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The Silent League《4CD》2004-2010/FLAC/BD - 无损音乐分享

The Silent League《4CD》2004-2010/FLAC/BD

The Silent League是美国的后摇滚,室内流行的乐队布鲁克林,纽约,由创办贾斯汀·鲁索,以前的水星逆转。他们2004年的首演《乐团,可悲的是,拒绝了》,(《卫报》,《泰晤士报》独立,NME(8/10),Q(4/5),Mojo(4/5),未删减(4/5), 《滚石》,《旋转》,《纽约时报》,《乡村之声》,《 Blender》,Salon.com等),其中包括来自国际刑警组织的Sam ,来自Rev的Grasshopper和数十名演员,这些唱片在美国以芝加哥的File-13标签和英国在2005年底出版了《东西在建》。

乐队的首张专辑发行迅速获得成功并取得了销量,其中包括国际刑警组织,Bloc Party,Echo&The Bunnymen,Keane,Brendan Benson,Rufus Wainwright和Sufjan Stevens的高调演出。这种管弦乐队的最新形象使他们“借”到贝鲁特,Arcade Fire,毕晓普·艾伦,哈林·沙克斯,像跳蚤这样的明星,安东尼和约翰逊,卡莱克西科的唱片合作(并与他们进行巡演)。

他们的后续专辑题为“星星和其他某物”于2007年发行。曲目包括飞机的受害者,国王与王后和让它滚动。乐队(现已巡回演出,现为六人组,一支充满激情,合成器,爆炸性现场乐队)开始了他们在英国的第四次巡回演出,超过15天的促销活动,并在英国和包括Godiva在内的音乐节上演出(以Super Furry为主)动物,婴儿床,敌人),纬度节(带有街机射击,贾维斯·科克,国家和最终幻想),溺水声和卡车节,以及进行BBC广播和许多新闻报道。2007年下半年,日本发布了带有Rallye / Klee标签的唱片(Au Revoir Simone,Yacht,Klaxons,Matt&Kim)

乐队的第三张专辑“但是你一直都是看守者”于2010年1月发行,发行人为Something In Construction。乐队由制片人和乐队成员Shannon Fields掌舵,乐队在唱片录音师兼混音师D. James Goodwin的指导下,在各个上层农舍工作室里度过了时光,与他们之前的专辑有所不同。

The Silent League is an American post-rock, chamber pop band from Brooklyn, New York, founded by Justin Russo, formerly of Mercury Rev. Their 2004 debut, The Orchestra, Sadly, Has Refused, (hailed by The Guardian, The Times Independent, NME (8/10), Q (4/5), Mojo (4/5), Uncut (4/5), Rolling Stone, Spin, The New York Times, Village Voice, Blender, Salon.com, etc.) featuring Sam from Interpol, Grasshopper from the Rev and a cast of dozens, was released in the US on Chicago’s File-13 label and in the UK in late 2005 on Something In Construction.

The band’s debut release led to quick success and sales, abetted by a number of high-profile shows with Interpol, Bloc Party, Echo & The Bunnymen, Keane, Brendan Benson, Rufus Wainwright, Sufjan Stevens. The newly boosted profile of such an orchestral band led to members being “borrowed” to collaborate on records by (and play on tours with) Beirut, Arcade Fire, Bishop Allen, Harlem Shakes, Stars Like Fleas, Antony & the Johnsons, Calexico.

Their follow-up album entitled Of Stars And Other Somebodies was released in 2007. Tracks include Victim of Aeroplane, Kings & Queens and Let It Roll. The band (now touring as a six-piece—a lither, synthier, explosive-er live band) embarked on their 4th UK tour, a 15+ date promo trip, performing across the UK and at festivals including Godiva (mainstage with Super Furry Animals, The Cribs, The Enemy ), Latitude Festival (with Arcade Fire, Jarvis Cocker, The National, and Final Fantasy), the DrownedInSound and Truck Festivals, as well as doing BBC radio sessions and much press. Late 2007 saw Japanese release on Rallye/Klee label (Au Revoir Simone, Yacht, Klaxons, Matt & Kim)

The band’s third album But You’ve Always Been the Caretaker was released January 2010 on Something In Construction records. With producer, and band-member, Shannon Fields at the helm, the band spent time at various upstate farmhouse studios with recording and mixing engineer D. James Goodwin crafting somewhat of a stylistic departure from their previous albums.

2004 – The Orchestra, Sadly, Has Refused
2005 – Seaside Sessions, Volume I [EP]
2007 – Of Stars and Other Somebodies
2010 – But You’ve Always Been the Caretaker…




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