Marina Kaye《6CD》2015-2020/FLAC/BD

Marina Kaye(生于1998年2月9日)是法国歌手,词曲作者和作曲家。

她以热门专辑《Homeless》而闻名,她在2014年发行了EP Homeless,在2015年发行了专辑Fearless。2017年10月20日,她发行了第二张专辑Explicit,并获得了金奖。


她参加了为纪念丹尼尔·巴拉沃因(Daniel Balavoine)逝世30周年而于2016年1月发行的专辑《巴拉沃因(s)》,专辑标题为Only the very best。她于20168年3月在得克萨斯州举行的西南音乐节上演出。她还将与饶舌歌手女高音二重唱(Mon Everest)合唱。2017年1月7日,她首次在电视上用法语演唱,接替塞琳·迪翁(CélineDion)在TF1上的头衔,以向格雷戈里·勒姆卡尔(GrégoryLemarchal)致敬(故事继续十年后)。几个月后,即2017年10月20日,她发行了第二张专辑Explicit。这成为金碟。


Marina Kaye (born 9 February 1998) is a French singer, songwriter and composer.

Most famous for the hit “Homeless”, she has released the EP Homeless in 2014 and the album Fearless in 2015. On October 20, 2017, she released her second album, Explicit, which was certified gold.

Personal life

She participates in the album Balavoine (s), released in January 2016 for the thirtieth anniversary of the death of Daniel Balavoine, using the title Only the very best. She performed at the South by Southwest festival in Texas in March 20168. She will also do a duet with rapper Soprano on the title Mon Everest. On January 7, 2017, she sang for the first time in French on television, taking over the title Vole by Céline Dion on TF1, in homage to Grégory Lemarchal (Grégory Lemarchal, 10 years after the story continues). A few months later, on October 20, 2017, she released a second album, Explicit. This becomes a gold disc.

She had a well-publicized feud with her father after he said on his own Facebook that his daughter was under immense psychological pressure and isolated from the realities of the world. He also blamed her for changing her name as an attempt to cut herself from her roots. She retorted that she was shocked and hurt by these declarations and said this was a continuation of what she described as a “traumatic childhood” in her youth, adding that her own father just wanted to destroy her career, to which Dalmas responded: « What father would like to destroy his children and their future?

2015 – Fearless (Deluxe Edition)
2015 – Fearless (Deluxe) [24bit Hi-Res]
2017 – Explicit
2017 – Explicit [24bit Hi-Res]
2020 – Twisted
2020 – Twisted [24bit Hi-Res]




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