Adrianne Lenker《6CD》2014-2020/FLAC/BD

爱德华·伊丽莎白·伦克(Adrianne Elizabeth Lenker)(1991年7月9日出生)是印第安纳波利斯和明尼苏达州的美国音乐家,最著名的是Big Thief的首席歌手和吉他手。


伦克(Lenker)出生于印第安纳波利斯(Indianapolis),并在基督教教派中长大,直到6岁,但她主要在明尼苏达州长大。她的父母在她住了10年的普利茅斯定居之前,先后在Nisswa的Coon Rapids和明尼苏达州的Bloomington租了房子。她花了一个夏天在整个中西部旅行,并以一辆蓝色的福特货运货车为生。 Lenker在8岁时创作了她的第一首歌,并在13岁时录制了她的第一张专辑。她的其他兴趣包括学习跆拳道,并且连续三年获得州空手道冠军。她没有上高中,而是在16岁时获得了GED。她在伯克利音乐学院就读。通过提供奖学金苏珊·特德斯奇在的特德斯奇卡车带。


2006年,伦克15岁时,她发行了首张个人专辑,名为《太阳的舞台》。 2014年,她发行了她的第二张个人专辑,名为《小时的鸟儿》。 Lenker还与未来的队友Buck Meek发行了两张EP,a面和b面。

在搬到纽约的第一天,Lenker在遇到Meek之后,于2015年成立了Big Thief乐队。 Lenker于2018年10月5日发行了她的第三张个人专辑abysskiss。

2020年10月23日,Lenker通过4AD发行了两张专辑《Songs and Instrumentals》。


伦克(Lenker)住在波士顿时,在一场音乐会上遇到了未来的大盗联合创始人巴克·米克(Buck Meek),然后在搬到纽约的那天在酒窖里再次遇到了他。两人开始一起玩耍,并在Lenker 24岁时结婚。他们于2018年离婚,以“深交”的身份留在Big Thief中。在2019年,Lenker与艺术家Indigo Sparke建立了关系,尽管两者在2020年的某个时候分居了。尽管Lenker对标签“酷儿”感到满意,但她表达了一种渴望不要再定义她的性取向了。

Adrianne Elizabeth Lenker (born July 9, 1991) is an American musician from Indianapolis and Minnesota, best known as the lead vocalist and guitarist of Big Thief.

Early life

Lenker was born in Indianapolis and was raised in a Christian sect until the age of 6, but she primarily grew up in Minnesota. Her parents rented homes in Coon Rapids, Nisswa, and Bloomington, Minnesota before settling down in Plymouth, where she lived for 10 years. She spent a summer traveling throughout the midwest and living out of a blue Ford cargo van. Lenker wrote her first song at the age of 8, and at age 13, recorded her first album. Her other interests include studying Taekwondo, and she was the State Karate Champion three years in a row. She did not attend high school, but instead received her GED at the age of 16. She attended the Berklee College of Music on a scholarship provided by Susan Tedeschi of the Tedeschi Trucks Band.


In 2006, when Lenker was 15, she released her first solo album titled Stages of the Sun. In 2014, she released her second solo album titled Hours Were the Birds. Lenker also released two EPs with future bandmate Buck Meek, a-sides and b-sides.

In 2015, Lenker formed the band Big Thief after meeting Meek the first day she moved to New York. Lenker released her third solo album, abysskiss, on October 5, 2018.

On October 23, 2020, Lenker released two albums, Songs and Instrumentals, through 4AD.

Personal life

Lenker met future Big Thief co-founder Buck Meek at a concert when she lived in Boston and then encountered him again in a bodega the day she moved to New York. The pair began to play together, and married when Lenker was 24. They divorced in 2018, remaining in Big Thief as “deep friends”. In 2019, Lenker was in a relationship with the artist Indigo Sparke, although the two separated sometime in 2020. While Lenker is comfortable with the label “queer”, she has expressed a desire not to define her sexual orientation beyond that.

2014 – a-sides [EP]
2014 – b-sides [EP]
2014 – Hours Were the Birds
2018 – abysskiss
2020 – songs
2020 – instrumentals




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