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意大利交响金:Sleeping Romance《2CD》2013-2017/FLAC/BD - 无损音乐分享

意大利交响金:Sleeping Romance《2CD》2013-2017/FLAC/BD

来自意大利摩德纳的交响金属乐队Sleeping Romance于2013年通过瑞典唱片公司Ulterium Records发行了首张专辑“ Enlighten”,专​​辑发行后立即与他们的同伴Theocracy [US]一起在欧洲巡回演出中担任支持。 ,乐队在欧洲进行了广泛的巡回演出,在欧洲大陆进行了迷你巡回演出和一次过的节日表演,包括荷兰的Brainstorm Festival和FemME,德国的Christmas Rock Night等。2014年12月,乐队与音乐录影带一起发行了新单曲“ Fire&Ice”。

2015年,乐队与Napalm Records签约,乐队的第二张专辑“ Alba”于2017年11月发行。新专辑标志着乐队历史上的新篇章,乐队的未来肯定看起来非常光明!

在2018年2月,乐队将与唱片公司Serenity和Visions of Atlantis一起参加欧洲的“ Symphonic Metal Nights”巡回演出,并将在2018

年晚些时候进行更多巡回演出。在2018年,Mattia Todescato和Marco Cilloni将成为节奏吉他手和贝斯手今天他们是乐队的正式成员。

摩洛哥-法国歌手莉娜·维多利亚(Lina Victoria)加入乐队后,2020年《浪漫爱情》将开启新的篇章。


The symphonic metal band Sleeping Romance from Modena, Italy released their debut album “Enlighten” through the Swedish label Ulterium Records in 2013 and directly after the album came out joined their label mates Theocracy [US] as support act on their European tour.Since then, the band have toured quite extensively in Europe, playing mini tours and one-off festival shows around the continent, including Brainstorm Festival and FemME in the Netherlands, Christmas Rock Night in Germany and many others. In December 2014 the band released a new single entitled “Fire & Ice” together with a music video.

In 2015 the band signed with Napalm Records, and the bands second album “Alba” was released in November 2017. The new album marks a new chapter in the band history, and the future of the band surely looks very bright!

In February 2018 the band will join label mates Serenity and Visions of Atlantis on the “Symphonic Metal Nights” tour in Europe and more touring will follow later in 2018.

During 2018 Mattia Todescato and Marco Cilloni join the band as rhythmic guitar player and bass player and today they are official members of the band.

A new chapter is about to begin for Sleeping Romance in 2020, when the Moroccan-French singer Lina Victoria joins the band.

They’re now working at their third studio album, that would be released in 2021.

2013 – Enlighten
2017 – Alba




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