soon-to-be boyfriend Tore Kroknes. In 1999, Annie and Kroknes released the single “The Greatest Hit”, which sold out in two days and became popular in Norwegian and British nightclubs. Before Annie and Kroknes could release an album, Kroknes died from a congenital heart defect in 2001. Annie went on to sign a record deal with Britain’s 679 Recordings in 2003, releasing her debut album Anniemal in 2004, for which she received widespread critical acclaim and several Norwegian music awards.

Annie has been described as “a pop singer with credibility, an indie artist with one eye on the dancefloor” and as “the Norwegian Kylie” (referring to Kylie Minogue). Annie describes her music as “pop with strange edges”.

Annie released her second studio album, Don’t Stop, on the Smalltown Supersound label on 19 October 2009. Annie lives in Berlin.

Personal life

Annie lives in Berlin, where she moved after being evicted from the apartment in Bergen she was living in because it was going to be turned into a hotel. She owned a cat named Joey, whom she named after both Joey Ramone and Joey McIntyre of New Kids on the Block. Joey died on 29 January 2010. Annie is an avid reader and follows global politics. She is friends with musician Peaches. Her musical influences include Madonna, Saint Etienne, the Pet Shop Boys, and Kate Bush. She has a green belt in karate.

2004 – Anniemal [Japan Edition]
2009 – Don’t Stop
2020 – Dark Hearts
2020 – Dark Hearts [Hi-Res]




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